Disney Lorcana Companion App Released – ALL Cards Revealed

Lorcana App

The long-awaited Lorcana app has just been released on the Google Play and Apple App store to download and EVERY card is now available to view!

The companion app has long been teased, as packaging for The First Chapter products has a QR code and advertising for it. Early on, the community saw this and were eager for an easy way to track their collection and build decks.

For a TCG app, it’s really well-made and has lots of helpful features for collectors and players. Read on for the download links and user guide.

app icon
Disney Lorcana TCG Companion app icon

Disney Lorcana App Download

You can download the Lorcana app below for your device.

Every “The First Chapter” Card!

With the app releasing, every single card from the first set – The First Chapter – is now public. We’ll be updating our Lorcana card database as soon as we get a second to breathe. There are 39 new cards, with many we expected.

There are also plenty of cool surprises and some incredibly powerful abilities and combos. We’ll be adding articles over the coming weeks with deck ideas and strategy tips. Bookmark or follow us on Twitter @LorcanaPlayer.

How To Use The Lorcana App

When you install and open the app you’ll be at the home page. Settings are in the top right to change the language but not much else.

The icons at the bottom switch between Home for event details and news, Catalog for the full card listing plus deck building. The Lore Counter is a simple way to keep track of two players’ Lore in a game – you can use two or more phones for multiplayer.

The Learn tab teaches you the basics of the game and will also be where card corrections and errata will be shown.

Lorcana App Home

Lorcana App Catalog

The Catalog section has all 204 cards from The First Chapter in it, though no promos yet. The icons at the top let you look at all cards, your collection, and your wishlist for cards you need.

You can also go to your decks with the icon in the top right, or search or filter for specific cards with the search icon at the bottom right.

Lorcana App Catalog

Tap a card and you can see it close up. Every card has a standard and foiled version, and the app allows you to select either.

To add it to your collection you can press the button directly below the card (it starts as NOT OWNED), and select how many of the cards you have. You can’t save how many you have in foil or standard, just total owned.

Bonus: View Foiled Card Effect!

The effect of the foil can be seen in an animation – plus you can tap the card to show it in full screen, then tilt your screen to see a real-time foil effect.

Lorcana App Card Viewer

How To Use The Lorcana App Deck Builder

Deck building is really straightforward with this app. Simply press the deck icon on the top right of the catalog to see your decks. You press Build New Deck to start a new one.

Select which two ink colors you want to use (decks are restricted to two inks for balance and variety). You’ll then be shown every card from those inks. If you want to only show cards you own, press Search, then the Owned Only filter.

You can add or remove cards by pressing the + plus and – minus (or trash) icons. The running total of cards shows at the bottom. When adding cards you will be limited to four of each card, as per the rules for deck building.

However, you can go over 60 cards in a deck. In Lorcana the deck minimum is 60, there is no maximum. However, 60 or just over is a very good rule of thumb.

You can use the search icon on the bottom right to filter by lots of different things. You could build a Princess deck, a Pirate-themed deck, or filter by Lore or Strength.

You can then press Show Deck at the bottom to see the deck. Take a screenshot to share with others for feedback and critique. You can also sort the cards here however you prefer.

We also have our full list of every Lorcana card in the card database.
There, you can sort by many extra attributes for building a deck, plus see the promo cards released so far.

Lorcana App Lore Counter

The Lore Counter is easy to use. Select the number of players, select a theme (background), and then Start New Game. You can track your Lore total, and when you hit 20 – and win! – you can quit out.

You can also pause the game to come back to it. There doesn’t seem to be a timer built in but it would make sense for competitive play if there is already a pause button.

Lorcana App Lore Tracker

Lorcana App Learn Tab

The Learn tab has a full guide on how to play – or at least the basics. It may be expanded later with FAQ sections and the full official rules, as well as card corrections and errata.

Lorcana App Learn To Play

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