Disney Lorcana at MCM London Comic Con 2023 – Promos, Signing, Stock + Tourneys

Disney Lorcana at MCM London Comic Con 2023

Comic Con kicked off in London today, with everything a nerdy grown-up kid could ask for. The Disney Lorcana team have a stand with a learn-to-play demo area where you can earn a promo – and get it signed!

There are also a few different vendors who have (some) stock! Some have said they have stock per day, so do try again if you’re hanging around. There are also daily tournaments, as well as various Disney-related events going on.

Where Is The Disney Lorcana Stand?

The stand is at S1602, which is on the map as the Side Quest & Tabletop Area. It’s right inside the shutters for S6 once you get inside the main hall. You can stand right outside S6 ready for the shutters to open.

Download the full map here or use the official app.

The stand has a few tables with playmats and starter decks all pre-sleeved, with helpful and friendly staff that can teach you how to play. They aren’t selling any cards or boxes, but we’ll show you where to go for those later.

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How Do I Get The Gaston Promo?

The promo card is the new Gaston – Arrogant Hunter, which will be the first promo card to be given out at different events. You can pick this up at the stand in one of two ways. Bear in mind the card is supposed to be limited to one per person, for the full event.

You can either do a demo by queuing at the front of the stand, where the staff will teach you how to play for free. You play with a starter deck – but don’t get to keep it. If it’s busy the games will be quick.

Or, you can go around to the side of the same stall to get a picture with the Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor stand. There, you can scan the code in the MCM London Comic Con app and show it to staff to get a promo card.

Get the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Register beforehand using the code on your physical pass on the Activate button. It’s one of the badges for the treasure hunt, but you don’t have to do the whole hunt to get the card.

Once you’ve been given a promo card, your pass will be marked so you can’t get another.

How Busy Is It?

On Friday and Saturday it was a little busy in the morning, but nothing too bad at all. Throughout the day many people didn’t have to queue at all.

It does get busier after midday as the non-priority ticket holders come in then.

So far, it’s much better than some of the scenes from Gen Con or Spiel Essen. Let us know how you get on in the comments.

Get Matthew Robert Davies’ Signature!

Disney Lorcana at MCM London Comic Con 2023 Signed Art

Matt is the artist for seven cards in The First Chapter, including both the Legendary Elsa and the Enchanted Elsa. He’s got at least eight new cards in Rise of the Floodborn too. His art really captures the Disney style, as well as the “modern storybook” look the creative team is going for.

To get a signature, you’ll need to get a ticket for the signing beforehand. Tickets were given out at the booth on Friday and Saturday at 12:30 for a specific timeslot later in the day. Check the time at the booth, and be there early, slots go fast!

He’ll be signing on: –

  • Saturday – 1pm – 5pm
  • Sunday – 2:30 – 4:30pm

You can get a maximum of one card signed, and maybe a signed art print if there is time. Signatures will be made out to a person, not just with Matt’s signature.

Booster Packs + More!

There are a few stands dotted around the arena that actually have The First Chapter for sale. They’ll have limited amounts per person and will sell out very fast.

You’ll have to find them yourselves unfortunately, as there are problems with scalpers. If you are in the Disney Lorcana UK community on Discord (see lower) we can help you out.

Draft Lorcana Events + Casual Play

Dice & Destiny are running a draft event each day. £25 per person, four packs, plus an extra one goes into the prize pool.

In draft tournaments players take one card per pack and pass the rest to the next player in a circle. Eventually you will have a smaller deck than normal but can use any ink.

Check the times and book a place at their stall. Saturday’s is on at 2pm.

They’re by the play area a little further back from the Disney Lorcana stand. They also have tables for free casual play – come and find us!

If you want to meet up and play some friendly matches, join the Disney Lorcana UK Facebook page or the Disney Lorcana UK Discord!

In the Discord there is a channel for the event where you can chat about what’s happening and find some games.

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