Lorcana Card Rarities, Pull Rates + Foils Explained – Promos, Rares, Legendary + Secret Enchanted Cards?

Lorcana Card Rarities Pull Rates Holo Foils Alt Art

Whether you are a player, collector, or casual pack opener – pulling a rare card with amazing art is always fun. Learn everything you need to know about Lorcana rarity, symbols, and the new secret Enchanted cards!

Disney Lorcana has six different rarities available in boosters and decks from the main set. There are also promo cards that will be available at local play events, expos, and conventions.

The first set is called The First Chapter. It contains 204 numbered cards with rarities from Common to Legendary. All 204 are available in a foil version or as a standard card.

There are also twelve secret cards that have a special rarity called Enchanted and a rainbow symbol. Their numbers go above 204. They are versions of characters from the main set, but with borderless, alternate art and a shimmering rainbow foil effect. They only come in this foil version.

That means 204 cards in a main set, another 204 for every Foil version, 12 Enchanted cards, and 4 Art cards. For the dedicated collector, a master set would be 424 cards!

Lorcana Card Rarities

There are six rarities in Lorcana. Commons and Uncommons come in every pack. You also get at least two Rare or higher cards. Rare is good, Super Rare is better, and Legendary cards are really powerful.

You can also find Enchanted cards. This is the highest rarity and they’re very hard to find. They were only revealed recently at Gen Con 2023 as people first started pulling them from packs!

Disney Lorcana Rarities
Disney Lorcana rarity symbols from the starter deck rules preview – Enchanted is still missing…
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Legendary
  • Enchanted

Here are three character cards – Simba is Rare, Tinker Bell is Super Rare, and Stitch is Legendary. You get at least two from these rarities in each pack – but in any combination.

Lorcana Rarity Symbols Explained

Each of these rarity symbols has a number coded into the design: the number of sides. As a circle, common has one continuous side or edge. Uncommon is stylized as a book and breaks the trend but an open book has two pages. Remember, there are two sides to every story…

Rare is a triangle with three sides. Super Rare is a diamond or square with four sides. Legendary has five. The colors also get brighter as rarity increases, with bronze, silver, then gold colors being similar to Olympic styling and representing the rarity of the metals in nature.

Disney Lorcana Enchanted Symbol
Disney Lorcana Enchanted Rarity Symbol

Enchanted has six sides and a rainbow pattern, with a sideways lore lore symbol. They were the last cards to be revealed, and even the rarity symbol was hidden until Gen Con 2023.

Enchanted – The Secret Rarity

These cards are Enchanted versions of the three above.

Enchanted cards are alternate art versions of characters from the main set. They have no borders and come only in a fully ink-washed foil treatment. They can only be found in the foil slot at the back of the pack, and don’t come in standard versions – only foil.

There are only twelve Enchanted cards, two of each ink color. One of each ink is a Floodborn character, the other Dreamborn or Storyborn. From the original card’s rarity: four were Rare, four were Super Rare, and four were Legendary.

They have secret numbers higher than the 204 in the set, going from 205 to 216. This is much like the original Secret cards in Pokémon sets. Quoting thegamer, are “selected based on their gameplay and story value, and in particular how each character relates to the overall narrative of the set.

Note that they aren’t unique in terms of rules. They have the same rules text and stats as their original cards, and you can still only have four cards of the same name in your deck.

You can view all Enchanted cards in The First Chapter here in our card database.

Lorcana Secret Rarity Revealed

When the rules were revealed we saw a chart with the five rarities. Many of the early community thought there could be space for a sixth, hidden rarity. Our theory was that a higher rarity symbol would have six edges – a hexagon. Hexagons were already in Lorcana as the ink ink and exert symbols.

This was our original guess back in April, four months before Enchanted was revealed: “So our guess is that there could well be a hexagon shape, maybe with a rainbow color to represent the mixed inkpot of magic in the Illuminary?” – Bang on!

How Many Rares and Holo Foils Are In A Lorcana Pack?

A standard Lorcana booster pack will contain 12 cards with one art card, with the following breakdown per pack: –

  • 6 Common cards
  • 3 Uncommon cards
  • 2 Rare, Super Rare, or Legendary cards – Both Non-Foil
  • 1 Foil Card – This could be of any rarity from Common to Enchanted
  • 1 Art Card

That means in one pack you could pull 6 Commons, 3 Uncommons, then Two legendary non-foil cards, followed by an Enchanted in the foil slot! This is the best possible set of pulls from a pack, and what we’d call the God pack.

The most common pack would have 2 Rares and a foil Common. You can get any mix of the rarities, but the two cards in that slot should always be different. Still, you’ll always be guaranteed a foil in a pack and many of the Rare cards are very playable.

The Foil Slot

The last card before the art card is always a foil. You will either get a Foil version of any card from the main 204, or an Enchanted card. You can get a duplicate of any other card you’ve pulled in the foil slot.

You are more likely to pull the lowest rarity cards like Common and Uncommon in the foil slot, with Foil Legendaries being quite rare. You can only pull an Enchanted from the foil slot, and these are by far the hardest rarity to get.

Will Lorcana Have Holo / Foil Cards?

Yes! Every card in The First Chapter will have a standard version and a foiled version to collect. There are also twelve Enchanted cards which only come in a special rainbow foil. Lorcana uses cold foiling for most cards.

Foil cards are another layer in the card that adds a cool effect. Sometimes called “holos” or “shiny” cards because of the look. It costs more to produce the card, so they’re much rarer than standard cards.

Disney Lorcana Elsa Cold Foil
Foil Elsa being shown off by Ravensburger

This Elsa has the normal foil effect available on all 204 cards from the main set of The First Chapter. Check out the Enchanted foil effect below. These cards are secret cards outside of the normal 204.

You can also download the Lorcana Companion App where you can view foil card animations. Enchanted should be added soon.

Pulling an Enchanted rainbow foil card from the last pack!

What Are Cold Foils?

Cold foiling as compared to other types is a more modern process of adding foil. It can be selectively applied to the decoration on the card so it highlights different parts. You can see in the media above that the ink cost, symbols, and then selected parts of the card seem raised and shinier than others.

One really big advantage of this type of decoration is that cold foils don’t seem to bend anywhere near normal foils, if at all. Considering that curling really affects what you can sell cards for and that cards that are too curled can get you disqualified from competitive games – this is great news!

Are There Full Arts, Alternate Arts, or Secret Cards?

Yes! It’s now been confirmed that Disney Lorcana has secret, alternate art cards called Enchanted. They are alternate art versions of cards in the main set, they have no borders, a special rainbow foil treatment, and a special rarity symbol.

They are the rarest cards, and it’s estimated that there is only one in every four boxes or so. That’s roughly one Enchanted per 96 packs!

Lorcana Art Cards

It was also revealed that there are Art Cards in Lorcana. These are non-playable cards with art on one side and a QR code with a link to the Companion App on the other. They aren’t numbered or counted in the main set and only come as standard cards – not foil.

The First Chapter has four art cards that combine like a puzzle to show Nicholas Kole’s art from the Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor card. There are also sketches he made while finalizing the design.

Disney Lorcana Art Cards Puzzle
Disney Lorcana Art Cards Puzzle

The art cards have been fully revealed now so we can talk about them. However, back in April an image leaked showing them. The community generally kept hush as we didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

How Many Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary Cards Are In A Set?

In The First Chapter, each ink color has 36 cards – or 34 without the Enchanted rarity. The rarity breakdowns for each of the six colors are:

  • 2 Enchanted
  • 2 Legendary
  • 3 Super Rare
  • 8 Rare
  • 9 Uncommon
  • 12 Common

In the color blocks, each type of card is grouped together. In the first block are characters, followed by actions and songs together, then finally items. Each section is then arranged alphabetically, with no sorting by rarity.

Legendary Lorcana Cards

There are just twelve Legendary Lorcana cards in The First Chapter – two for each ink color. They are all very powerful, with plenty of use in the most popular decks. It’s going to be hard to pull enough to get a full playset of four in a deck – especially if you want to play with foils!

You can view all Legendary cards in The First Chapter here in our card database.

What Are The Pull Rates For Lorcana?

Outside of what you get per pack, we don’t know what pull rates will be like in Lorcana for specific cards. We also don’t know the pull rate breakdown of Rare/Super Rare/Legendary in those Rare or above slots, or the Foil slot.

When we get access to boosters and other products we are going to keep track in our community. Lots of boxes opened means much better data.

From initial data from people that opened at Gen Con 2023, it seems like from The First Chapter Booster Box you should get from 3 to 8 Legendaries. Foil rates aren’t very well known. Enchanted cards seem to be very roughly one per around four boxes, or 96 packs.

Do Lorcana Booster Boxes Have Guaranteed Pulls?

We don’t know if there will be guaranteed pulls for Legendary or Enchanted cards in the 24 packs in a booster box. Other card games do have a certain amount of high rarity cards guaranteed per box though.

Can You Get Legendary + Enchanted Cards In Starter Deck Packs + Loose Packs?

Yes! You can get any rarity in any pack. We have seen a few Enchanted cards pulled from the one pack that comes with the starter decks. You can also pull them from loose booster packs, the packs in the Illumineer’s Trove, and the Gift Set.

Are There Promo Cards?

Yes! So far we have seen a few promo cards, each numbered using the P1 set number. We’re calling that Promo Set 1 for now. It could change every year or set, similarly to how Pokemon have promo set numbers for each “era”.

These have been given out at the D23 2022 event, there are three promos that will be given out at the Lorcana League, one at Gen Con 2023 and others will be given out at events like gamescom 2023. We wrote recently about Lorcana’s organized play plans and how you can get these cards.

From the information given by Ravensburger at a recent event, the first two sets of promos will be available in English only.

Some of the promos available at different events. Each has the P promo numbering but also have their own unique symbols for the event.

No Unique Promos!

Ryan Miller – one of the co-designers and brand manager at Ravensburger – has said that promo cards will not be mechanically unique. Basically, cards you can get as promos will also be available in main sets. That does leave different art and decorations for promos still on the table.

That applies to all of the D23 promos as well as the League ones – meaning you’ll never be locked out of playing good cards because you can only get them at certain events.

What Are The Different Stamps, Set Numbers + Logos?

There are some changes to the numbering and set labels for cards. The first Mickey here is the D23 promo. In the bottom left, you have: –

On the D23 promo cards, they have both a 1st logo and a stylized D23 Expo to represent the event. That 1st logo will likely never be used again, but there are yearly D23 events so one might make another appearance.

The set numbering has changed a little, you can see this change in the main set version of this Mickey. It was explained by Ryan Miller that these changes make it easier for different language cards. The First Chapter translates differently, meaning the TFC part would be different in French for example.

The new bottom left card layout is:

  • Pen nib symbol – Does the same job as “Illus.” but doesn’t need to be translated
  • 115/204 – Card 115 of 204 in the set – Enchanted card numbers go over the last number
  • EN – The same, for the English language
  • 1 – The first set, aka The First Chapter

In main sets, the icon in the bottom middle of the card is the rarity. For promo cards, this is where the event logo will go. Lorcana League has its own, as do Gen Con 2023 and gamescom 2023.

The French cards will have FR codes, and German cards will have DE.

There is no true 1st Edition in Lorcana, so all of the cards in the first print run should roughly look the same as the last. We do expect minor print issues and text corrections between print runs from a brand-new game.

If you’re interested in the rarest of rare collector’s cards and more on the very limited D23 collector’s set, read our articleDoes Lorcana Have A First Edition?

What Is Disney Lorcana Rarity Based On?

Originally we didn’t know much about how rarity was assigned. However, it’s clear that in general the higher the ink cost of the card, the higher up the rarity chart it will go – though there are some 1 and 2 ink cost cards in Rare.

Steve Warner answered about it in a Q&A but we now have more info.

Steve Warner answers a question about Lorcana rarity

The cards are designed with their mechanics first in a spreadsheet, with rarity assigned according to certain stats and text. Cards with more complex effects are rarer. Then after the cards are playtested, the character names and other attributes are added.

So Common cards and Uncommon contain more vanilla cards (with no rules text) or cards with just one keyword, up to 5 or 6 ink cost at max. As we get into Rare and Super Rare the ink cost can be up to 8, with a larger amount of cards having two or three effects.

While it’s definitely helpful to have access to the rarer cards in a deck, it’s also fully possible to play a competitive deck without Legendary cards and just a few Rare and Super Rare. We’ll cover deckbuilding and specifically try to build Poorcana decks that are cheap to build.

Disney Lorcana Card Size + Sleeves

Read the Full Guide to Lorcana Card Sleeving + Best Sleeves For Lorcana

Disney Lorcana’s standard cards measure 2.5 by 3.25 inches or 64mm by 89mm. This is the “standard” playing card size used by Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering. All standard-sized card sleeves will fit.

We recommend penny sleeves and a good zip binder for collectors, or Perfect Fit inner sleeves and Dragon Shield Matte sleeves for players.

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