Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Error/Errata Cards + Print Changes

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Errata Error Cards

In the first set of a brand-new card game made by a company that has never printed a TCG – mistakes are bound to happen. These are the cards that have been corrected with errata, or might be soon.

In the first run of The First Chapter, there were surprisingly few text errors that made it through to print. Just seven in the English version’s very first run.

This doesn’t include the printing errors, crimping, off-center cards, or packing errors that happen when printing millions of cards. We’ll cover those misprints in another article soon to come.

After months of the first print being out of stock, a restock of the First Chapter started to appear in early November. It has important changes to the box seals plus a surprise fix of the errata cards – something we didn’t expect until later.

Every errata and error card in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter is covered for all languages here. We’ll update the list lower down as we get confirmation of each one. So far for the English version we’ve seen five of the seven cards corrected.

What Is An Error Card / Errata?

An error card is a card with a text or layout error that happens in the design stage, before printing. These cards get an errata, which is a list of corrections to a text. Even the best of games have cards that get errata’d.

Error cards can include the following. In the first set, we’ve got at least three different types of errors from this list: –

  • Rule or flavor text misprints or misspellings
  • Wording changes to clarify an effect
  • Incorrectly printed stats, set number, symbol, or copyright
  • A misspelling or wrong credit of an artist’s name
  • Incorrect art

In the official Disney Lorcana Companion App, certain cards have an errata entry with a change to the text. Some others have an FAQ with answers to common questions about their effect.

When you view one of these cards card in full, you can scroll down to see the details. Based on these, plus some other things we’ve picked up – these are the cards we think are most likely to have their card text corrected.

Cards With Support

There are seven cards with the Support Keyword or an ability that gives it. An errata on the app confirms the ability should state: (Whenever this character quests, you may add their strength to another chosen character’s strength this turn.)

Of those seven cards, four were printed without the word another. Technically that means they could use the Keyword on themselves when they quest, then be readied and be able to challenge with a higher strength.

Note: The images below come from early releases, or from the app. All four of these cards were originally printed without the word another even if the images below show them with it.

They each have an errata entry and the images in the app have been updated to show the correct wording. All of these cards are confirmed to have been corrected in the latest print.

This shouldn’t cause too much of a panic. They’re all common or uncommon, with plenty about from the first print run.

The three Support cards that had the correct another text in the first printing are: Maximus – Palace Horse, Scepter Of Arendelle, and Work Together. They come up with an errata for Support in the app, but the first printing was already correct.

Promo Error?

This rule correction also applies to the HeiHei – Boat Snack – League Promo. However, this version of the card with the Lorcana League logo and promo numbering has no reason to be reprinted. When we move to the next season, there are new promo cards to be earned.

Interestingly, we noticed that in some early videos, the “another” text was present for HeiHei – Boat Snack. This was well before release, so it’s clear for at least this card they were aware and had internally changed the image.

The French and German language versions of the Support cards do have the equivalent of “another” in their first run printing.

Work Together – Flavor Text Change

Work Together does have Support, but the rules text was worded correctly. It actually has a different mistake. His flavor text quote is attributed to Pasha, but the character’s name is spelled Pacha. There is an errata on the app.

The correct spelling was on the final version of cards that we saw when the app released – but just before release. It is incorrect on at least the first run of the printed cards, and has now been corrected.

Befuddle – Adds “Chosen”

This was one we picked up quite early, as we figured out that technically this effect would get around Ward. It has an official errata in the app and has been corrected in the newer print.

Befuddle has an errata that inserts chosen where the word a is. The original reads: “Return a character or item with cost 2 or less to their player’s hand”. The correct text will read: “Return chosen character or item with cost 2 or less to their player’s hand.”

If the card stayed as it was, the effect isn’t “choosing” anything, so would be able to get around Ward. “Chose” and “chosen” are important for card games in general as this type of interaction-dodging is common.

The French and German language versions of this card both had the same mistake, and both have errata on the app with the “chosen” equivalent added.

Simba – Returned King – When To While

The Challenger keyword rule text is (While challenging, this character gets +x strength.) The standard version of Simba – Returned King has exactly that. The Enchanted Simba has it as “When challenging” instead.

That might seem insignificant, but “while” in a challenge vs. “when” challenging are two different states. “When” could be taken to mean they get +4 strength when they challenge, and it doesn’t go away.

This same thing was picked up quite a while back on a different card from the very first Disney Lorcana cards we ever saw.

The D23 Hook has when, and The First Chapter has it as while correctly. This change wasn’t long after the announcement of the game, and probably something they wanted to clarify early on as important.

The D23 cards were total one-offs and most of them have little tweaks compared to their TFC versions. The ink symbol wasn’t even printed on them, just a * instead. D23 cards are also going for ridiculous prices on eBay.

But Enchanted Simba didn’t get picked up on, probably because the focus of the Enchanted cards was the art and keeping it secret! If we’d known about and seen the Enchanted cards closer after the game was announced, it might have been changed in time for the first print.

Why No Errata?

Enchanted cards aren’t shown in the app, and the regular and Foil versions don’t have this issue. So there’s no card to show an errata for. Plus, an errata on a very rare card is likely to cause price speculation – which Ravensburger are obviously trying to avoid.

We held back on publishing this article for a month for the sake of keeping the peace. Now errata cards are being fixed, this card may see a change – though we haven’t seen one confirmed yet. For the sake of posterity, ungraded Enchanted Simba with “When” is selling at around $150-190 on eBay as of Nov 2nd, 2023.

The German version has the correct word Während for while on both versions. The French version also uses the same wording used on all Challenger (Offensif) cards – Lorsqu’il.

The First Chapter English Errata Card List

That makes seven cards in the English Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter set that have errors that could lead to a corrected version. Eight if you count promo Heihei – though he won’t be reprinted.

Possible Changes

The next few cards are a little less clear-cut as errors but would be something to consider as an editor.

Moana – Of Motonui – Confusing Wording

Since the day this card was shown, the community has been asking questions about how exactly it works. There is an FAQ on the app, but not an errata with a rules text correction. The FAQ just clears up any confusion.

It’s maybe the least likely of this bunch to get a change. In our opinion, it’s the card that could most do with being clearer. There is absolutely no official intention to change the card.

You could read this as readying all other Princess cards, you may ready all of them, or you may ready some of them. Then which cards can’t quest? The ones you readied or all Princess cards? Can you ready them with something else and quest?

The FAQ states: If you choose to use Moana’s We Can Fix It ability to ready your other Princess characters, you must ready all of them. If you quest with Moana – Of Motunui, no other Princesses can quest for the rest of your turn, regardless of whether you chose to ready them with her ability or they are readied later in the turn.

So you could choose not to ready any of them but still – none can quest at all this turn. If you choose to ready them, all must be readied. This FAQ doesn’t specifically address where Princess characters played after using the effect are still barred from questing either but we believe they can’t.

How would you clarify this text?

Other Possible Card Clarifications

There are some cards that are a little complicated and have warranted many questions and an FAQ in app. However, we don’t think those really need a new print. Some of the questions are really just about the base rules – which we are waiting on a full rules document for.

Stitch – Rock Star is a good example. His ability can only be used once on a card, even if you have more than one of him. Also, his ability works based on the ink cost printed on the card, not the cost you paid to play a card – like if you used Lantern on a 3-ink cost character.

The same goes for Lantern. The card says: “You pay 1 ink less for the next character you play this turn”. You pay less, the card’s ink cost isn’t reduced. This will be a common question in the game as lots of cards alter how much you pay to play cards.

There are a few other cards that have FAQs that don’t need their rules text reworded. Many relate to the Shift keyword or how effects resolve.

Artist Name Changes

This is a bit of a weird one. In The First Chapter, Cookie was noted as the artist for three cards. One of them being the amazing Enchanted Tinkerbell.

In Rise of the Floodborn, we’ve seen another card from them in Mulan – Soldier in Training, but this time they were credited as Michael “Cookie” Niewiadomy. Not a rules text issue, but a minor change to the next set that might see their previous cards changed to be in line with this.

Javi / Javier Salas

Javier Salas was the artist for three cards in TFC. He was credited as Javier Salas, but in a new card from Rise of the Floodborn – he is down as Javi Salas. Another name change that isn’t just shortening the name because there are two artists.

We don’t know why this has changed. It could be the artists’ request, a policy change on names, or just someone sending in the credit name differently. There are also a couple of other artists like Koni (Amandine Girard) and Pirel who have used nicknames as their credit.

German + French Language Card Errors

The First Chapter was also printed in German (Deutsch) with the DE mark, and French (Français) with the FR mark. Both have some errata and errors, which actually don’t all line up with the English versions.

The French set has six errors and the German set has five. The big error that both include is Stitch – Carefree Surfer, but only the non-enchanted version.

Stitch Carefree Surfer – Wrong Lore Count German / French Versions

In the original social media posts and full image released showing off Stitch – Carefree Surfer in June, he had two Lore. But in the French and German language versions, he had just one Lore.

Stitch - Carefree Surfer - French Error Version - Stitch - Surfeur insouciant
Stitch – Carefree Surfer – French Error Version
Stitch - Carefree Surfer - German Error Version - Stitch - Sorgloser Surfer
Stitch – Carefree Surfer – German Error Version

The German (Stitch – Sorgloser Surfer) and French (Stitch – Surfeur insouciant) printed cards ended up coming out as just having one lore – which is confirmed as incorrect. The app now has an errata for both languages. The Enchanted version is correct with two lore in all languages.

This is the only Lorcana card we know of (so far) with an incorrectly printed stat.

The First Chapter French Language Errata Cards

The French language printing doesn’t contain the incorrect Support ruling variant, just the correct text with the French equivalent of another: Autre.

Befuddle (Emberlificotage) has the equivalent error as the English version, and adds “Choisissez et” to show the card chooses a character. This is so it can’t get around Ward, or Hors d’atteinte in French.

Coconut Basket (Panier de Noix de Coco) has printed text with the equivalent of “Chosen opponent’s character” instead of “Chosen character”. It has an errata confirming the correction, so any character can be chosen, not just the opponent’s.

Cruella De Vil – Miserable as Usual (Cruella D’Enfer – Cruelle Diablesse) has had its French text errata’d to confirm that the character must be challenged and banished, previously it stated banished by a challenge. Two slightly different things that can make a difference in how challenges are resolved.

Mother Knows Best (N’ecoute Que Moi) also has “Choisissez et” added to the start of its text to show the card chooses a character.

Prince Phillip – Dragonslayer (Prince Philippe – Tueur de dragon) had text that was totally wrong. The card is meant to mean that if he challenges and gets banished, he can banish the character he challenged.

Instead, the old version says if he was challenged and banished, he could banish the character that challenged him. This has been errata’d on the French version of the app.

The incorrect printing says: “Si ce personnage est défié et banni, vous pouvez bannir le personnage qui l’a défié“. It should now say “Lorsque ce personnage en défie un autre et qu’il se fait bannir, vous pouvez bannir le personnage défié.

The First Chapter German Language Errata Cards

The German language printing doesn’t contain the Support ruling variant error, just the correct text with the German equivalent of other(s): Anderen.

Ariel – Spectacular Singer (Arielle – Spektakuläre Sängerin) has the incorrect artist credited. The correct artist is Alice Pisoni but the printing has Michael “Cookie” Niewiadomy credited – only in the German printing, not the French or English.

This one is strange. As we covered above, this artist was credited as just Cookie for The First Chapter in all three languages – except this card in German. Then, his latest card in Rise of the Floodborn has him with the full name and quoted nickname.

Befuddle (Das Meistbeirrende Spiel) has the equivalent error as the English version. The errata on the app adds “deiner Wahl” to show the card chooses a character. This is so it can’t get around Ward, or Behütet in German.

Cruella De Vil – Miserable as Usual (Cruella De Vi – Miserable wie immer) has had its German text errata’d to confirm that the character must be challenged and banished, previously it stated banished by a challenge.

Frying Pan (Bratpfanne) had German printed text that said the equivalent of “Chosen opponent’s character” instead of the correct “Chosen character”. It has an errata confirming the correction.

Will These Cards Be Reprinted With Corrections?

This is probably the biggest question a lot of people are asking. Officially, the Disney Lorcana team have been very clearly saying they aren’t changing anything in between print runs.

We always took this to mean there wouldn’t be edition stamps, or any obvious changes to show packs or boxes as second printings. However, errata cards almost always get corrected in TCGs.

HeiHei Errata Fix 1
A brand new HeiHei – Boat Snack with “another” correctly printed in their Support keyword text

Now, it’s confirmed that there are errata card text changes to at least one card in the latest booster box restock. Once more get opened, we’ll probably see more fixes.

Will Errata Cards Be More Collectible?

Probably. People like to have one of everything, and if there are two versions of a card, that’s two you need to collect. If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of printing oddities. It’s like finding a cool rock. They’re cool.

This may drive prices for cards higher, which is a shame for people trying to play or collect that just want a card. It’s also likely to push prices for sealed products on the secondary market even higher.

With the latest restock having errata card change and a different seal, a lot of people with the first printing still are probably going to keep it that way. But it does mean as new stock gets released, it’s more valuable open than sealed – which is good!

This is an outrage! Lorcana is DOOMED!

Nah. Card games that have been printing for 30 years still have errors, misspellings, and hiccups like clockwork every set. We’re all human, we all make mistakes – don’t expect perfection.

Having to check and verify 204 cards over three languages with constant updates until the last minute is a huge task. The first print run on anything is bound to produce lots of learning opportunities.

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