Lorcana Set 3 – “Into the Inklands” – New Cards, Locations, Products + Lore

Disney Lorcana Set 3 Into the Inklands

Ravensburger has announced the next installment of Disney Lorcana, and it comes with a surprise! Into the Inklands is the third set and will feature an all-new card type – Locations.

We’ve also got a bunch of officially released cards, plus images of all of the new products. We’ve also found exclusive details of cards and information about the set. Read on for everything you need to know.

Into The Inklands Release Date + Set Details

Set 3 of the Disney Lorcana TCG will be released at local game stores and some Disney Parks on Friday 23rd February 2024. Large retailers and shopDisney will then be able to sell Into the Inklands from Friday 8th March.

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Product Lineup - Lorcana Player
Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands – Product Lineup – Lorcana Player

This is the same two-week early access period that is set to last for the first six sets. This encourages people to get cards from the same place they can play the game. A new set every three months was announced from the start and follows most TCGs. This keeps the meta and drafting fresh.

There will be 204 cards in the main set, with all of those being available in both standard and foil. We’ll likely see another four puzzle cards (one per pack) and twelve secret Enchanted cards numbered above 204. This lines up with the previous sets though we might see some changes.

The German version will be called Die Tintenlande and the French is Le Terres D’Encres with both essentially translating to just “The Inklands”. While we previously reported that Lorcana would be printed in Italian by set 3, there has been no official announcement.

Into the Inklands – The Story

The set comes with a new theme: “Discover new landscapes as you venture across the Inklands in search of lore that was scattered by the recent flood“. We’ll see more cards searching the Realm of Lorcana, and hopefully find out more about how the current state of events came to.

The story we know so far is that Martin – one of the three Illumineers – seems to have accidentally unleashed a flood of Ink. The official Story page, along with these two videos sums up how it happened. This is largely the story from Rise of the Floodborn – but it leads into how the Inklands were created.

The Ink Flood – Blame Martin

A Mysterious Locked Lorebook

First, Martin finds a locked lorebook covered in barnacles and purple seaweed. He plays his Inkcaster and unleashes what looks like the silhouette of Ursula. In the next video, we see ink pouring from the room, filling the entire Illuminary.

Cinderella is transformed into the Stouthearted Floodborn character by the rushing Ink. It floods through the Hall of Lorcana, sweeping the Lore items out from the Great Illuminary into the land below. Martin manages to save Venturo from the flood just in time.

An Ink Flood Unleashed

As the ink hits the ground below, we see the land literally transformed by the ink. We know this Ink can transform both Storyborn and Dreamborn characters, as well as the landscape.

What Are The Inklands?

Two weeks after Rise of the Floodborn was first announced, lots of card art – and the below header – was released. This incredible art of the Realm of Lorcana shows Ink pouring from the Illuminary in the flood. Back then, we noticed something very interesting about the land.

Hero Shot

Take a closer look at those rocks… Doesn’t it look like each has been affected by the ink? To us, this looks like how the Inklands were created. The Flood changed not just the characters and created the Floodborn, but also the Inklands themselves.

Disney Lorcana Inklands Flood Conspiracy Lorcana Player

To us, the mountains here clearly represent different ink color designs. This also lines up with how many cards have influences from their Ink color woven into the design of their background, clothes, and design.

Based on this, there should be certain specific-color Inklands areas where characters, items, and locations are based. Cards from previous sets like Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot, Pinocchio – On the Run, and Cheshire Cat – Always Grinning already had references to the Inklands in their flavor text.

An Ominious Shadow Storm

After accidentally unleashing a flood of mixed ink that scattered precious lore throughout the realm, Illumineers are now tasked with finding the lore and returning it to the Hall of Lorcana. However, their quest may be more treacherous than they realize, as an ominous shadow storm has been spotted gathering at the edges of Lorcana, adding urgency and mystery to the path ahead.

Is that “shadow storm” referring to the swirls of colored clouds seen before around the Illuminary and in the header image above? Or is the shadow that comes out of the lorebook Martin unlocked? Maybe we haven’t seen it yet and might get a glimpse in upcoming art for this set.

More about the story should be revealed soon in interviews and videos as with the last few sets. We’ve also been told that there will be more narrative in the flavor text of cards to explain the story.

New Mechanic – Locations

We’ve talked about the possibility of “location” type cards being in Lorcana as they’re a common trope in card games. Now, it’s confirmed! The first Location is Forbidden Mountain – Maleficent’s Castle. We’ll also be getting Motunui, Jolly Roger, and many more.

Locations can have effects when characters move into them, or powers that have work when they’re just in play. Their main benefit is they gain Lore passively at the start of your turn – without having to quest.

Location cards can be held vertically in your hand to easily view the Ink ink cost to play the card, as well as if the card can be inked inkwell. They come with a willpower stat on the right, with the same Willpower symbol defense as other card types.

There are two new stats. The Move cost is the symbol on the left, and the Lore icon on the right is slightly different from the standard one lore.

Lorcana Location Cards – Quick Guide

  • Play or ink location cards as you would any other card
  • When played to your board, place it horizontally (sideways)
  • They don’t need to dry, and don’t exert or ready.
  • At the start of your turn in the Set part of the Beginning phase, you gain lore equal to the number of lore symbols on the Location. This happens even when the Location is empty
  • Opponents can always challenge your Location cards, as they don’t exert
  • They take damage with counters just like Characters, and are banished when the damage reaches their Willpower stat
  • You can move characters to a location by paying the Move cost. Put the character under the location
  • Characters can move without waiting for the character or location’s ink to dry
  • A character can only be in one location at a time
  • A location can have more than one character in it at a time
  • A character can move between locations for the normal cost, but can’t leave a location unless forced to
  • If a location is banished, any characters in it “fall out” and go back to the board. They don’t take damage from this, and locations don’t shield the character from damage.
  • Characters in a location aren’t protected, and can still challenge/quest/sing/use abilities as normal – unless the Location or an ability says otherwise
  • Locations can’t challenge/quest/sing, but can be healed

That’s as much as we know so far, summed up quickly. Pay special attention to the wording of rules for whether things like heal/banish/return to hand/keywords (like Reckless) apply to Location. If they don’t specify a card type then they should apply to Location cards. Full article on Locations coming soon™.

New Cards

We’ve already started to see some official card releases, which mostly revolve around exploring locations and finding lore. There are quite a few more cards we know from press releases and peeking at other stuff – scroll down for every new card.

These three cards have great interactions with Locations. We expect a tonne more Locations and Location-based cards to be revealed soon, with huge implications for gameplay.

Piglet leans into Amber’s “wide board” strategies of lots of characters. Mama Odie ties in with control decks and gets around Resist. Wendy is quite similar to Phil, but seems weak when not part of a full deck strategy.

Keep scrolling down after the products for all of the new Into the Inklands cards we’ve found.

Into the Inklands Products

This set doesn’t stray from the template set so far. This time we’ve got a booster box with three different pack designs. Those will also come as sleeved boosters (no pics yet). There is also the ever-helpful Illumineer’s Trove, and two starter decks.

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Booster Box - Lorcana Player
Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Illumineer's Trove - Lorcana Player
Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Booster Pack Minnie - Lorcana Player
Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Booster Pack Piglet - Lorcana Player
Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Booster Pack Jafar - Lorcana Player

As we reported previously, the booster box design has changed. However, instead of three pieces of security, the booster box from the new set is meant to be fully shrink-wrapped. This will make it much harder to tamper with boxes, as was possible with The First Chapter.

Gift Set

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Gift Set - Lorcana Player

We’re back to a Gift Set with two foils and two oversized foils of the same cards, with four packs and no promo cards. The Disney100 Collector’s Edition was very popular, but seemingly a one-off for now.

Starter Decks

The starter decks this set are Amber/Emerald and Ruby/Sapphire, meaning the team is going for different ink color combos each time. The first has Peter Pan – Lost Boy Leader and an Amber Pongo, who should be a Super Rare.

All of the starter decks so far have had a Rare and a Super Rare for the foils, and Pan is a Rare. The second started deck has a Ruby Moana and a Sapphire Scrooge McDuck – Richest Duck in the World. We know this because of the accessories…


For accessories, there will be two deck boxes and two sets of sleeves featuring an Emerald Robin Hood – Daydreamer and a Sapphire Scrooge McDuck – Richest Duck in the World.

The names and artists are visible on the deck box images. The ink colors come from the color surrounding the logo on the art, which (so far) always matches the card it features.

We’re also getting two more play mats with a Ruby Stitch and a Sapphire Moana & Te Fiti. The name and art for that second one makes us think it might come from a location or action-type card instead of a character?

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Stitch Playmat - Lorcana Player
Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands - Moana Playmat - Lorcana Player

There are two card portfolios announced, but they’re just reprints of the Stitch and Evil Queen ones from The First Chapter. They were also reprinted for Rise of the Floodborn.

Into the Inklands Pricing

Pricing for Into the Inklands is the same as previous sets. These are the recommended retail prices and may be slightly higher or lower depending on the retailer.

  • Booster Pack – US $5.99 / Can $7.99 / UK £4.99 / EU €5.99
  • Booster Box – US $143.76 / Can $191.76 / UK £119.76 / EU €143.76
  • Illumineer’s Trove – US $49.99 / Can $64.99 / UK £49.99 / EU €54.99
  • Gift Set – US $29.99 / Can $39.99 / UK £27.99 / EU €29.99
  • Starter Deck – USD $16.99 / Can $21.99 / UK £17.99 / EU €19.99
  • Deck Box – US $5.99 / Can $7.99 / UK £5.49 / EU €5.99
  • Sleeves – US $9.99 / Can $12.99 / UK £8.99 / EU €9.99
  • Play Mats – US $19.99 / Can $24.99 / UK £17.99 / EU €19.99
  • Card Portfolios – US $19.99 / Can $24.99 / UK £17.99 / EU €19.99

Every New Card + Franchises

From various official sources, we know of new cards that will be making their way to the game. We now know that Disney animated TV shows are on the menu for Disney Lorcana as TaleSpin and DuckTales have been announced!

A couple of new locations – Jolly Roger and Motunui – were mentioned in a press release and on the official blog. Characters mentioned were Pluto, Perdita from 101 Dalmations, Kit Cloudkicker from TaleSpin, Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet, and more from the RLS Legacy crew.

New Cards

We have nearly full card pictures of two more from the Gift Set. Stitch – Covert Agent becomes almost untouchable in a location. Tinker Bell – Very Clever Fairy works amazingly in an item deck, helping to ramp – if a little late in the game.

If we’re assuming the one on the left is Rare and the right is Super Rare – like the previous Gift Set – we also know the rarities.

Excluding the seven we have official card pictures from earlier, that makes fifteen more cards we know about. That’s 22 cards of the 204, and we’re only a month out from the last set!

To view every Lorcana card released so far, you can look at our full Lorcana card list page, or view the card database where you can sort by tonnes of different attributes to build a deck.

So – what do you think of Into the Inklands so far, and what locations do you most want to see in the set? Comment below!

Into The Inklands Pre-Orders

Pre-orders are starting to pop up online and at local game stores now. You should be able to find a place to pre-order at decent prices over the next few weeks.

While there were stock issues for The First Chapter and in some places for the first wave of Rise of the Floodborn – things have largely improved. With large second and third waves of printing both of the first two sets, we expect set 3 will be much better.

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