New Roles Hint At Disney Lorcana Coming To Asia

New Roles Hints At Disney Lorcana Coming To Asia

With Disney Lorcana expanding to new countries and new languages – Ravensburger are hiring localization staff. With them come a pretty big hint about where the game might be going next.

Into the Inklands came with an Italian language print, and we know at least ten more countries will be getting some version of the game. Ravensburger have been responding to Disney Lorcana’s massive popularity with a huge hiring spree, including new localization roles.

Recent job adverts have included roles like: –

  • Rules Manager
  • Fan Event Manager
  • Organized Play and Sales Compliance Coordinator
  • Narrative Design Manager + Multiple Narrative Designers
  • Senior Art Directors + Multiple Art Directors/Artists
  • Visual Development Artists
  • Events Graphic Designer
  • Production Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager

There are also Localization Manager and Disney Lorcana TCG Game Developer – Mandarin roles being offered. This strongly hints at the game being developed into the Chinese market.

That second role’s skills include proofing Chinese-based products and rules, plus testing the cards and gameplay. With a Localization Manager, small text issues and errata that can cause rules issues would be better controlled.

Mandarin is the most widely spoken form/dialect of the Chinese language. It’s just under English as the second most spoken language in the world. Many other TCGs print cards in Simplified Chinese, which tends to give a game the widest market in China.

New Countries + New Hires

While stock issues were well addressed, many have been waiting for the game to come to their area. Australia and New Zealand are getting the game at some point, but the next big markets would be Japan and China.

Outside of availability, most of the community’s big asks were for more communication and organization. These roles being filled mean dedicated people working on organized play, local store OP support, organized and updated rules, fan events, and competitive play.

We also know from the Lorecast that software is being developed for better organizing tournaments and local play. The Lorecast event is now meant to be a regular thing, with tentative plans for a few a year.

On top of that, there have been a lot of roles and hires in Ravensburger’s games division in general. These come at a time when the games industry has been seeing huge layoffs.

While many companies in the space aren’t seeing the returns they want and AI starts to impact creative roles – Ravensburger seem to be going the opposite way on both. This commitment to keeping the art a central part of an actual, physical game is refreshing.

Personally, we think the game is hitting every mark it needs in order to be here long term. As a player and massive fan, seeing every issue be addressed with real plans and actions shows the team are committed to it.

So, what do you think of the game’s success and struggles in the first year?

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