Disney Lorcana Competitive Circuit Events, Promos, New Format, Judge Program

Disney Lorcana Competitive Circuit Events, Promos, New Format, Judge Program

More details of the Challenge circuit and competitive events have been released, as well as the exclusive promos and prizes! More information is also coming about a judge program, with complete rules coming later this week.

The regional Challenge events and World Championships were announced back in March. The Lorecase event brought us the news of Set 4 Ursula’s Return, plus a bunch of other news. The dates for all of the Challenge regional events have also now been released.

Disney Lorcana Challenge Logo
Disney Lorcana Challenge Logo

Disney Lorcana Regional Challenge Events

The first few events were announced for the Disney Lorcana Challenge circuit, with more to come. They will be separated into North American and European circuits with regional Challenge events.

The top four eight (previously announced as 4, now officially 8 as was announced in the Lorecast) players from each regional Challenge will earn the chance to qualify for final North American or European Championships events. There will be a points system, but players can earn points for other things that aren’t competing. We don’t know how quite yet.

Each event was originally capped at 512 players, and the first two immediately sold out – each with a couple of minutes of going up. The team was very responsive to this and said they were looking at increasing the player caps for new and current events.

Update 5th March: The first two events in Atlanta and Lille have now been raised to 2048 player caps. All other events will be at least double to 1024 players. As previously stated, prizing and championship qualifications will scale.

There will also be “additional events that will take place prior to the Continental Championships“. It is planned that future event ticket sales will also go through directly to make it more likely actual players get tickets.

North America

  • May 25th – 26th – Atlanta, Georgia – Event site
  • June 8th – 9th – Chicago, Illinois – Event site
  • July 20th – 21st – Fort Worth, Texas
  • August 24th – 25th – Toronto, Ontario
  • September 21st – 22nd – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • October 26th – 27th – Seattle, Washington


Players must be pre-registered on before buying tickets, check the event page for further information on what you need to do before buying tickets or attending. There are six events for NA and four for EU.

Pro Play Games (PPG) are hosting all of the North American events, and Fanfinity Agency (previously known as Tournament Center) are hosting all of the European ones. Both are very highly regarded tournament organizers. As part of the event series, side events will also take place, such as Disney Villainous tournaments.

Finals + Last Chance Qualifier

Regional finals will be large events where the invitees will face off. However, there will also be a “day zero” last-chance qualifier at each of these events, with a large player cap.

That means one last attempt to get into the finals. There will also be other events with ways to play – not just finals and last-chance events. There will likely be more than just playing, as previous news mentioned fan events.

Regional Challenge Promo Cards

There are five new event promos with a brand new full art frame, foiling, and symbol. Each is based on a card we’ve already seen, with expanded art in a refreshed style that really pops.

The symbol for these is specifically only for competitive event cards. There is also a Top 8 playmat with the same Rapunzel art. It features foiling on the playmat itself, plus the Challenge logo. It was also hinted that there may be more promo cards if there are more players at events.

rapunzel top eight foiled playmat
Top 8 Rapunzel Playmat – Disney Lorcana Challenge

Prizing is given out as follows. Players must complete a minimum of three rounds to receive any prizing: –

In the Lorecast it was mentioned that prizing could change depending on the player cap. And recently in the Discord Richelle said “it could be more than just one Dragon Fire” in response to someone saying they were hesitant to pay the travel/entry/etc for a tourney and probably getting just one Dragon Fire.

Initially, the Top 8 players of the 512-capped events were due to gain an invite to the regional championships. However, it has been announced that both the invites and prizing will be scaled to match attendance.

New Two Game Round Format

A new format is due to be debuted in Challenge events. Normally TCGs have a best of 1 or best of 3 format in Swiss rounds. The team have been planning an alternative since early on because of the specific way that Disney Lorcana plays.

Instead, in the Swiss rounds players will play two games in a round. The first dice roll winner gets to decide who will go first in the first game. In the second game, the other player goes first – regardless of the outcome of the first game.

There is still a time limit, we can’t confirm what it will be in this format. The current time limit for constructed is 50 minutes, after which players get five turns – starting from the player whose turn was up next when time was called.

From the Tournament center site, 2-Game Rounds consist of the following rules:

  • A round is 2 games long or until time is called. (following the standard end-of-round procedures)
  • A player earns 1 point for their ranking per game they win in the round.
  • If a player wins both games, they earn an additional bonus point for a total of 3 points in the round.
  • At the start of the match a die is roiled, the winner of this roll, decides whether they want to start game 1 or game 2 of their match. The other player will start the match that is not selected by the winner of the die roll.

So if you win 1-0 you get one point. 1-1 is one point each. 2-0 means three points. This incentivizes good players to play faster for extra points that can push them towards Top Cut over others. Plus, players who lost the first round will still try to come back in the second game as they’ll have more of a chance.

Importantly, top cut is still best of 3. In the European events, day one is nine rounds, day two is top cut of 32 players with best-of-3 single elimination. Both also mentioned an “an additional Qualifier Side Event” on the second day.

This change should encourage players to get through their matches instead of getting one win and slowing down play. Unfortunately, certain decks and players tend to do well with this in the current gameplay.

It will lead to good players being able to win a lot of matches 2-0, but if they end up losing one (or more) they could still get through to the top cut because of their previous high scoring. An additional tiebreaker is being added for certain cases.

Challenge Set Legality

While many assumed that cards from Ursula’s Return would be legal for the first challenges, that isn’t the case. Ursula’s Return won’t be legal for the Atlanta and Lille events but will be for later events. It seems like for Challenge events specifically, new sets will become legal 1 week after mass (retail) release.

Right now, that is 3 weeks after local game store release. This rule doesn’t apply for normal in-store organized play like Lorcana League, where cards can be used immediately upon release. The official word is below.

Disney Lorcana Challenge Set Legality

Please bear in mind we aren’t an official site, we are just compiling the latest information. Given that rule, the legality for each event would be as follows: –

  • May 25th – 26th – Atlanta, Georgia
  • May 25th – 26th – Lille, France
  • June 8th – 9th – Chicago, Illinois
  • July 6th -7th – Bochum, Germany
  • July 20th – 21st – Fort Worth, Texas
  • August 3rd – 4th – Bologna, Italy
  • August 24th – 25th – Toronto, Ontario
  • September 21st – 22nd – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • September 21st – 22nd – Birmingham, UK
  • October 26th – 27th – Seattle, Washington

Many people have opinions on whether the set should be legal or not with the first events one week after the retail release. There are plenty of good reasons for and against making the set legal straight away, here are our thoughts.


  • More hype, you’re playing with brand-new cards
  • Can use cards you’ve likely already bought and want to test
  • A very fresh meta, with new decks and ideas able to shake things up
  • Won’t have to play against the same decks you’ve been playing for three months
  • Rewards very competitive players and deck-builders


  • Shipping delays to stores can cause problems and possible changes to legality (has happened recently in other TCGs)
  • Rush to buy can cause a general shortage for non-competitive players
  • More incentive for scalpers
  • Stores/single card sellers can charge very steep prices on must-have cards
  • Misprinted or errata’d cards might not be widely known
  • Generally, a less stressful environment as people will have more time to read new cards

Given that this is the first big competitive event series, it’s really a test to see how things run. Given the possible downsides and negative sentiment if stock issues happen or you can’t get anything locally, this is probably the best bet for now.

In the future, planning event dates to be just after the set becomes legal is probably what most people would prefer. That’s definitely possible, but right now it seems like the focus in getting competitive play going – which we are all for.

Updated Tournament Software

Updated version of the software will be coming out soon that allows stores and players to trial the new Swiss rounds alternative. Stores can choose to use this new two round format or stick with what they prefer.

Complete Rules Out Now

The complete rules are due to come this week / on Monday 25th / soon out now! Read the latest document here or check under Comprehensive Rules here if they get updated.

This long-awaited document should make things a bit clearer as we get into competitive play. There will also be a dedicated page for organized play that will collect everything to do with rules, in-store events, and larger competitive programs.

Bear in mind that the tournament rules are a separate document. The new two game round format also hasn’t been introduced to either document yet.

Lorcana Judge Test Announced

With the competitive events comes a great need for an official Judge program. This is an official route for enthusiastic players to take tests about rules, and then judge at events when calls about rules are needed.

There will be a Judge test being trialed for staff before the Challenge events, which is meant to be coming to a public judge program later. This is really good news, and more about it will be available on the official site at some point.

Into the Inklands Set Championships Signups Extended

With the popularity of the game and the recent news of the Set Championships, the sign-ups for retailers have been extended. The Stitch – Rock Star – Championship Promo was also shown on camera.

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