Ursula’s Return Starter Deck Lists + Strategy Guide – What Starter Should You Pick For Set 4?

Ursula's Return Starter Deck Lists - Lorcana Player

With the new Ursula’s Return set come two new pre-constructed decks ready to be played out of the box. Each has its own theme and unique way to win – but which should you choose?

The first of the two decks is Sapphire/Steel Stand Together. It heavily features Hero characters and Hero-focused abilities. They work to aid each other in challenging your opponents’ characters so they can’t keep enough out to quest.

Madrigal Magic is an Amber/Amethyst deck with nearly all of the Madrigal family – plus the family casa. It uses healing and card draw to keep the family together, with powerful options in the late game.

As stand-alone decks, they make for a great introduction to playing Disney Lorcana. You don’t need anything else to play them with friends or family. You can take them to your local Lorcana League – but check our upgrade suggestions first.

What Comes In A Disney Lorcana Starter Deck?

The decks cost US $16.99 / UK £17.99 / Canada $21.99 / Europe €19.99 and each one comes with: –

  • A pre-built 60-card deck
  • Two of the cards in the deck are foil
  • A player’s guide booklet with rules and a quick-reference turn-order back page
  • A small playmat
  • One lore tracker token and 11 damage tokens
  • One Ursula’s Return Booster Pack with 12 extra cards

All of the cards in the starter decks are also available in main sets, so they aren’t exclusive. That means you don’t have to buy them for a complete collection. The foils are the same as the foils in the regular sets.

Most of the cards in the starter decks are new, but some are from older sets. This is so the decks are well-rounded and playable straight away. You can look at the set number at the bottom to see which are new or old.

Sapphire/Steel Starter Deck Overview

Disney Lorcana Ursulas Return Sapphire Steel Starter Deck Lorcana Player
Ursula’s Return Sapphire Steel Starter Deck (Missing 1 Dig a Little Deeper)

Starter Deck Strategy

This deck is all about Hero synergy, and challenging into your opponent’s characters. With the effects of Support and Resist, you’ll be able to take out their characters while saving your own. You’ll be doing some questing to gain lore – but will find other ways to pick it up too.

Of the two starters, it’s probably the winner – but requires a bit more planning and thought for the best result. This offers a fun and engaging start to playing Disney Lorcana. You’ll pick up the rules and learn common effects but have a clear path to victory.

There are six cards that give Hero characters a buff in some way. Imperial Bow is very powerful and should be tried, but Phil and Anna – Braving the Storm are great here too. Use these buffs to quest when it’s safe, and challenge up (take out more expensive characters with your cheap ones) to gain the advantage.


You want a starting hand with some low-cost characters for turns 1 and 2, and ideally a few Hero’s and Hero-buffing cards. This deck has very few uninkables so don’t worry too much about them.

There is almost no card draw in the deck, so using Mickey Mouse – Detective allows you to ink without losing a card. Imperial Bow is an excellent card that makes small characters like Aladdin – Resolute Swordsman and Prince Philip – Gallant Defender very threatening.

Mulligan hard (put back cards to draw more) for them, trying to keep a turn 1 and 2 character if you have them already. If you have Ariel – Determined Mermaid and Seldom All They Seem or One Last Hope, that sets up a nice sing-and-draw combo.


Watch out for the Rapunzel – Appreciative Artist combo, where she gets Ward if your Pascal – Inquisitive Pet is in play. This can be very frustrating to deal with. Ariel allows you to play Flounder – Collector’s Companion a little cheaper.

Late game, playing Hercules – Beloved Hero exerted will make him very hard to remove. That frees up your smaller characters to quest. If you have either of the Anna’s out, those lore buffs can really make a difference.

Smash or One Last Hope combined with Imperial Bow can help you remove stubborn bigger characters. Mickey Mouse – Standard Bearer or the various Support characters can also do the same job.


Both decks could do with a few more 1-ink characters to improve the chances of getting something down on turn one. Card draw like the staple Pawpsicle, Develop Your Brain, and the damage/draw combo of Let The Storm Rage On would fit in nicely.

There are a great range of Sapphire/Steel songs – especially things like A Whole New World or the various damage songs. For those, big Shift characters like Robin Hood – Champion of Sherwood, Beast – Tragic Hero, and Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy are excellent (but expensive) potential singers.

Sapphire/Steel Starter Deck List

3Aladdin – Resolute Swordsman1YChar4C
3Robin Hood – Beloved Outlaw1YChar3C
3Aurora – Regal Princess2YChar1U
2Basil – Of Baker Street2YChar2C
3Kida – Royal Warrior2YChar3C
3Anna – Braving the Storm2YChar4C
3Aurora – Tranquil Princess2YChar4C
3Mickey Mouse – Standard Bearer2YChar4C
2Mickey Mouse – Detective3NChar2C
1Prince Philip – Gallant Defender3YChar4R
2Flounder – Collector’s Companion3YChar4U
2Pascal – Inquisitive Pet3YChar4C
2Ling – Imperial Soldier3YChar4U
3Ariel – Determined Mermaid3YChar4C
2Transformed Chef – Castle Stove4YChar4C
1Philoctetes – No-Nonsense Instructor4YChar4R
2Mulan – Armored Fighter4YChar4U
1Anna – True-Hearted (Foil)4YChar4SR
2Li Shang – Imperial Captain5YChar4SR
1Rapunzel – Appreciative Artist5YChar4U
1Hercules – Beloved Hero (Foil)6YChar4R
2Sisu – Wise Friend6YCharacter4U
2Seldom All They Seem2YAction • Song4C
1One Last Hope3NAction • Song4R
2Dig A Little Deeper8NAction • Song4U
3Imperial Bow2YItem4U
3Thebes – The Big Olive2YLocation4C

Deck Stats

Unique CardsInkable / UninkableCharsItemsAction/SongsLocationsNewOld


CommonUncommonRareSuper Rare

Ink Costs


Amber/Amethyst Starter Deck Overview

Disney Lorcana Ursulas Return Amber Amethyst Starter Deck Lorcana Player
Ursula’s Return Amber Amethyst Starter Deck

Starter Deck Strategy

This deck aims to hold out to the late game when it can use powerful Madrigal characters to gain lore and keep your board alive with some magic trickery. In the early game try to quest as much as possible while keeping characters juuust hanging on – then use healing effects immediately.

The low-cost characters are fairly vanilla, but there are some more complicated effects in the bigger ones. With more card draw and healing it feels suitable for younger players with a more friendly game where they get to look at new cards regularly.

Get the Casa down early and move a character in fast. Try to use your characters to block your opponent’s high-lore characters from staying out in the early game – even if you need to trade (lose yours to take out theirs).

Do whatever you can to stay in the game and keep inking, then when you get to the 4 and 5-ink range you’ll have some options.


There are just three 1-ink characters and three of the 1-ink Casa Madrigal – Casita. Mulliganing hard (putting a lot of cards back to draw again) to have a play for turn 1 will make a big difference. But, this deck is thinner in the 2-ink range – so it can be a gamble.

HeiHei – Persistent Presence is a really helpful card that be used over and over. Play it as soon as possible. Poor Unfortunate Souls is a good choice to sing at turn 3 to control the early game, giving you time to set up. Prince Eric – Seafaring Prince is the only Bodyguard, and can be pivotal.

If you happen to get Ariel – Singing Mermaid and Look At This Family at the start, it would be worth holding on to them. But at only one copy of each, if you don’t have both – you’d be best to treat them just as ink.


Ariel and Look At This Family can be amazing, but another option is using Sebastian – Court Composer with another 3-ink character to sing it. The new Sing Together keyword on songs means characters can team up to sing them.

Using Sebastian or a 4-ink character to sing (or even just pay for) Lost in the Woods gives you a chance to challenge with your characters safely. Julieta Madrigal – Excellent Cook is great in theory, but the deck doesn’t have many cheap characters that can take two damage in a challenge and survive.

Using Bruno Madrigal – Out of the Shadows to bring back Dolores, Luisa, or Pepa means another use of their great “on play” abilities for the next turn.


Swap out some of your lower-cost characters to ones with higher willpower to get the best use out of your healing abilities. Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing is expensive, but a three-card draw on turn four is game-changing.

The newly revealed Alma Madrigal – Matriarch of the Family is probably the best single card upgrade for this deck. On play you search for any Madrigal and put it at the top of your deck, ready for the next draw.

In Amethyst, the “bounce package” is a really powerful and cheap set of cards. These are the Madam Mim and Merlin cards with effects when entering or leaving play. Friends On The Other Side is basically a must-have in all Amethyst decks too.

Pascal – Rapunzel’s Companion is a great 1-ink choice for turn 1. Consider Rafiki – Mystical Fighter and Pinocchio – Talkative Puppet and a great one-two combo.

Amber/Amethyst Starter Deck List

3Agustin Madrigal – Clumsy Dad1YChar4C
2Sebastian – Court Composer3YChar1C
3Mirabel Madrigal – Prophecy Finder2YChar4C
3Stitch – Alien Dancer2YChar4C
2HeiHei – Persistent Presence2YChar2U
2The Queen – Hateful Rival3YChar3C
2Rolly – Hungry Pup3YChar3U
2Félix Madrigal – Fun-Loving Family Man3YChar4U
2Julieta Madrigal – Excellent Cook3YChar4U
3Prince Eric – Seafaring Prince3YChar4U
3Antonio Madrigal – Animal Expert3YChar4U
3Marshmallow – Terrifying Snowman3NChar4U
3Elsa – Queen Regent4YChar1C
1Ariel – Singing Mermaid4YChar4R
2Dolores Madrigal – Easy Listener4YChar4C
2Mickey Mouse – Leader of the Band4YChar4U
2Camilo Madrigal – Prankster4YChar4U
2Luisa Madrigal – Magically Strong One4NChar4C
1Isabela Madrigal – Golden Child5YChar4R
1Pepa Madrigal – Weather Maker5NChar4R
1Mirabel Madrigal – Gift of the Family5NChar4SR
1Bruno Madrigal – Out of the Shadows5NCharacter4R
2Tick-Tock – Ever-Present Pursuer6YCharacter4C
2Healing Glow1YAction1C
2Poor Unfortunate Souls2YAction • Song4C
2Heal What Has Been Hurt3YAction • Song3C
2Lost in the Woods4YAction • Song4U
1Look At This Family7YAction • Song4R
3Casa Madrigal – Casita1YLocation4C

Deck Stats

Unique CardsInkable / UninkableCharsItemsAction/SongsLocationsNewOld


CommonUncommonRareSuper Rare

Ink Costs


What Is The Best Ursula’s Return Starter Deck?

Of the two, we think the Sapphire/Steel deck plays better out of the box. It’s also probably the easiest to upgrade as both ink colors have good reasonably-priced options – or very expensive but excellent ones.

That said, both make a great pick-up for a pair of new players. They also come with extras for playing and a booster pack. For the cost, they’re decent value and a nice little package as a treat for card-game-curious Disney fans.

Many thanks to Ravensburger for providing the decks.

Have you tried the decks and have suggestions? Let us know in the comments below or ask any questions and we’ll try to help ASAP.

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