New Lorcana League Kit – Four New Cards + League Sign-Up Promo

New Lorcana League Kit - Four New Cards + League Sign-Up Promo

Out of the blue Ravensburger showed us the new Lorcana League kit on the official Twitter account. It’s very similar to the last – but with a new sign-up promo card!

Four full new Lorcana cards were revealed, with three new promo pins. One of those will be a new card – we have a name for that too. There are also a couple of small changes we’ll go over. Scroll down for the full article – but first, the cards!

New Rise of the Flooborn Lorcana League Promo Cards

The new cards are all promo versions with the same Lorcana League promo symbol from the first Lorcana League. We expect all of them will also be in the main Rise of the Floodborn set. The cards have promo numbering from 14 to 17 with the P1 (promo set 1) symbol.

Cinderella – Knight in Training is actually given out as a League sign-up promo. That means it should be given away for free when you join the league. However, we’d suggest some stores might not give it out on the first session.

Instead, they might give it away on the last session to anyone who’d played in the season – or maybe attended more than once, etc. That could avoid a rush of people coming in just for the promo and leaving.

She has a draw-and-discard ability and is pretty flexible. If you drew poorly early on and the mulligan didn’t help, she could be clutch. Later in the game, it means you either draw her and ink her or try again for a higher-cost card.

She’s the perfect upgrade target for Cinderella – Stouthearted too. We expect more Knight cards and some synergy stuff for Knight deck builds coming too. Princess decks are also getting more viable.

Bucky – Squirrel Squeak Tutor follows on in the tradition of 2-Ink Emerald characters that have annoying effects. They can take Flynn Rider – Charming Rogue‘s place if you expect to play a Floodborn character this turn soon.

With Ward, Bucky is definitely going to see some play. On top of that, his ability is great: “Whenever you play a Floodborn character, each opponent chooses and discards a card“. It’s the first time we’ve seen an ability use the x-born to trigger effects, so we’re sure to see more later on.

Minnie Mouse – Wide-Eyed Diver could be a top-tier card. First, she’s the lowest Ink cost character we’ve seen with Floodborn. Her Shift cost is actually tied with The Queen – Commanding Presence at 2.

The rules text is confirmed as: –

Shift 2 (You may pay 2 to play this on top of one of your characters named Minnie Mouse).
Evasive (Only characters with Evasive can challenge this character.)
UNDERSEA ADVENTURE Whenever you play a second action in a turn, this character gets +2 lore this turn.

Shifting her over Minnie Mouse – Always Classy from a turn 1 play means you could have a potentially quite powerful character that can quest on turn 2. Then, with the Evasive keyword, she’d be very hard to remove that early in the game.

If not a turn two play, turn three she could be paired with Bucky to really lock down your opponent’s early options. The artist is Adam Fenton.

Robin Hood – Capable Fighter is a more straightforward steel character. The text is “Deal 1 damage to chosen character“. Though it’s not a very strong ability, it does mean you can always use him to damage unexerted or Evasive characters.

With the rise of the new Resist keyword, we can’t imagine this will get much play on its own. That is unless paired with another unreleased card that buffs damage or works in synergy. It could see use as a combo into Beast – Wolfsbane.

The artist has been confirmed as Noukah.

How Lorcana League Works + How To Win Promos

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Lorcana League Organized Play Kit Instructions
Pages 2 and 3 of the Lorcana League Kit

Before we go over the rest of the kit – a quick refresher. Lorcana League is a fun, friendly way of playing locally in a weekly, organized format. It runs over twelve weeks (a season), broken down into four-week chunks (a round).

You earn points for playing, winning games, and other things like bringing friends or teaching people to play. At the end of each four-week round, the promo cards and character pins are given out to players.

Lorcana League Poster Sticker Sheet Rise of the Floodborn
Points are tracked with stickers and a sheet

The person with the most points that round gets to choose two cards. Then, anyone else who earned over 3 points during the last 4 weeks can randomly win one card. The same happens for the character pins.

This happens at the end of each four-week round. At the end of the twelve-week season, a similar thing happens. The top six all get a lore counter. Players with over eight points can randomly win a Disney Lorcana logo pin.

Then any remaining prizes are given out to players with over eight points first, then to those lower points. That means it’s possible to win prizes just for coming along and playing, not just for winning! The full official link to the kit is now available here.

For more of a guide take a look at our full article: Lorcana League – Organized Play Explained

When Will The Second Season Start?

The kit covers three months, and the last kit was sent to stores for the local game store release on August 18th. It’s fairly certain this kit will go out of the release of Rise of the Floodborn on November 17th.

Promo Pins & Accesories

There are another three pins to win this league season. Same as last league, two are characters and one is the Disney Lorcana logo.

We know about Winnie The Pooh – Hunny Wizard already. With a card, pin, and a playmat – Winnie is getting a lot of love in this set!

The other character is Rapunzel – Gifted Artist from the name in the kit’s guide. She’ll be another character card in the main set. What is she writing on the columns, and is that magical ink she’s using? This could have consequences…

Rapunzel Gifted Artist Lorcana League Pin
Green Disney Lorcana Logo Lorcana League Pin
Winnie the Pooh Hunny Wizard Lorcana League Pin

There is also another lore tracker that can be won as part of the league. Plus, there’s another bit of kit for the store. It’s simply a table tent, which is a little cardboard divider that which you can write table numbers on for events.

Lorcana League Table Number Marker Rise of the Floodborn

That’s it for now. Watch out for another article coming out later today with some more things (including card names and possible new cards!) we’ve found from other press release info shown today.

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