Promo Set 1

Release Date

June 9, 2022

Set Type

Promotional Set

Set Symbol

Set Information

These are all of the promo cards and products available as part of the first promo set for Disney Lorcana. Cards in Promo Set 1 are identified by their number in the set, followed by P1.

Cards in Promo Set 1 are all in English, and have the EN marking. The set the cards are taken from is marked as the last number on the bottom of the card. For instance, promo cards available in The First Chapter have a 1, and cards from the main set Rise of the Floodborn have a 2.

In the earliest promos from the D23 Expo Set, the markings show the set number and shortcode, then the language code, then the promo number i.e. “1TFC • EN • 4/P1”. Later promo cards instead show the promo number, then the language code, then the set number only i.e. “21/P1 • EN • 1”.


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