Lorcana Sets

Take a look at every card set released for Disney Lorcana, as well as sets to be released. Click on the set name to view more details on the set, including every product and card, as well as a detailed breakdown of the cards in the set.

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There are 343 Disney Lorcana cards in total, including main sets and promo versions. The first two main sets have 204 cards each, but all of these are available in foil too. Each also has Enchanted and puzzle cards.

For every thing released that isn’t a card, take a look at Lorcana products for boxes, troves, pins, collector’s items, and more.

Main Sets

NameSet NumberRelease DateNo. of CardsView Cards
The First Chapter1August 18, 2023204View
Rise of the Floodborn2November 17, 2023204View

Promo Sets

There are 24 promo cards in total. 7 cards can be earned from the Lorcana League events. The rest are available at events or collector’s sets.

Promo Set 1 includes everything released in the first promo set. The event promos include every card available at events, which includes the seven D23 Expo cards and others.

We’ve also got specific set details for special sets like the D23 Expo cards and the Disney100 Collector’s Edition.

NameRelease DateNo. of CardsView Cards
Promo Set 1June 9, 202224View
Event PromoSeptember 9, 202211View
D23 ExpoSeptember 9, 20227View
Lorcana LeagueAugust 18, 20237View
Disney100November 17, 20236View