About Us

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Who Are You?

Lorcana Player was started and run by me – Matt! I write almost everything here, and I cobbled together the card database and listings myself. That includes inputting and regularly updating every bit of info for our Lorcana card database.

I’m an avid card game player and Lorcana has me totally hooked. The gameplay is great. It has a very easy-to-pick-up system but deep choices at every step, meaning lots of strategy and deck-building options.

I also love the art and the time taken in the design of the cards. I’m a stickler for little things and Lorcana is nailing almost everything.

I really think Lorcana has a chance at being the next big game, so I’m all in!


The Lorcana community so far is a really positive, helpful, and friendly bunch. I couldn’t mention my passion for the game without mentioning the crew from the Disney Lorcana HQ discord, who share my passion for wild speculation.

I also run the Lorcana UK communities on Discord and Facebook where you can meet other players and collectors. Jump in if you are in the UK!

What I Do

I code and run this site using the skills I’ve learned from running and writing for other sites I own on different hobbies. I’m also a big player of the One Piece Card Game, you can take a look at our (now a little less tended) sister site – onepieceplayer.com

Is This An Official Site

No, this is a fan-made site. Our opinions are our own. We aren’t employed with or associated with Ravensburger, Disney, the Disney Lorcana team, or any official source.

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