Disney Lorcana Card List – Every Lorcana Card From All Sets

Lorcana Card List - Every Lorcana Card So Far

Do you absolutely need to know every Disney Lorcana card ever shown? Here you go! This Disney Lorcana card list includes every card in The First Chapter, Rise of the Floodborn, the D23 1st Edition promos, plus the Lorcana League prize cards, plus all of the other promo cards we know about so far.

We’ve included Lorcana cards we’ve seen completely, cards that are unreleased, and upcoming promos. We even have cards where we only know the name or a little bit of the art. This list is comprehensive and we’ll update it shortly after every new release or glimpse of a card. If you see something we’ve missed, comment below or ping us on social media.

Click on the card image to see a large version, or click the name for full details. Please let us know if you spot any mistakes in the comments below! You can also view every card in the card gallery where you can filter by rarity, set, type, and more!

Main Sets

These are the main release sets. There are due to be four main sets released a year, containing the bulk of the playable cards for the game. There are also Promo sets lower down, which so far contain cards from the main set with different stamps and decorations.

Rise of the Floodborn

Rise of the Floodborn is the second Lorcana set. We’ve collated all of the cards we know about below. You can also sort and view these in the card list. So far we know of 103 cards out of the 204 will be in the main set.

There will likely be more Enchanted/secret cards outside of the main set numbering.

ImageCard numberCard NameTypeInk colorRarity
Lorcana Card BackUnknownBeast - Forbidding RecluseCharacterSteelUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownBeast - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownShere Khan - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownKronk - Junior ChipmunkCharacterSteelUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownDoc - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownGrumpy - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownSleepy - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownHappy - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownBashful - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownSneezy - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownDopey - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownUnknown Winnie The Pooh Character - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownPain - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownHiram Flaversham - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Lorcana Card BackUnknownNick Wilde - UnknownCharacterUnknownUnknown
Christopher Robin - Adventurer2/204Christopher Robin - AdventurerCharacterAmberRare Rare
Cobra Bubbles - Just a Social Worker4/204Cobra Bubbles - Just a Social WorkerCharacterAmberRare Rare
Grand Duke - Advisor to the King9/204Grand Duke - Advisor to the KingCharacterAmberRare Rare
Mickey Mouse - Friendly Face - LQ - Lorcana Player13/204Mickey Mouse - Friendly FaceCharacterAmberSuper Rare SuperRare
Mulan - Reflecting16/204Mulan - ReflectingCharacterAmberRare Rare
The Queen - Commanding Presence - LQ - Lorcana Player26/204The Queen - Commanding PresenceCharacterAmberSuper Rare SuperRare
Last Stand29/204Last StandActionAmberUncommon Uncommon
World's Greatest Criminal Mind31/204World's Greatest Criminal MindAction • SongAmberRare Rare
Zero To Hero - LQ - Lorcana Player32/204Zero To HeroAction • SongAmberUncommon Uncommon
Dragon Gem33/204Dragon GemItemAmberRare Rare
Arthur - Wizard's Apprentice35/204Arthur - Wizard's ApprenticeCharacterAmethystSuper Rare SuperRare
Chip the Teacup - Gentle Soul37/204Chip The Teacup - Gentle SoulCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Elsa - Gloves Off - LQ - Lorcana Player39/204Elsa - Gloves OffCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Madam Mim - Fox46/204Madam Mim - FoxCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Madam Mim - Purple Dragon47/204Madam Mim - Purple DragonCharacterAmethystLegendary Legendary
Madam Mim - Snake49/204Madam Mim - SnakeCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Merlin - Crab50/204Merlin - CrabCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Merlin - Goat51/204Merlin - GoatCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Merlin - Rabbit52/204Merlin - RabbitCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Merlin - Shapeshifter - LQ - Lorcana Player53/204Merlin - ShapeshifterCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Merlin - Squirrel54/204Merlin - SquirrelCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Pinocchio - Star Attraction56/204Pinocchio - Star AttractionCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Pinocchio - Talkative Puppet58/204Pinocchio - Talkative PuppetCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Winnie the Pooh - Hunny Wizard - LQ - Lorcana Player59/204Winnie The Pooh - Hunny WizardCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Gruesome and Grim62/204Gruesome and GrimAction • SongAmethystRare Rare
I'm Stuck - Lorcana Player63/204I'm StuckActionAmethystCommon Common
Legend of the Sword in the Stone64/204Legend of the Sword in the StoneAction • SongAmethystCommon Common
Perplexing Signposts67/204Perplexing SignpostsItemAmethystRare Rare
The Sorcerer's Spellbook - LQ - Lorcana Player68/204The Sorcerer's SpellbookItemAmethystRare Rare
Beast - Relentless70/204Beast - RelentlessCharacterEmeraldLegendary Legendary
Belle - Bookworm71/204Belle - BookwormCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Belle - Hidden Archer - LQ - Lorcana Player72/204Belle - Hidden ArcherCharacterEmeraldLegendary Legendary
Bucky - Squirrel Squeak Tutor73/204Bucky - Squirrel Squeak TutorCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Daisy Duck - Secret Agent76/204Daisy Duck - Secret AgentCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Donald Duck - Perfect Gentleman77/204Donald Duck - Perfect GentlemanCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Enchantress - Unexpected Judge80/204Enchantress - Unexpected JudgeCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Flynn Rider - Confident Vagabond - Lorcana Player81/204Flynn Rider - Confident VagabondCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Lucifer - Cunning Cat85/204Lucifer - Cunning CatCharacterEmeraldRare Rare
Panic - Underworld Imp87/204Panic - Underworld ImpCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Prince John - Greediest of All89/204Prince John - Greediest of AllCharacterEmeraldRare Rare
Queen of Hearts - Quick-Tempered90/204Queen of Hearts - Quick-TemperedCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo96/204Bibbidi Bobbidi BooAction • SongEmeraldRare Rare
Bounce - Lorcana Player97/204BounceActionEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Hypnotize98/204HypnotizeActionEmeraldCommon Common
Improvise99/204ImproviseActionEmeraldCommon Common
Pack Tactics100/204Pack TacticsActionEmeraldRare Rare
Ring The Bell101/204Ring The BellItemEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Card Soldiers - Full Deck105/204Card Soldiers - Full DeckCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Lady Tremaine - Overbearing Matriarch111/204Lady Tremaine - Overbearing MatriarchCharacterRubyCommon Common
Lumiere - Hotheaded Candelabra112/204Lumiere - Hotheaded CandelabraCharacterRubyRare Rare
Minnie Mouse - Stylish Surfer113/204Minnie Mouse - Stylish SurferCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Minnie-Mouse - Wide-Eyed Diver114/204Minnie Mouse - Wide-Eyed DiverCharacterRubyRare Rare
Minnie Mouse - Zipping Around115/204Minnie Mouse - Zipping AroundCharacterRubyCommon Common
Mulan - Soldier in Training - Lorcana Player117/204Mulan - Soldier in TrainingCharacterRubyCommon Common
Rapunzel - Gifted Artist119/204Rapunzel - Gifted ArtistCharacterAmberUncommon Uncommon
Queen of Hearts - Impulsive Ruler119/204Queen of Hearts - Impulsive RulerCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Raya - Warrior of Kumandra - LQ - Lorcana Player124/204Raya - Warrior of KumandraCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Scar - Vicious Cheater125/204Scar - Vicious CheaterCharacterRubyLegendary Legendary
Tigger - One of a Kind127/204Tigger - One of a KindCharacterRubyCommon Common
Dinner Bell - LQ - Lorcana Player134/204Dinner BellItemRubyRare Rare
Sword in the Stone136/204Sword in the StoneItemRubyUncommon Uncommon
Basil - Great Mouse Detective138/204Basil - Great Mouse DetectiveCharacterSapphireSuper Rare SuperRare
Basil - Of Baker Street139/204Basil - Of Baker StreetCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Basil - Perceptive Investigator140/204Basil - Perceptive InvestigatorCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Cogsworth - Grandfather Clock142/204Cogsworth - Grandfather ClockCharacterSapphireSuper Rare SuperRare
Cogsworth - Talking Clock143/204Cogsworth - Talking ClockCharacterSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Cruella De Vil - Fashionable Cruiser144/204Cruella De Vil - Fashionable CruiserCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Gaston - Intellectual Powerhouse - LQ - Lorcana Player147/204Gaston - Intellectual PowerhouseCharacterSapphireRare Rare
Grand Pabbie - Oldest and Wisest148/204Grand Pabbie - Oldest and the WisestCharacterSapphireSuper Rare SuperRare
Judy Hopps - Optimistic Officer152/204Judy Hopps - Optimistic OfficerCharacterSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Mrs. Judson - Housekeeper153/204Mrs. Judson - HousekeeperCharacterSapphireRare Rare
Prince Charming - Heir to the Throne157/204Prince Charming - Heir to the ThroneCharacterSapphireRare Rare
Four Dozen Eggs163/204Four Dozen EggsAction • SongSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Fang Crossbow166/204Fang CrossbowItemSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Gumbo Pot167/204Gumbo PotItemSapphireCommon Common
Cinderella - Knight in Training176/204Cinderella - Knight in TrainingCharacterSteelCommon Common
Cinderella - Stouthearted - LQ - Lorcana Player177/204Cinderella - StoutheartedCharacterSteelSuper Rare SuperRare
Donald Duck - Deep-Sea Diver178/204Donald Duck - Deep-Sea DiverCharacterSteelCommon Common
Eli La Bouff - Big Daddy179/204Eli La Bouff - Big DaddyCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Goofy - Knight for a Day180/204Goofy - Knight for a DayCharacterSteelRare Rare
Li Shang - Archery Instructor187/204Li Shang - Archery InstructorCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Prince Naveen - Penniless Royal191/204Prince Naveen - Penniless RoyalCharacterSteelCommon Common
Queen of Hearts - Capricious Monarch192/204Queen of Hearts - Capricious MonarchCharacterSteelRare Rare
Robin Hood - Capable Fighter193/204Robin Hood - Capable FighterCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
The Prince - Never Gives Up195/204The Prince - Never Gives UpCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Tiana - Celebrating Princess - LQ - Lorcana Player196/204Tiana - Celebrating PrincessCharacterSteelSuper Rare SuperRare
Sisu - Divine Water Dragon199/204Sisu - Divine Water DragonCharacterSapphireLegendary Legendary
Mouse Armor203/204Mouse ArmorItemSteelUncommon Uncommon

The First Chapter

Here is a list of every card from The First Chapter. Be aware this contains Lorcana card spoilers if you want to wait to open packs. Some of the cards from The First Chapter also have promo versions, which are included below too.

Many cards were previously known only from text in rules or promo photos, but now every card from The First Chapter has been released! New Enchanted rarity cards are also included.

Learn more about Lorcana rarities, pull rates, and holo foil cards.

ImageCard numberCard NameTypeInk colorRarity
Ariel On Human Legs - Lorcana Player1/204Ariel - On Human LegsCharacterAmberUncommon Uncommon
Ariel Spectacular Singer - Lorcana Player2/204Ariel - Spectacular SingerCharacterAmberSuper Rare SuperRare
Cinderella Gentle and Kind - Lorcana Player3/204Cinderella - Gentle and KindCharacterAmberUncommon Uncommon
Goofy Musketeer - Lorcana Player4/204Goofy - MusketeerCharacterAmberUncommon Uncommon
Hades King Of Olympus - Lorcana Player5/204Hades - King of OlympusCharacterAmberRare Rare
Hades Lord of the Underworld - Lorcana Player6/204Hades - Lord of the UnderworldCharacterAmberRare Rare
HeiHei Boat Snack - Lorcana Player7/204HeiHei - Boat SnackCharacterAmberCommon Common
Lefou Bumbler8/204Lefou - BumblerCharacterAmberUncommon Uncommon
Lilo - Making A Wish9/204Lilo - Making A WishCharacterAmberRare Rare
Maximus Palace Horse - Lorcana Player10/204Maximus - Palace HorseCharacterAmberSuper Rare SuperRare
Maximus Relentless Pursuer - Lorcana Player11/204Maximus - Relentless PursuerCharacterAmberUncommon Uncommon
Mickey Mouse True Friend12/204Mickey Mouse - True FriendCharacterAmberUncommon Uncommon
Minnie Mouse Beloved Princess - Lorcana Player13/204Minnie Mouse - Beloved PrincessCharacterAmberCommon Common
Moana Of Motunui - Lorcana Player14/204Moana - Of MotunuiCharacterAmberRare Rare
Mr. Smee Loyal First Mate - Lorcana Player15/204Mr. Smee - Loyal First MateCharacterAmberCommon Common
Prince Phillip Dragonslayer - Lorcana Player16/204Prince Phillip - DragonslayerCharacterAmberUncommon Uncommon
Pumbaa Friendly Warthog - Lorcana Player17/204Pumbaa - Friendly WarthogCharacterAmberCommon Common
Rapunzel Gifted With Healing - Lorcana Player18/204Rapunzel - Gifted with HealingCharacterAmberLegendary Legendary
Sebastian Court Composer - Lorcana Player19/204Sebastian - Court ComposerCharacterAmberCommon Common
Simba Protective Cub - Lorcana Player20/204Simba - Protective CubCharacterAmberCommon Common
Stitch Carefree Surfer - Lorcana Player21/204Stitch - Carefree SurferCharacterAmberLegendary Legendary
Stitch New Dog22/204Stitch - New DogCharacterAmberCommon Common
Stitch Rock Star23/204Stitch - Rock StarCharacterAmberSuper Rare SuperRare
Timon Grub Rustler24/204Timon - Grub RustlerCharacterAmberCommon Common
Be Our Guest25/204Be Our GuestAction • SongAmberUncommon Uncommon
Control Your Temper!26/204Control Your Temper!ActionAmberCommon Common
Hakuna Matata - Lorcana Player27/204Hakuna MatataAction • SongAmberCommon Common
Healing Glow - Lorcana Player28/204Healing GlowActionAmberCommon Common
Just In Time29/204Just In TimeActionAmberRare Rare
Part Of Your World30/204Part Of Your WorldAction • SongAmberRare Rare
You Have Forgotten Me31/204You Have Forgotten MeActionAmberUncommon Uncommon
Dinglehopper32/204DinglehopperItemAmberCommon Common
Lantern - Lorcana Player33/204LanternItemAmberRare Rare
Ursula's Shell Necklace - Lorcana Player34/204Ursula's Shell NecklaceItemAmberRare Rare
Anna Heir to Arendelle - Lorcana Player35/204Anna - Heir to ArendelleCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Archimedes Highly Educated Owl - Lorcana Player36/204Archimedes - Highly Educated OwlCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Dr. Facilier Agent Provocateur - Lorcana Player37/204Dr. Facilier - Agent ProvocateurCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Dr. Facilier Charlatan - Lorcana Player38/204Dr. Facilier - CharlatanCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Dr. Facilier Remarkable Gentleman - Lorcana Player39/204Dr. Facilier - Remarkable GentlemanCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Elsa Queen Regent - Lorcana Player40/204Elsa - Queen RegentCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Elsa Snow Queen - Lorcana Player41/204Elsa - Snow QueenCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Elsa Spirit of Winter42/204Elsa - Spirit of WinterCharacterAmethystLegendary Legendary
Flotsam Ursula's Spy - Lorcana Player43/204Flotsam - Ursula's SpyCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Jafar Keeper of Secrets - Lorcana Player44/204Jafar - Keeper of SecretsCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Jafar Wicked Sorcerer - Lorcana Player45/204Jafar - Wicked SorcererCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Jetsam Ursula's Spy - Lorcana Player46/204Jetsam - Ursula's SpyCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Magic Broom Bucket Brigade - Lorcana Player47/204Magic Broom - Bucket BrigadeCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Maleficent Biding Her Time - Lorcana Player48/204Maleficent - Biding Her TimeCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Maleficent Sorceress - Lorcana Player49/204Maleficent - SorceressCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Marshmallow Persistent Guardian - Lorcana Player50/204Marshmallow - Persistent GuardianCharacterAmethystSuper Rare SuperRare
Mickey Mouse Wayward Sorcerer51/204Mickey Mouse - Wayward SorcererCharacterAmethystSuper Rare SuperRare
Olaf Friendly Snowman - Lorcana Player52/204Olaf - Friendly SnowmanCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Pascal Rapunzel’s Companion - Lorcana Player53/204Pascal - Rapunzel's CompanionCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Rafiki Mysterious Sage - Lorcana Player54/204Rafiki - Mysterious SageCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Sven Official Ice Deliverer - Lorcana Player55/204Sven - Official Ice DelivererCharacterAmethystUncommon Uncommon
The Queen Wicked and Vain - Lorcana Player56/204The Queen - Wicked and VainCharacterAmethystSuper Rare SuperRare
The Wardrobe Belle’s Confidant - Lorcana Player57/204The Wardrobe - Belle's ConfidantCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Tinker Bell Peter Pan's Ally - Lorcana Player58/204Tinker Bell - Peter Pan's AllyCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Ursula Power Hungry - Lorcana Player59/204Ursula - Power HungryCharacterAmethystLegendary Legendary
Yzma Alchemist60/204Yzma - AlchemistCharacterAmethystCommon Common
Zeus God of Lightning - Lorcana Player61/204Zeus - God of LightningCharacterAmethystRare Rare
Befuddle - Lorcana Player62/204BefuddleActionAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Freeze - Lorcana Player63/204FreezeActionAmethystCommon Common
Friends On The Other Side - Lorcana Player64/204Friends On The Other SideAction • SongAmethystCommon Common
Reflection - Lorcana Player65/204ReflectionAction • SongAmethystUncommon Uncommon
Magic Mirror - Lorcana Player66/204Magic MirrorItemAmethystRare Rare
Ursula's Cauldron - Lorcana Player67/204Ursula's CauldronItemAmethystUncommon Uncommon
White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch - Lorcana Player68/204White Rabbit's Pocket WatchItemAmethystRare Rare
Aladdin Prince Ali - Lorcana Player69/204Aladdin - Prince AliCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Beast Wolfsbane70/204Beast - WolfsbaneCharacterEmeraldLegendary Legendary
Cheshire Cat Not All There71/204Cheshire Cat - Not All ThereCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Cruella De Vil Miserable as Usual - Lorcana Player72/204Cruella De Vil - Miserable as UsualCharacterEmeraldRare Rare
Duke Of Weselton Opportunistic Official - Lorcana Player73/204Duke Of Weselton - Opportunistic OfficialCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Flynn Rider Charming Rogue - Lorcana Player74/204Flynn Rider - Charming RogueCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Genie On the Job75/204Genie - On the JobCharacterEmeraldSuper Rare SuperRare
Genie Powers Unleashed76/204Genie - Powers UnleashedCharacterEmeraldRare Rare
Genie - The Ever Impressive77/204Genie - The Ever ImpressiveCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Hans Scheming Prince - Lorcana Player78/204Hans - Scheming PrinceCharacterEmeraldRare Rare
Horace No-Good Scoundrel - Lorcana Player79/204Horace - No-Good ScoundrelCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Iago Loud-Mouthed Parrot80/204Iago - Loud-Mouthed ParrotCharacterEmeraldRare Rare
Jasper Common Crook - Lorcana Player81/204Jasper - Common CrookCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
John Silver Alien Pirate - Lorcana Player82/204John Silver - Alien PirateCharacterEmeraldLegendary Legendary
Jumba Jookiba Renegade Scientist - Lorcana Player83/204Jumba Jookiba - Renegade ScientistCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Kuzco Temperamental Emperor - Lorcana Player84/204Kuzco - Temperamental EmperorCharacterEmeraldRare Rare
Lady Tremaine Wicked Stepmother - Lorcana Player85/204Lady Tremaine - Wicked StepmotherCharacterEmeraldRare Rare
Mad Hatter Gracious Host - Lorcana Player86/204Mad Hatter - Gracious HostCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Megara Pulling the Strings - Lorcana Player87/204Megara - Pulling the StringsCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Mickey Mouse Artful Rogue - Lorcana Player88/204Mickey Mouse - Artful RogueCharacterEmeraldSuper Rare SuperRare
Mickey Mouse Steamboat Pilot89/204Mickey Mouse - Steamboat PilotCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Mother Gothel Selfish Manipulator - Lorcana Player90/204Mother Gothel - Selfish ManipulatorCharacterEmeraldSuper Rare SuperRare
Peter Pan Never Landing91/204Peter Pan - Never LandingCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Tamatoa Drab Little Crab - Lorcana Player92/204Tamatoa - Drab Little CrabCharacterEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Tinker Bell Most Helpful - Lorcana Player93/204Tinker Bell - Most HelpfulCharacterEmeraldCommon Common
Do It Again! - Lorcana Player94/204Do It Again!ActionEmeraldRare Rare
Mother Knows Best - Lorcana Player95/204Mother Knows BestAction • SongEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Stampede - Lorcana Player96/204StampedeActionEmeraldCommon Common
Steal From The Rich - Lorcana Player97/204Steal From The RichActionEmeraldRare Rare
Sudden Chill - Lorcana Player98/204Sudden ChillAction • SongEmeraldCommon Common
The Beast Is Mine! - Lorcana Player99/204The Beast Is Mine!ActionEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Vicious Betrayal - Lorcana Player100/204Vicious BetrayalActionEmeraldCommon Common
Dr. Facilier's Cards - Lorcana Player101/204Dr. Facilier's CardsItemEmeraldUncommon Uncommon
Stolen Scimitar - Lorcana Player102/204Stolen ScimitarItemEmeraldCommon Common
Abu Mischievous Monkey - Lorcana Player103/204Abu - Mischievous MonkeyCharacterRubyCommon Common
Aladdin Heroic Outlaw - Lorcana Player104/204Aladdin - Heroic OutlawCharacterRubySuper Rare SuperRare
Aladdin Street Rat - Lorcana Player105/204Aladdin - Street RatCharacterRubyCommon Common
Captain Colonel's Lieutenant - Lorcana Player106/204Captain - Colonel's LieutenantCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Captain Hook Ruthless Pirate - Lorcana Player107/204Captain Hook - Ruthless PirateCharacterRubyRare Rare
Donald Duck Boisterous Fowl - Lorcana Player108/204Donald Duck - Boisterous FowlCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Elsa Ice Surfer - Lorcana Player109/204Elsa - Ice SurferCharacterRubyCommon Common
Gaston Arrogant Hunter - Lorcana Player110/204Gaston - Arrogant HunterCharacterRubyCommon Common
Goofy Daredevil - Lorcana Player111/204Goofy - DaredevilCharacterRubyCommon Common
Lefou Instigator - Lorcana Player112/204Lefou - InstigatorCharacterRubyRare Rare
Maleficent Monstrous Dragon113/204Maleficent - Monstrous DragonCharacterRubyLegendary Legendary
Maui Hero to All - Lorcana Player114/204Maui - Hero to AllCharacterRubyRare Rare
Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor - Lorcana Player115/204Mickey Mouse - Brave Little TailorCharacterRubyLegendary Legendary
Minnie Mouse Always Classy - Lorcana Player116/204Minnie Mouse - Always ClassyCharacterRubyCommon Common
Moana Chosen by the Ocean - Lorcana Player117/204Moana - Chosen by the OceanCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Mulan Imperial Soldier - Lorcana Player118/204Mulan - Imperial SoldierCharacterRubySuper Rare SuperRare
Peter Pan Fearless Fighter - Lorcana Player119/204Peter Pan - Fearless FighterCharacterRubyCommon Common
Pongo Ol' Rascal - Lorcana Player120/204Pongo - Ol' RascalCharacterRubyCommon Common
Rapunzel Letting Down Her Hair121/204Rapunzel - Letting Down Her HairCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Scar Fiery Usurper - Lorcana Player122/204Scar - Fiery UsurperCharacterRubyCommon Common
Scar Shameless Firebrand - Lorcana Player123/204Scar - Shameless FirebrandCharacterRubyRare Rare
Sergeant Tibbs Courageous Cat - Lorcana Player124/204Sergeant Tibbs - Courageous CatCharacterRubyCommon Common
Stitch Abomination - Lorcana Player125/204Stitch - AbominationCharacterRubyRare Rare
Te Kā The Burning One - Lorcana Player126/204Te Kā - The Burning OneCharacterRubySuper Rare SuperRare
Tigger Wonderful Thing - Lorcana Player127/204Tigger - Wonderful ThingCharacterRubyUncommon Uncommon
Be Prepared - Lorcana Player128/204Be PreparedAction • SongRubyRare Rare
Cut To The Chase - Lorcana Player129/204Cut To The ChaseActionRubyUncommon Uncommon
Dragon Fire - Lorcana Player130/204Dragon FireActionRubyUncommon Uncommon
Fan The Flames - Lorcana Player131/204Fan The FlamesActionRubyUncommon Uncommon
He's Got A Sword! - Lorcana Player132/204He's Got A Sword!ActionRubyCommon Common
Tangle - Lorcana Player133/204TangleActionRubyCommon Common
Poisoned Apple - Lorcana Player134/204Poisoned AppleItemRubyRare Rare
Shield Of Virtue - Lorcana Player135/204Shield Of VirtueItemRubyUncommon Uncommon
Sword of Truth - Lorcana Player136/204Sword of TruthItemRubyRare Rare
Ariel Whoseit Collector - Lorcana Player137/204Ariel - Whoseit CollectorCharacterSapphireRare Rare
Aurora Briar Rose - Lorcana Player138/204Aurora - Briar RoseCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Aurora Dreaming Guardian - Lorcana Player139/204Aurora - Dreaming GuardianCharacterSapphireSuper Rare SuperRare
Aurora Regal Princess - Lorcana Player140/204Aurora - Regal PrincessCharacterSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Belle Inventive Engineer - Lorcana Player141/204Belle - Inventive EngineerCharacterSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Belle Strange but Special - Lorcana Player142/204Belle - Strange but SpecialCharacterSapphireLegendary Legendary
Chief Tui Respected Leader - Lorcana Player143/204Chief Tui - Respected LeaderCharacterSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Donald Duck Strutting His Stuff - Lorcana Player144/204Donald Duck - Strutting His StuffCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Flounder Voice of Reason - Lorcana Player145/204Flounder - Voice of ReasonCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Gramma Tala Storyteller - Lorcana Player146/204Gramma Tala - StorytellerCharacterSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Hades Infernal Schemer - Lorcana Player147/204Hades - Infernal SchemerCharacterSapphireLegendary Legendary
Jasmine Disguised - Lorcana Player148/204Jasmine - DisguisedCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Jasmine Queen of Agrabah - Lorcana Player149/204Jasmine - Queen of AgrabahCharacterSapphireRare Rare
Maleficent Sinister Visitor - Lorcana Player150/204Maleficent - Sinister VisitorCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Maleficent Uninvited - Lorcana Player151/204Maleficent - UninvitedCharacterSapphireRare Rare
Maurice World-Famous Inventor - Lorcana Player152/204Maurice - World-Famous InventorCharacterSapphireRare Rare
Merlin Self-Appointed Mentor - Lorcana Player153/204Merlin - Self-Appointed MentorCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Mickey Mouse Detective - Lorcana Player154/204Mickey Mouse - DetectiveCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Mufasa King of the Pride Lands - Lorcana Player155/204Mufasa - King of the Pride LandsCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Philoctetes Trainer of Heroes - Lorcana Player156/204Philoctetes - Trainer of HeroesCharacterSapphireCommon Common
Robin Hood Unrivaled Archer157/204Robin Hood - Unrivaled ArcherCharacterSapphireSuper Rare SuperRare
Scar Mastermind - Lorcana Player158/204Scar - MastermindCharacterSapphireRare Rare
Tamatoa So Shiny! - Lorcana Player159/204Tamatoa - So Shiny!CharacterSapphireSuper Rare SuperRare
Triton The Sea King - Lorcana Player160/204Triton - The Sea KingCharacterSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Develop Your Brain - Lorcana Player161/204Develop Your BrainActionSapphireCommon Common
If It's Not Baroque - Lorcana Player162/204If It's Not BaroqueActionSapphireRare Rare
Let It Go163/204Let It GoAction • SongSapphireRare Rare
One Jump Ahead164/204One Jump AheadAction • SongSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Work Together - Lorcana Player165/204Work TogetherActionSapphireCommon Common
Coconut Basket - Lorcana Player166/204Coconut BasketItemSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Eye of the Fates - Lorcana Player167/204Eye of the FatesItemSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Fishbone Quill - Lorcana Player168/204Fishbone QuillItemSapphireRare Rare
Magic Golden Flower - Lorcana Player169/204Magic Golden FlowerItemSapphireCommon Common
Scepter Of Arendelle - Lorcana Player170/204Scepter Of ArendelleItemSapphireUncommon Uncommon
Aladdin Cornered Swordsman - Lorcana Player171/204Aladdin - Cornered SwordsmanCharacterSteelCommon Common
Beast Hardheaded - Lorcana Player172/204Beast - HardheadedCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Captain Hook Captain of the Jolly Roger - Lorcana Player173/204Captain Hook - Captain of the Jolly RogerCharacterSteelRare Rare
Captain Hook Forceful Duelist - Lorcana Player174/204Captain Hook - Forceful DuelistCharacterSteelCommon Common
Captain Hook Thinking A Happy Thought - Lorcana Player175/204Captain Hook - Thinking A Happy ThoughtCharacterSteelRare Rare
Cerberus Three-Headed Dog - Lorcana Player176/204Cerberus - Three-Headed DogCharacterSteelCommon Common
Donald Duck Musketeer - Lorcana Player177/204Donald Duck - MusketeerCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Gantu Galactic Federation Captain - Lorcana Player178/204Gantu - Federation CaptainCharacterSteelLegendary Legendary
Goons Maleficent’s Underlings - Lorcana Player179/204Goons - Maleficent's UnderlingsCharacterSteelCommon Common
Hans Thirteenth in Line - Lorcana Player180/204Hans - Thirteenth in LineCharacterSteelSuper Rare SuperRare
Hercules True Hero181/204Hercules - True HeroCharacterSteelCommon Common
Kristoff Official Ice Master182/204Kristoff - Official Ice MasterCharacterSteelCommon Common
Kronk Right-Hand Man - Lorcana Player183/204Kronk - Right-Hand ManCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Lilo Galactic Hero - Lorcana Player184/204Lilo - Galactic HeroCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Maui Demigod - Lorcana Player185/204Maui - DemigodCharacterSteelRare Rare
Mickey Mouse Musketeer - Lorcana Player186/204Mickey Mouse - MusketeerCharacterSteelRare Rare
Prince Eric Dashing and Brave - Lorcana Player187/204Prince Eric - Dashing and BraveCharacterSteelCommon Common
Simba Future King - Lorcana Player188/204Simba - Future KingCharacterSteelCommon Common
Simba Returned King - Lorcana Player189/204Simba - Returned KingCharacterSteelRare Rare
Simba Rightful Heir - Lorcana Player190/204Simba - Rightful HeirCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Starkey Hook's Henchman - Lorcana Player191/204Starkey - Hook's HenchmanCharacterSteelUncommon Uncommon
Te Kā Heartless - Lorcana Player192/204Te Kā - HeartlessCharacterSteelLegendary Legendary
Tinker Bell Giant Fairy - Lorcana Player193/204Tinker Bell - Giant FairyCharacterSteelSuper Rare SuperRare
Tinker Bell - Tiny Tactician194/204Tinker Bell - Tiny TacticianCharacterSteelCommon Common
A Whole New World - Lorcana Player195/204A Whole New WorldAction • SongSteelSuper Rare SuperRare
Break - Lorcana Player196/204BreakActionSteelCommon Common
Fire The Cannons197/204Fire The Cannons!ActionSteelCommon Common
Grab Your Sword - Lorcana Player198/204Grab Your SwordAction • SongSteelRare Rare
Ransack - Lorcana Player199/204RansackActionSteelUncommon Uncommon
Smash - Lorcana Player200/204SmashActionSteelUncommon Uncommon
Beast’s Mirror - Lorcana Player201/204Beast's MirrorItemSteelCommon Common
Frying Pan202/204Frying PanItemSteelUncommon Uncommon
Musketeer Tabard - Lorcana Player203/204Musketeer TabardItemSteelRare Rare
Plasma Blaster - Lorcana Player204/204Plasma BlasterItemSteelRare Rare
Hades King of Olympus Enchanted - Lorcana Player205/204Hades - King of OlympusCharacterAmberEnchanted Enchanted
Stitch Carefree Surfer Enchanted - Lorcana Player206/204Stitch - Carefree SurferCharacterAmberEnchanted Enchanted
Elsa Spirit of Winter - Lorcana Player207/204Elsa - Spirit of WinterCharacterAmethystEnchanted Enchanted
Mickey Mouse Wayward Sorcerer Enchanted - Lorcana Player208/204Mickey Mouse - Wayward SorcererCharacterAmethystEnchanted Enchanted
Genie On the Job Enchanted - Lorcana Player209/204Genie - On the JobCharacterEmeraldEnchanted Enchanted
Mickey Mouse Artful Rogue Enchanted - Lorcana Player210/204Mickey Mouse - Artful RogueCharacterEmeraldEnchanted Enchanted
Aladdin Heroic Outlaw Enchanted - Lorcana Player211/204Aladdin - Heroic OutlawCharacterRubyEnchanted Enchanted
Maui Hero to All Enchanted - Lorcana Player212/204Maui - Hero to AllCharacterRubyEnchanted Enchanted
Aurora Dreaming Guardian Enchanted - Lorcana Player213/204Aurora - Dreaming GuardianCharacterSapphireEnchanted Enchanted
Belle Strange but Special Enchanted - Lorcana Player214/204Belle - Strange but SpecialCharacterSapphireEnchanted Enchanted
Simba Returned King Enchanted - Lorcana Player215/204Simba - Returned KingCharacterSteelEnchanted Enchanted
Tinker Bell Giant Fairy Enchanted - Lorcana Player216/204Tinker Bell - Giant FairyCharacterSteelEnchanted Enchanted

Lorcana Promo Cards

Lorcana has its own Promo set with a specific code: P1. We assume this stands for the first Promo set, and that there will be a new set each year/season etc.

Cards in promo sets have the number of the card in the set, followed by the card number in that set – even if that card is available in other sets. For example, we have 1/P1 for Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor from the D23 Expo, then 10/P1 for Yzma – Alchemist from the Lorcana League Promos, and even more now.

There are now quite a few different promo sets. We’ve listed all of them below, with a total of 24 that are fully revealed.

D23 Expo

These are the seven cards released at the D23 Expo in 2022, the very first Disney Lorcana cards. They are the only cards that will ever have the 1st Edition stamp (as far as we know). Every card in this set is available in The First Chapter with different stamps and numbering.

Event Promo Cards

The first three event promo cards (aside from the D23 set) were the Three Musketeers: Mickey, Goofy, and Donald. They were available at Gen Con 2023, gamescom, and Spiel Essen – in that order. These three had a symbol on the bottom that was specific to that event.

Later promo cards have the same promo symbol as is on League promos. From this point on, Lorcana event promos will mostly all have this symbol and be available at multiple events in different counties. This started with Gaston, and means more people will have the chance to get a Lorcana promo.

Lorcana League Promo Cards

These are the promo cards given out to plays and winners in the Lorcana League. Learn how to enter, gain points, and win cards and pins in our full guide to the Lorcana and Organized Play. They have a gold symbol at the bottom, as do some of the event promos.


This is a special promo set. The first six cards of the Disney100 collection are available together in the Disney100 Collector’s Edition box set. They all have full art, with a special foil decoration. The art for each is done by a Walt Disney Animated Studios artist, and features their signature.

They are similar in decoration to the Enchanted cards but have promo numbering. These are alternate versions of cards from The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn.

ImageCard numberCard NameTypeInk colorRarity
Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor D23 Expo1/P1Mickey Mouse - Brave Little TailorCharacterRubyPromo
Stitch Rock Star D23 Expo2/P1Stitch - Rock StarCharacterAmberPromo
Elsa Snow Queen D23 Expo3/P1Elsa - Snow QueenCharacterAmethystPromo
Cruella De Vil Miserable As Usual D23 Expo4/P1Cruella De Vil - Miserable As UsualCharacterEmeraldPromo
Maleficent Monstrous Dragon D23 Expo5/P1Maleficent - Monstrous DragonCharacterRubyPromo
Robin Hood Unrivaled Archer D23 Expo6/P1Robin Hood - Unrivaled ArcherCharacterSapphirePromo
Captain Hook Forceful Duelist D23 Expo7/P1Captain Hook - Forceful DuelistCharacterSteelPromo
Mickey Mouse Detective League Promo8/P1Mickey Mouse - DetectiveCharacterSapphirePromo
HeiHei Boat Snack League Promo9/P1HeiHei - Boat SnackCharacterAmberPromo
Yzma Alchemist League Promo10/P1Yzma - AlchemistCharacterAmethystPromo
Mickey Mouse Musketeer Gen Con 2023 Promo11/P1Mickey Mouse - MusketeerCharacterSteelPromo
Goofy Musketeer gamescom 2023 Promo12/P1Goofy - MusketeerCharacterAmberPromo
Donald Duck - Musketeer - Spiel Essen Promo13/P1Donald Duck - MusketeerCharacterSteelPromo
Cinderella - Knight in Training14/P1Cinderella - Knight in TrainingCharacterSteelPromo
Bucky - Squirrel Squeak Tutor - Low Quality - Lorcana Player15/P1Bucky - Squirrel Squeak TutorCharacterEmeraldPromo
Minnie Mouse Wide-Eyed Diver - Low Quality - Lorcana Player16/P1Minnie Mouse - Wide-Eyed DiverCharacterRubyPromo
Robin Hood - Capable Fighter - Low Quality - Lorcana Player17/P1Robin Hood - Capable FighterCharacterSteelPromo
Mickey Mouse - Friendly Face - Disney10018/P1Mickey Mouse - Friendly FaceCharacterAmberPromo
Elsa - Gloves Off - Disney10019/P1Elsa - Gloves OffCharacterAmethystPromo
Genie - Powers Unleashed - Disney10020/P1Genie - Powers UnleashedCharacterEmeraldPromo
Stitch - Abomination - Disney10021/P1Stitch - AbominationCharacterRubyPromo
Maleficent - Uninvited - Disney10022/P1Maleficent - UninvitedCharacterSapphirePromo
Maui - Demigod - Disney10023/P1Maui - DemigodCharacterSteelPromo
Gaston - Arrogant Hunter - MCM London Comic Con Promo24/P1Gaston - Arrogant HunterCharacterRubyPromo

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  1. Hello and thanks for the extensive list.
    I got an addition:
    He is mentioned on the card Lefou.
    There is no further information besides his name yet, so could be, that we get several Gaston cards.

  2. if you want to add it there are also several hints on other cards (without information about the cards themself)
    We will get a :
    -Queen of hearts and new Beast card (seen on the boosters).
    -Shir Khan (side of the illuminators trove)
    -Raya dragon (card box)
    – new 1 ink Emerald “Flynn Rider” (backside of the sleeved booster pack)
    – “Madam Mim- Fox” Amethyst / “Kronk- Junior Chipmunk” Steel (backside of Amethyst/Steel starter)

  3. Hello! I used your site to make my own checklist for the chapter 1 cards and I was wondering if/when the chapter 2 floodborn list will be updated with all 204+ cards? Thank you!!

    • I’m working hard on it!

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