Lorcana Products

Every Disney Lorcana product ever made! Perfect for collectors who don’t just want every Lorcana card – but every single thing in the Lorcana world.

Lorcana pins, deck boxes, card sleeves, and playmats coming soon…

Main Set Products

These are the main sets that make up most of Lorcana. Main sets are released four times a year – once every quarter. Main sets are based around booster packs that can be in various products. The cheapest way to get packs is generally to buy a booster box.

Each set also has an Illumineer’s Trove. These come with booster packs, a box that is great for your collection, plus some extras. They’re a great way of storing and sorting your cards for each set.

There are also starter decks, different types of gift sets, and plenty of accessories for playing and collecting.

Shimmering Skies

Ursula’s Return

Into the Inklands

Rise of the Floodborn

The First Chapter

Promotional Products

These products are from Disney Lorcana promo sets. These include promos for playing in Lorcana League, Lorcana Play events, or special promotional items from other sets.

Lorcana League

These are some of the promotional products available to players in the Lorcana League, a regular event held at local game stores. There are also cards available in the set. A new set of items and cards is available with each major set release.

Promotional Items

These are promo items given out at different events that don’t fit into one set. It includes the pins given out first at the D23 Expo, and then at other gaming conventions.

D23 Expo

The D23 Expo is technically the first “set” from Disney Lorcana. It had just one product: the collector’s set with six cards. The Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor card was given out for free on its own.

D23 Expo Collectors Set 1 1

D23 Expo Collector's Set

September 9, 2022