Can I Buy Disney Lorcana In My Country? What Language Are Lorcana Cards In?

Lorcana Release Countries Languages

Lorcana was released worldwide on August 18th, 2023. Since then, 19 countries now have access to cards in four different languages.

The game has been a massive success in the initial release countries, and many are clamoring to get Lorcana across the world. Even before the release, Ravensburger said they were looking to expand distribution.

Now with the sales and popularity, you can definitely expect more languages and countries to be included. We’ve round up all of the news by country and area below.

What Languages Will Lorcana Use?

Lorcana was released in three languages to start with: English, French, and German. From Into the Inklands, Italy also got an Italian language release of the new sets.

The team hasn’t confirmed, but they will likely release the game in other languages. There have been meetings in different regions according to official tweets and posts. Japanese, Chinese (likely simplified Chinese), and Spanish are the most obvious languages as they cover the largest world populations.

Source: Official Twitter account

What Countries Will Lorcana Be Available In?

Disney Lorcana will be available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg from release.

Germany has access to both the German and English language versions of the cards. France had only the French language version available on release but the English version is now also available. Italy initially got the English version only for the first two sets, but now has Into the Inklands in Italian.

In October 2023 Ravensburger announced Disney Lorcana would be expanding to 10 more countries. Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Czechia (the Czech Republic), Slovakia, Poland, and Mexico will be getting cards from Into the Inklands.

However, only the English versions (or the nearest country language) will be available initially.

Source: Official Twitter account – Languages / Germany / France / Ireland

Who Are The Distributors For Lorcana?

In the USA the confirmed distributors are Southern Hobby, Alliance, and Peachstate Hobby Distribution.

In Canada Lorcana’s distributors are Lion Rampant, Randolph, and Universal. In the Netherlands, are the only distributor. In Spain, the first official distributor is Dispersa Juguetes.

In some European countries, Ravensburger is handling distribution directly to many areas and stores with pre-existing accounts (they sell a lot of other games and puzzles). However, they are also working with Asmodee as the distributor in some areas.

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Will Disney Lorcana Be For Sale In Australia + New Zealand?

While it wasn’t available initially, Australia and New Zealand are due to get Disney Lorcana soon according to Ravensburger. We have heard from stores speaking to suppliers that it will be available from set 5 – however, this isn’t confirmed.

Set 5 is due for release in the US, Canada, and Europe on August 9th at local stores and August 23rd at retail in 2024. There isn’t any word on whether the previous sets will be reprinted and made available for release, or if they might be made available later.

Source: LinkedIn Official Twitter

Will Lorcana Be Available In Spanish? + Spain/Latin America?

On release, it won’t be possible to get either the Spanish language cards or the English language cards in Spain or Latin America (Central or South America) through normal distributors. However, it’s very common for individual card shops to import the English version of the cards for or shortly after release.

Recently, it was announced that Dispersa Games – a Spanish games distribution company – will be an authorized distributor for Disney Lorcana. That means that Disney Lorcana will be available in Spain at some point – though it looks like just the English printing right now.

It hasn’t been confirmed when exactly that will happen. Because it was only announced in June 2023 it could be that Lorcana boxes and packs won’t be available immediately on release. They will also be responsible for events and tournament prizing/Lorcana Play distribution.

Ravensburger has already said that they are “working hard to expand our global distribution”. That means it’s looking good that there will be distribution and printing in other Spanish-speaking countries.

Source: Official Twitter account

Will Lorcana Be Available In Portuguese? + Portugal/Brazil?

Currently, there are no plans for a Portuguese-language version of Lorcana to be made available. The English version is also not going to be available in Portugal or Brazil on release officially unless the cards are imported and re-sold.

Source: Official Twitter

Will Lorcana Be Available In Japan?

On release, there won’t be a Japanese-language version of Lorcana available. However, there have been some promising tweets about the Marketing team “vacationing” in Japan. We think there will be a big Japanese release at some point, and it could rival Pokémon in popularity – which is a big thing to say.

Source: Official Twitter

Will Disney Lorcana Be For Sale In China?

There are no official plans to release Lorcana in China yet. It might be something that happens down the line. Pokémon has only just been released in China on a large scale recently so there is precedent for big card games in the region.

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