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Lorcana Organized Play Explained – How To Join Lorcana League – Kit, Promos + Pins

Lorcana League Organized Play Kit

Lorcana Organized Play is starting at release with Lorcana League! It’s a weekly community event aimed at casual players and collectors. Players get points that can be turned into pins, promo cards, or a lore counter.

Learn everything about organized and competitive Lorcana, how Lorcana League will be set up, how to find local stores hosting, what the Lorcana Organized Play Kit looks like, and how to earn promos below.

What Is Lorcana Organized Play?

Organized play is the term used for Lorcana’s official play program. Most card games have a team dedicated to creating kits and guidelines for stores and tournaments. Many also have larger regional, national, or international events.

Lorcana Organized Play Sign Up

The official name for the program is Lorcana Play. John Grant is the organized play lead for Lorcana at Ravensburger, and was at the Gen Con Finale event.

Initially, Lorcana League will be the main way to play Lorcana in stores at official events. It’s focused on being an inviting and fun environment where it’s possible to win and earn prizes. It’s less focused on competing just to win, but it is still competitive.

From comments made by Ryan Miller – there aren’t immediate plans for larger, competitive-focused events like regionals. However, there are plans for events in the future.

What Is Lorcana League + How To Join

Lorcana League is a fun, friendly way of playing locally in a weekly, organized format. Stores have a poster to track player attendance and points, and players can trade in those points for prizes.

Most stores will charge entry, which is usually around the cost of a booster pack and most give one out with entry. This could be higher to start because Lorcana is incredibly popular right now.

The League is set up for and targeted at newer players. There are points for teaching the game, so people will be eager to teach you how to play if you’ve literally just heard of Lorcana for the first time on the day.

Give it a go and see how fun playing and collecting card games can be!

Lorcana League Promo Prizes

These are some of the cool prizes you can earn from playing in Lorcana League. How to earn these and how many stores get in the Organized Play kit is covered below.

The First Lorcana League Promo Cards

There are three promo cards. They are not mechanically unique cards, they’re just foil versions of the cards in The First Chapter with nice stamps for collectors where their rarity normally is.

Lorcana Organized Play Kit - Promo Cards
The First Lorcana League Promo Cards

The promo cards are foil and have different numbering than normal. The P1 where the set number normally is means Promo. The numbering of the cards as 8, 9, and 10 comes after of the first seven cards from the D23 promos – like Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor.

Lorcana League Pins

Lorcana Organized Play Kit - Promo Pins
Ariel, Scar, and Lorcana pins

There are three pins, one is a simple Disney Lorcana in blue, similar to the other pins given out at expos. The other two are the art for Scar Fiery Usurper and Ariel Whoseit Collector.

Lore Tracker

Lorcana Organized Play Kit - Lore Tracker
Finally, a lore tracker!

This simple lore tracker is a great way for players to keep track of their Lore with a scrolling cardboard wheel.

The second Lorcana League Organized Play Kit has just been released too!

What Format Is Lorcana League?

Stores aren’t being given strict instructions on what format they should run, but most seem to be sticking with starter decks only for the first week or so. Some are allowing players to add the cards from the booster in the starter deck without any ink restrictions.

Most stores will eventually used the Core Constructed format. This means you can make a deck of 60 or more cards with just two inks, max four of each card. Pull packs and build your own deck or use guides or deck suggestions from content creators.

As it’s quite hard to get packs and build decks, it’s probably best to keep things as fair as possible for players at the moment. If a person can afford to have pre-ordered 10 boxes and built every top-tier deck, and they’re playing against people who’ve only been able to find a starter and some random packs – is it really fun?

Many stores are allowing players to add a pack or so a week to their deck. Some are selling packs only at the end of the week’s event for the next week’s deck builds. Speak to your store to find out how they’re running their events.

Find out everything you need to know to play in our Learn to Play Lorcana Rules Guide

Suggested Tournament Format

As the instructions are quite vague on the exact format, stores are open to choose what they’d like to do. Some may run a more traditional bracket or Swiss format, with winners going up the bracket.

Some might let players more casually choose who they play on the day, as long as it’s in the store. This is what the League suggests, so people can come in and play with friends or regulars. Think of it as friendlies with points.

There are no official tournament rules or comprehensive rules guides yet. It’s a little late, as tournaments start… now. Below is a suggestion for those who want clear-cut rules to start. Expect many new players though.

The format used at Gen Con with the head of OP was: A match is 50 minutes, best of three games, with 5 turn overtime (active player is on turn 0) if on game 3. If on game 2 at overtime, the winner of game 1 wins the match.

If at the end of 5 rounds in overtime in game 1 or 3, then the highest Lore total should win that game and match immediately. The tournament organizer should keep track of games and see how this works out. Things will be slower to start as people learn.

Lorcana League Rounds, Seasons + Points

This is the suggested League format from the booklet included with the Lorcana League Organized Play Kit. Many stores will use this format, some will change it up. Each League round is four weeks, and each League season has three rounds – so 12 weeks overall.

Lorcana League Poster + Stickers

The pack includes a Lorcana League wall poster for stores to track points for a round of 4 weeks. This is similar to what Pokémon use in their league. There is also a sticker sheet for each poster.

Lorcana Organized Play Kit - League Poster and Stickers
The first Lorcana League trackers and stickers?

Earning Points

Players play casual matches and earn points for attending, playing, and winning – with a maximum of 10 points per week per player. A match is best two of three games i.e. play until someone wins twice. You get points for: –


  • Signing up for a League round – 1 point
  • Winning a match – 2 points
  • Losing a match – 1 point


  • Teach someone how to play Lorcana in the store – 2 points
  • Bring someone new to play in the League – 1 point

There are also some fun options given as suggestions. Stores can add their own – some are giving points for singing songs!

Other Options

  • Wear something with a favorite animated Disney character on it
  • Play a themed deck, such as one featuring specific character cards or classifications. Examples include:
  • HEY, EVERYBODY! Have a least three different Mickey Mouse and/or Minnie Mouse cards in play
  • DOUBLE FEATURE: Include cards from just two movie franchises
  • STRENGTH IN UNITY: Include only character cards that all share a classification, e.g., Dreamborn, Storyborn, Hero, or Villain (plus any item and action cards)
  • ALL FOR ONE! Have all three Musketeers in play (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy)
  • SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT: Have two different Tinker Bell cards in play
  • BIBBIDI-BOBBIDI-BOO: Have three different Sorcerers in play
  • IT’S A GREAT ILLUMINARY AFTER ALL: Have a Dreamborn, a Floodborn, and a Storyborn card in play
  • UNEASY ALLIANCE: Have a Hero and a Villain card in play
  • COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME: Have three different Elsa and/or Anna cards in play

Stores can choose to follow the Lorcana League format but are allowed to run events their own way with the same promos. Stores that are more focused on competitive play with their other games might have traditional tournament-style nights with the winners taking the most prizing.

Lorcana League Store Prizing – Promo Cards, Pin, Lore Tracker

Lorcana Organized Play Kit Contents
Organized Play Kit Contents from Geek Retreat Sunderland

See scans of the pamphlet included with the kit below for how prizing is allocated.

Lorcana League Instruction Kit Page Page 1 Lorcana Player
Lorcana League Instruction Kit Page Page 2 Lorcana Player
Lorcana League Instruction Kit Page Page 3 Lorcana Player
Lorcana League Instruction Kit Page Page 4 Lorcana Player

How To Find a Lorcana League Store

Right now, the best way to find a local store to play in is to contact local card game stores near you. Try Google. Many have info on their Facebook page or website. Feel free to call them, many are friendly and welcoming and are expecting many new players for Lorcana.

There is no official listing of stores to find who is selling and who is hosting organized play yet but it looks like that will be coming soon™.

Hobby Store Program + Organized Play

Local game stores can sign up for the Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program (HSP) and the Organized Play (OP) program. The official website has a link for stores. They must have a physical location open to customers and players, and meet some requirements for space, accessibility, and safety.

Retailers that get onto the HSP all get the HSP Kit. Retailers that sign up to HSP + OP get both kits. Both are not for resale. If you see the items or full kit being sold, find the info and report it to

Lorcana League Organized Play Kit

The Disney Lorcana Organized Play Kit is a small box with everything needed for running Lorcana League. Stores are given one to cover 12 weeks of prizing for League or their own events. It is a different kit to the Hobby Retailer Kit described later – thought most stores got both.

Some larger stores will be given more than one OP kit. The OP Kit contains: –

Hobby Store Retailer Kit

Stores that get onto the HSP get a Hobby Store Retailer Kit to advertise they sell Lorcana. The kit is just promo material, it doesn’t have anything to do with the League kit. It contains: –

  • A letter to the store explaining the kit
  • 40 Tinker Bell Tiny Tactician cards- These are regular, non-foil, common rarity cards that are exactly like the ones found in Lorcana booster packs. They are not promo cards.
  • 1 large metal Disney Lorcana sign
  • 1 large and 1 medium Disney Lorcana window cling
Disney Lorcana 2023 Hobby Store Retailer Kit

The Hobby Store Program means retailers will get put onto the official store listing (when it is made public), and be eligible for more promo material. The Organized Play Kit above is a separate kit, though most stores got both.

Tinker Bell Tiny Tactician Promo?

Included in this kit are 40 Tinker Bell Tiny Tactician cards. Some stores are saying they are promos – they aren’t. The kit letter literally says: “Please give away, at no cost, the enclosed Tinker Bell – Tiny Tactician cards to your Disney Lorcana customers or those who show interest in the game. Limit one card per customer, please.

Hobby Store Program Kit Letter
The letter that comes with the Hobby Store Program Kit

It is meant just as a way of giving out cards to people who might be interested, so they now have their first Lorcana card. It is not a promo card, it’s just a common card.

Jonti of The Inkwell – Well worth a subscribe

Organized Play Program

Stores can sign up for the Organized Play program if they have the space and want to host local events. are managing this process and have a separate page for Lorcana. They are a card game tournament company that provides a single site where organizers can run and advertise tournaments.

Stores that sign up for Organized Play get the kit for Lorcana League. However, this site is not being used for Lorcana League initially. You don’t have to register with it to play in Lorcana League.

Players can see brackets, find who you will be playing, see results for each player, view your historical placings, and see decklists when the tourney has finished. You can sign up as a player now but there are no official Lorcana events yet.

There is already a category for Disney Lorcana tournaments but they are for individual stores. Stores generally like to use software to run events and allows them to do that fairly easily. It is very likely that there will be a Lorcana specific system set up in the future for official events.

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