The First Chapter

Disney Lorcana - The First Chapter

Release Date

August 18, 2023

Retail Release Date

September 1, 2023

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Main Set

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Set Information

The First Chapter is the first Disney Lorcana main set produced and was announced in August 2022. It was released on August 18th, 2023 in local game and hobby stores, then at larger retailers on September 1st, 2023.

It contains 204 cards in the main set and every single one has a foil and non-foil version – meaning 408 for every foil and non-foil in the main set. There are 12 secret cards of the Enchanted rarity with numbering that goes past 204. These are alternate art versions of characters in the main set, with no borders, a different rarity symbol, and a rainbow-pattern foil.

That means 216 cards in the set if you’d like just one of each, or 420 for every possible version of every card. There are also four Art cards to collect, making 424 cards for a complete master set without oversized cards.

There are six colors of ink introduced, and decks can have cards of up to two colors. There are 36 cards for each color in this set, with mostly character cards.

There are three booster pack decorations with Elsa, Mickey, and Maleficent. Individual boosters can be bought either loose from booster boxes or loose in cardboard sleeves with the same art on the sleeve.

Booster boxes contain 24 packs. There are also three different Starter Decks, a The First Chapter Gift Set, and an Illumineer’s Trove. Each contains cards found in the main set – though there are some with holo foiling or larger cards.

Cards have numbering at the bottom left that first show the card number, the total number of cards in the set (excluding holo versions), then the language code, followed by the number of the set. As this set is the first, the set code is 1.

Originally the set code was going to be “TFC” for The First Chapter. However, as the game is in different languages, the team decided to change the set code to a simple number so they’d be the same on different language cards.

The same goes for the artist indicator which is now a simple pen nib icon, and it used to be “Illus.” in the original designs from the D23 Expo Sets.

Set Breakdown

There are 216 cards in the full set, split up into 36 cards per ink. There are also 4 Art cards.

The rarities in The First Chapter are: –

  • 72 Common cards – 12 per ink
  • 54 Uncommon cards – 9 per ink
  • 48 Rare cards – 8 per ink
  • 18 Super Rare cards – 3 per ink
  • 12 Legendary cards – 2 per ink
  • 12 Enchanted cards – 2 per ink – Repeats of other cards.
  • 4 Art Cards

The rarest song is A Whole New World, it’s the only Super Rare song (no actions or items are rarer than Rare) with no Legendaries.

Type breakdowns (excluding Enchanted or foil versions) are: –

  • 149 Characters
  • 23 Actions
  • 20 Items
  • 12 Songs

151 cards are inkable, 53 aren’t. The highest ink cost is Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon at 9.

The highest strength cards are Te Kā – The Burning One and Maui – Demigod, both at 8.

The single highest willpower card is Triton – The Sea King.

The card with the highest lore is Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor.

There are: –

  • 95 Storyborn characters
  • 42 Dreamborn characters
  • 12 Floodborn characters

The highest and lowest classifications are: –

  • 18 Sorcerers
  • 17 Princesses
  • 12 Princes
  • Only 1 Broom, Detective, Dragon, and only course – only 1 Tigger

Set Printing, Misprints + Errata

It seems like there were plans for a 1st Edition run which would have foil 1st stamps on the boxes and packs, and possibly the cards. There are some pictures to show that but the decision was reversed. Read more about Lorcana’s First Edition.

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