Disney Lorcana Release & Event Calendar

Lorcana Release Event Calendar

This page is kept up-to-date with all upcoming events, new card sets, product releases, plus any key dates for Disney Lorcana. Keep checking back to find out what’s on with links to article explainers or registration information.

Any rumors or unconfirmed info will be noted and might not always end up being correct. This page is regularly updated. Comment below or contact us on Twitter or Facebook with any corrections.

Upcoming Lorcana Events & Releases 2023

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November 17th – Lorcana Set 2 “Rise of the Floodborn” Releases at Local Game Stores

The second Lorcana is called Rise of the Floodborn. Like The First Chapter, this set will be sold at Local Game Stores and Disney parks two weeks ahead of big stores. The set has booster boxes, packs, an Illumineer’s Trove, two starter decks, two Playmats, two deck boxes, and two card sets of sleeves.

There is also a change in set 2 with no Gift Set, but instead a Disney 100 Collector’s Edition. This is available to most local game stores at the same time as the main set release.

Read more about Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn and Disney Lorcana: Disney 100 Edition here

November 18th-19th – Wales Comic Con
Matthew Robert Davies Signing
Telford, UK

Lorcana artist Matthew Robert Davies is attending and available to sign cards at the Telford leg of Wales Comic Con. Which isn’t in Wales…

November 18th-19th – TCG Expo UK
Events with Gaston Promos + Prizing
Liverpool Exhibition Centre, UK

TCG Expo UK is a massive expo with lots of tournaments and stalls. Disney Lorcana seem to have a stand there but we can’t confirm.

There are two open events you can join and win prizes from. On Saturday and Sunday, there are small starter deck tournament pods hosted by Geek Retreat. Winners get extra packs. The Gaston promo is available for players, though we don’t know how they are allocated.

Comicrazy are also hosting core constructed events. First place wins a case of four boxes, 2nd to 8th get a range of prizes from boxes to packs. 9th place gets a trove. The top 50 players will all get the Gaston promo.

Tickets and more information can be found here.

“Holidays” / 1st Quarter of 2024 – The First Chapter Reprint

The official Disney Lorcana account tweeted: “We are also reprinting Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, which will be available starting in Q1 2024 in North America and Europe”. They later tweeted: “The reprint will also include the second set of the game, Rise of the Floodborn, and is expected to be available by Holiday 2023 in North America and by January 2024 in Europe.

So in addition to the restock that happened late October/early November, there is a reprint of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter coming around the same time as big box stores get Rise of the Floodborn. The EU will get this later, by January.

More information on Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter reprint and reprint

December 1st – Lorcana Set 2 “Rise of the Floodborn” Released at Retail

Rise of the Floodborn will be available at big box stores, shopDisney, and online for general purchase from December 1sst. This gives smaller stores a chance to build a community of players. It also makes it less likely that cards will be accidentally sold at big stores ahead of the release date.

December 1st to 3rd – Pax Unplugged
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, USA

There are three “Lorcana Events” scheduled to take place at 11 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The team has confirmed they will be there, and we now know the events.

  • Friday – Starter Deck Tournament 3-8pm $30 – Players get a random Rise of the Floodborn starter deck and 1 extra pack. From that, you make a 40-card deck. Three rounds in a best-of-three format. Players that get 3-0 win more boosters and a 2023 Convention Play Mat.
  • Saturday – Constructed Tournament 10am-6pm $20 – Six 30-minute best-of-one matches, followed by a top cut of eight players in best-of-3 matches. The first two rounds are 70 minutes, finals have no time limit. Prizing, plus a community event for people who don’t make top cut.
  • Sunday – Open Play 1:30-5:30pm – Free, casual play for anyone to attend. Some of the Ravensburger crew may be there to play too!

Jan 30th to Feb 3rd, 2024
Nuremberg International Toy Fair / Spielwarenmesse
Nuremberg, Germany

Ravensburger will be at this toy fair in Hall 12, Stand 12 to D13. It’s quite likely we’ll see something about the third Lorcana set here. In 2023, there was a big Lorcana stand with some of the very first product displays and many of the team talking to businesses.

Feb 16th – Disney Lorcana Set 3
Estimated Release For LGS

Based on a three-month gap between sets, we’d expect set 3 on March 1st, with the two weeks before for game stores being Feb 16th.

March 1st – Disney Lorcana Set 3
Estimated Release For Big Box Stores

With Rise of the Floodborn being released on December 1st. This would put the third set out three months after and on the normal Friday release date.

Possible Disney Lorcana Events

Dec 1st-3rd, 2023
MCM Comic Con Birmingham
Birmingham, UK

The Disney Lorcana Learn-to-Play team was at MCM London Comic Con, but there have been no announcements about Birmingham. The event is smaller, and there aren’t any listings for attendees yet.

Feb 23rd-25th, 2024
Festival International des Jeux, Cannes
Cannes, France

The International Games Festival proves films aren’t the only draw for festivals in Cannes. It hosts a huge amount of exhibitors as well as major competitions for board and traditional games. There is a good possibility Ravensburger will be here with Lorcana.

Past Lorcana Events & Releases

Most recent first

November 4th + 5th – Spellenspektakel
Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, Netherlands

Spellenspektakel is the largest board game convention in the Netherlands. Ravensburger have confirmed they will be attending on the website. Lorcana products will be on sale – though we can’t confirm what will be available.

There will be demos for learning to play. There will also be a sealed tournament on Sunday hosted by Dutch Open Series. Arnold Gelderman is the Disney voice actor for Scar, Kaa, and others in Dutch, and he’ll also be there on Sunday doing a talk at midday.

November 1st-5th – Lucca Comics & Games
Lucca, Italy

This is the second confirmed event where the Gaston – Arrogant Hunter promo will be available. This was confirmed in an email from Ravensburger Italy. Ravensburger have a booth in the Carducci pavilion at stand 311 where they will be selling The First Chapter products.

The event at Excalibur games is where they have the Gaston promo available. Lorcana artists Alice Pisoni and Valerio Buonfantino are at the event to sign for fans

There will be booster boxes and starter decks available to buy in limited quantities. There was also an event where three new cards were shown to fans.

October 27th to 29th 2023 – MCM London Comic Con
ExCeL Centre, London, UK

Ravensburger will be at the London Comic Con event with Gaston – Arrogant Hunter promo card available for those doing a scavenger hunt. There is also a signing session with card artist Matthew Robert Davies.

Read more about Disney Lorcana at London Comic Con and the promo card changes.

New Disney Lorcana Promo Card Confirmed for MCM London Comic Con 2023

October 27th to 29th 2023 – Lightbox Expo
Pasadena Convention Center, California, USA

There are three events – one on each day – about designing a Lorcana character at this year’s Lightbox Expo.

The first covers “what goes into designing these characters from Set 1“, and the second and third cover “visual development and thought process that goes into creating a new look for Disney character glimmers“.

Bryan K Turner will be at the first – though he hasn’t had any cards revealed… yet. Sam Nielson is at the second, he also has no cards yet. The third has Mel Milton, the artist for Mulan – Imperial Soldier – and likely more as Rise of the Floodborn will have more Mulan characters.

Matthew Eng is the Lead Art Director for Disney Lorcana and will be at all three events. More new Lorcana artists will also be attending.

21st + 22nd October 2023 FACTS
Flanders Expo, Ghent, Belgium

Ravensburger is attending FACTS, as part of the Spellenspektakel hall (more on another event below). You’ll be able to play the game with demonstrations from the team. There will also be an opportunity to buy product – though we can’t confirm what will be on sale.

The Gaston – Arrogant Hunter – Event Promo card was available but was unavailable shortly after the start of the second day of the event.

With the recent news that Lorcana will be available in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Czechia (the Czech Republic), Slovakia, Poland, and Mexico by the third set, we expect more events in these countries.

October 5th to 8th – Spiel Essen
Messe Essen Exhibition Centre, Essen, Germany

Spiel Essen, or Games Essen, is a huge board game event held in Germany. Ravensburger attend yearly and has confirmed they will be in Hall 6 at stand 6E400, next to the Ravensburger stand at 6E300.

Donald Duck – Musketeer will be available as a promo card at Messe Essen from Thursday 5th to the 8th of October. Read more about the event and how to get the Donald Duck promo card.

Dav Augereau – the artist for the card – is scheduled for signings at the Ravensburger booth at: –

  • Thursday 5th – 12-2 pm and 4-6 pm
  • Friday 6th – 2-4 pm

According to the official site, they will have the three starter decks from The First Chapter available at €19.99.

October – The First Chapter Booster Box Restocks

The official Disney Lorcana Twitter account previously confirmed that there will be restocks of The First Chapter boosters in October. Now we have started to see the first booster boxes and packs being restocked in stores.

Read more about the restock and the updated booster box design, plus errata cards.

Sat 30th to Tues, October 3rd – Toy Fair
New York, USA

It looks like Ryan Miller himself is at the booth in New York, which is 2435 on the Level 3 Exhibit Floor. There are Rise of the Floodborn products out on display, just waiting for someone to photograph the starter deck lists and e-mail them to us…

Sat 30th to Sun, October 1st – Zurich Pop Con
Messe Zürich, Switzerland

Ravensburger has a booth up at Zurich Pop Con in Switzerland. They’re in Hall 4 at stand 418. They have displays with what looks like products from The First Chapter, we’re not sure about Rise of the Floodborn.

Artist Clio Wolfensberger is also there. She’ll be signing cards and official Lorcana posters with her card’s art on them. She’s also got her own card collection for trades!

Clio is the artist for Rapunzel – Letting Down Her Hair and Aurora – Dreaming Guardian – Enchanted. She is doing signing sessions on: –

  • Saturday – 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
  • Sunday – 10:30 am to 12:30 am and 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

September 8th – 10th 2023 – Destination D23
Walt Disney World Resort – Orlando, Florida

Destination D23 is a special event for Gold members of D23 – an official Disney fan club that references 1923, the year Walt Disney opened the studio. This event hasn’t confirmed anything about Lorcana, but it’s likely we’ll see at least something at the event as D23 Expo in 2022 was where Lorcana was first fully unveiled.

It’s also where the first Lorcana cards were ever available. D23 Expo is an event held every other year, and Destination D23 is a smaller version held in the off years. There will be a few pop-up shops, and there will be an announcement about a special event for Disney’s 100th year.

September 1st – The First Chapter Retailer Release

All Lorcana products will be made available to purchase at big box stores and online two weeks later on September 1st. This is when shopDisney, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more will get Lorcana.

Find out where you can buy Lorcana cards and products.

August 18th – The First Chapter Official Release

Disney Lorcana will be released on August 18th, 2023. The first set is called The First Chapter. This date is when Lorcana will be available in Local Game Stores only in all participating countries. Big box stores will get Lorcana later – read below.

Only stores with an actual physical store will be able to order and sell products initially. Online-only stores are not likely to get product, with stores that get into the OP (Organised Play) and HSP (Hobby Store Program) being prioritized.

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Release
Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Release Products

Sales may well be limited to in-store only. However, some stores may sell some of their product online. There may be in-store events to coincide with this, and Lorcana League should start at the same time.

August 23rd – 27th 2023 – gamescom 2023, Cologne, Germany

Lorcana will have a booth at #2-764 #5.2 D-020 (consumer area) for gamescom 2023 (booth info updated July 20th). They will be doing demos as well as giving out an exclusive promo card. This will have a stamp specifically for the event, similar to the Gen Con 2023 Mickey Mouse Muskeeter Promo.

Thurs 3rd to Sunday 6th August, 2023 – GenCon
Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, USA

GenCon is a massive tabletop gaming convention for retailers and fans to try new games, check out upcoming releases, and playtest early versions of unreleased games. Website.

Read our full article on everything that went down! – Lorcana at Gen Con 2023

This was the first opportunity to buy select Lorcana products early. Booster boxes, booster packs, and starter decks (no gift sets or troves) were for sale as well as most accessories.

There were strict limits of one of each item per customer for the entire event (not per day) and queues were monitored. Some people were able to get more booster boxes when starter decks were sold out. Further information is on the Lorcana official website.

There were multiple learn-to-play demos and starter deck Challenge events the entire weekend. Each came with a starter deck in the entry price but every event was completely sold out. View all Gen Con Lorcana events.

Each Challenge event had up to 59 entrants with an exclusive play mat given to the top 8. They were also invited to a final on Sunday 6th. All participants were given extra small prizing.

The top 8 were given another playmat signed by John Grant (Organized Play Lead), Shane Heartly (Art Director), Steve Warner (Co-Lead Designer), and Ryan Miller (Co-Lead Designer/Brand Manager). They also got a certificate, Illumineer’s Trove, a deck box, sleeves, and a starter deck.

Timothy Batow took 1st place – though all top 8 had the same prizing.

Late July / Early August – UK Demo Days
Various Locations – UK Only

A few demo days have been announced for the United Kingdom only at very late notice. The days have the demo decks available – which are the 40-card slimmed-down starter decks. The day is set up for people to learn the game only.

View our article and listings for Lorcana Demo Days UK

July 15th, 2023 – German Invite-Only Pre-Launch Event, Berlin

German Lorcana players and fans were given special invites to be the first 100 Illumineers in the country. They got a chance to play the game, see brand-new cards, and hear exclusive information before anyone else.

Read our full write-up on the German Lorcana Pre-Launch Event.

July 12 – 23rd, 2023 – Parthenay, France
FLIP – Festival Ludique International de Parthenay

Ravensburger and the Lorcana team were FLIP, a French games festival for retailers and players. The same demo decks and product details were on show.

July 1st / 2nd, 2023 – Paris est Ludique (PEL)
Paris, France

Ravensburger attended and had short demos as well as information for retailers and players similar to before.

June 2nd – 4th, 2023 – UK Games Expo
Birmingham NEC, United Kingdom

Lorcana products were on display with demo games using the same GAMA demo decks as previously seen. Website.

April 24th / 25th – GAMA Expo
Reno, Nevada, USA

Ravensburger has booth 325 at the GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association) Expo, a professional trade show known for demos and introductions of new games.

There will be information on the organized play program and demos on Monday and Tuesday nights from 9 pm. Website.

April 22nd / 23rd
Gala TCG – Paris, France

Lorcana had a booth at Gala TCG, a French card games convention sponsored by eBay. There were demos of the cards and game rules. Website.

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