Exclusive New Lorcana Promo Card + How To Get It – Goofy Musketeer

New Disney Lorcana Promo Goofy Musketeer gamescon 2023

A large gaming convention in Germany will be the only place you get this new promo. Goofy Muskeeter was revealed on their social media today, find out how to get it and what else we’ve learned.

First off, the new card is Goofy Musketeer and is part of promo set 1, with the numbering 12/P1. He has a special gamescom 2023 logo in the middle where promo set logos have been seen.

Goofy Musketeer

As a card, he’s very playable in a set of Musketeers. He’s now the second Musketeer in name and classification, along with Mickey Mouse Musketeer. With a high cost and high defensive stats, Goofy will do well in a “tower” defensive deck setting up for late-game wins.

We’ve now seen French and German language versions. In the The First Chapter version, he’s card number 4 and an uncommon.

gamescom Cologne

Goofy was revealed today on the gamescom Twitter and will be available at booth #5.2 D-020 (consumer area). The convention is the world’s largest gaming event and focuses mainly on video games – though board and card games are included.

It’s very likely that since this is after The First Chapter has been released, we’ll see the usual demos – but maybe a teaser for the second set due to release on November 17th.

The gamescom event is held at Koelnmesse (Cologne Fair) in Cologne, Germany from the 23rd to 28th of August, 2023. Koelnmesse is a massive event space that hosts many large conventions.

Promo 12, Missing 11?

Goofy Musketeer is number 12 in the promo set. We’ve seen 10 cards so far, the first 7 are from the D23 Expo set, and the next three are part of the Lorcana League promos.

That means we’re missing number 11 – and strongly hints that we’ll see that promo turn up before gamescom. Local Games Stores are being given a few Tinker Bell Tiny Tactician cards to hand out to people who show interest in Lorcana.

However, from the image we’ve seen, these don’t have a promo logo or number and are just standard common cards from The First Chapter. That could be a mislead as promo cards are often given out for people trying a new game.

However, Gen Con is coming up soon on August 2nd. It will be the first place players can buy cards, being able to pick up a starter deck (which has a pack included) as well as compete for exclusive prizes. This could be where Promo 11 appears.

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