Lorcana Set 4 “Ursula’s Return” Revealed – New Way to Play, Cards + More

Disney Lorcana Set 4 Ursula's Return

The fourth Disney Lorcana set will be called “Ursula’s Return” and will release May 17th at your local game store. The story that has been hinted at throughout the past few sets is now coming to a close!

The first official Lorecast happened on Wednesday, and with it came a tonne of Disney Lorcana news. The event was streamed on the Disney Lorcana Twitch channel, and featured many familiar faces. Update: More new info and cards added!

Disney Lorcana Ursula's Return Logo
Disney Lorcana Set 4 will be called Ursula’s Return

It opened to a new animation showing a mysterious robed figure in a cave, with purple seaweed draped over them. In the next shot, Ursula – Deceiver of All holding the Trident reaches for a Crown, facing another Ursula.

The three Illumineers stand on a mountain near Ursula’s lair with Musketeer Mickey, and new Ariel and Mulan glimmers. The stranger is revealed to be a barnacled Bruno Madrigal, who then watches them on a glowing tablet as they are attacked by shadowy forms of Jetsam and Flotsam.

The intro video from the Lorecast – “A Vision of a Coming Battle”

With glowing purple eyes, we see Bruno surrounded by more purple-eyed glimmers – with Minnie, Jafar, Prince Eric, and Magica De Spell among them. Then, the heroes are surrounded by even more shadowy figures, before a huge Ursula appears, wielding the trident!

After this, we got an intro from Ryan Miller, who introduced the new set: “A storm has been building in the magical realm of Lorcana. A powerful Ursula glimmer is entangling other glimmers, bending them to her will, while many more have gone missing. How far will the sea witch go to gain power over all of Lorcana?”

After the video, Community Manager Richelle Brady introduced us to Lead Art Director Matthew Eng, with Erin and Liam of the Illumiteers (from our favorite Lorcana YouTube channel!) on commentary. Here is what was announced.

Set 4 – Ursula’s Return – New Cards

The fourth Disney Lorcana set will be called Ursula’s Return. It will be released on May 17th, 2024 at local game stores and select Disney parks. Two weeks later (as usual) on May 31st it will be available at retail stores and shopDisney.

The new set will feature all-new cards with characters from Encanto for the first time. Much of the art and story revolves around the storyline that ends on this set. 21/22 new cards have been shown, with some promos also featured.

This marks the first appearance of cards from Encanto, plus a new “Madrigal” classification. Julieta and Dolores make for easy card draw. Mirabel buffs the family, and Bruno brings them back.

Many of these will be in the Amber/Amethyst starter, more on products below.

Ursula – Sea Witch Queen looks like the version in the video face-off. If you play her on turn 5 while going first, that shuts down a huge amount of the big 5-cost songs being played cheap. Finally, we get to see Triton’s trident (oh hi Pete).

Rapunzel – Appreciative Artist pairs nicely with Pascal – Rapunzel’s Companion, while Ariel – Sonic Warrior brings steel song some extra oomph. Both Anna’s point to the start of a realistic Hero deck.

There are six more new cards from a new box set further down, plus four more promo cards were also shown , with details of a serialized gold Mickey, Champion playmat, and more – Read the Disney Lorcana Competitive Circuit Events article for those.

New Way To Play – Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble

Disney Lorcana Ursula's Return - Illumineer's Quest Deep Trouble Contents - Lorcana Player
Disney Lorcana Ursula’s Return – Illumineer’s Quest Deep Trouble Contents – Lorcana Player

The Illumineer’s Quest is a brand new type of box set and a new way to play that has been totally hidden up until now! In Deep Trouble, instead of playing against each other, you can work together to defeat Ursula.

“Playing in a group or solo, you’ll go up against Ursula whose powers increase throughout the battle. Deploying her entangled army, she’ll do anything to slow you and your group down. Work together and you may just end up victorious.”

You can play solo, as a pair, or with up to four players if you have two other standard decks to add. The box set looks to be the same size as the Gift Set, and comes with the following: –

  • 1 Oversized Ursula card
  • 1 Ursula scenario deck (50 cards)
  • 2 Prebuilt Disney Lorcana TCG decks (60 cards each)
  • 2 Oversized, double-sided battleground cards
  • 1 Deep Trouble playmat
  • 1 Ursula draw token
  • 3 Lore tracker tokens
  • 29 Damage counters
  • 1 Secret victory card
  • 1 Deep Trouble rules sheet

The secret victory cards come in a gold sealed pack which can only be opened when players defeat Ursula. The tokens also look like they can track objectives other than lore on the playmat.

The 50-card scenario deck has a gold backing, with the set numbering going up to 31, with Q1 (for Quest 1?) as the set number. The symbol looks like a lore tracker token. These cards are not legal in competitive events.

Entangled Cards

Only two cards from this deck have been shown, one being the oversized Ursula. The other is a new card, but one that won’t be legal in normal play. Notice he has the “Entangled” classification. He looks suspiciously like a devious version of Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist

Alternate Cards

The two pre-built player decks contain cards from The First Chapter through to Ursula’s Return. They are reprinted cards with unique tentacle-like decorations shooting out from their frames.

Each has numbering over the normal 204, which is normally reserved for Enchanted cards. The four cards shown on the box contain three cards from with the set 4 number. We know Mickey Mouse – Playful Sorcerer is in the set as we’ve seen his card as number 187.

We assume Yen Sid – Powerful Sorcerer and Mulan – Elite Archer both have normal numbering in the main set too. There is also a version of Piglet – Pooh Pirate Captain with secret numbering of 223/204. He has set number 3, which would put him right after the last Enchanted in Into the Inklands where he is originally from.

Into the Inklands had 18 Enchanted – numbered from 205 to 222 – so it looks like that could be the same case for Ursula’s Return.

Illumineer’s Trove

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The trove this set keeps the dice and lore tracker, still with no guide, and slightly changes the dividers to now track rarity. An unknown Sisu and Beast are in the art on the front and on the side of the inner box. Similarly to before it contains: –

  • 1 Card storage box
  • 6 Card Dividers
  • 8 Booster packs of 12 additional game cards each
  • 6 Damage-counter dice
  • 1 Lore counter

Starter Decks

Ursula’s Return starter decks

The two starter decks in Ursula’s Return feature Mirabel Madrigal – Gift of the Family and Bruno Madrigal – Out of the Shadows in Amber/Amethyst. Hercules – Beloved Hero and Anna – True-Hearted come with the Sapphire and Steel starter. The contents are the same as previous decks: –

  • 1 Preconstructed deck of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards of the characters on the package front
  • 11 Game tokens
  • 1 Quick Start Rulebook
  • 1 Booster pack containing 12 randomized cards

Booster Box + Booster Packs

Ursulas Return Booster Box German
German Ursula’s Return Booster Box

The booster box will have 24 booster packs as before, and the three designs on the packs feature Ariel – Sonic Warrior, a new Sisu, plus Ursula – Sea Witch Queen.

Accessories + Changes

New accessories were shown, and it was confirmed that art for them may now come from previous sets to highlight other great pieces. Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy is a well-loved piece of art and will become a playmat, as will Rapunzel – Gifted Artist.


Snow White – Well Wisher – Enchanted and Genie – Supportive Friend will be the deck box and sleeve art.

Disney Lorcana Gateway Revealed

The Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway is a new box set aimed at beginners. It was first talked about in March and recently more was shown.

Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway
Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway

The back shows a simple gameplay mat, with a lore path in the middle. There are a few cards from set 4 on the back, the four on the back were fully revealed today as Triton’s Trident, Rapunzel – Appreciative Artist, Hans – Noble Scoundrel, and Goofy – Super Goof.

There are also cards from previous sets: Hakuna Matata, Dragon Fire, Donald Duck – Boisterous Fowl, Jafar – Wicked Sorcerer, Stitch – New Dog, Maleficent – Sorceress, and Elsa – Ice Surfer. The last two cards on that list have standees to put next to the lore track in the middle.

It looks like a great to introduce new players and children to the game itself. It comes with two basic decks of 30 cards, plus standees/movers of the characters. Using the included guides two people can play games and upgrade their deck as they go – eventually getting to two full 60-card decks.

The set includes:

  • 2 Starting Decks (30 cards each)
  • 4 Reward packs (18 cards each)
  • Game board
  • 2 Character movers and bases
  • Rulebook and guidebook
  • 2 Deck Tips Pamphlets

The box is priced at $24.99 USD / $29.99 CAD / €24.99 EUR / £22.99 GBP and is due for release on August 9th (the same time as set 5).

What do you think of Ursula’s Return? Is set 4 of Disney Lorcana what you were looking for? How many times have you already called it Ursula’s Revenge? Let us know in the comments below.

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