Lorcana League

Release Date

August 18, 2023

Set Type

Lorcana Play Set

Set Information

Lorcana Play is the official name for Lorcana organized play. Stores are given a league set every three months. Lorcana League promo cards, pins, and items like a Lore tracker are given out in different ways depending on the store. Normally in a standard Lorcana League format, players can win them by placing high on the League table, or get given them randomly with a good enough attendance.

The first three Lorcana League promos were shown when Lorcana Play was teased to stores and players. The first three cards available in the set all also available in The First Chapter. The second set of cards are from Rise of the Floodborn and will be given out in the second Lorcana League season.

The cards have their main set numbering replaced, with their number in the promo set first, followed by the promo set they are in. So far all Lorcana League promos are in P1 – or Promo Set 1. Then they have a language code, like “EN” for English. The last number represents the set they come from. For instance 1 is The First Chapter, and 2 is Rise of the Floodborn.

They all have the stand Lorcana promo logo, which will be used for event promo cards from Gaston – Arrogant Hunter onwards.

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