Disney Lorcana Expands to 10 New Countries + Italian Language Cards From Set 3

Lorcana Expands to 10 New Countries + Italian Language Cards From Set 3

Ravensburger announced in an official press release today that Disney Lorcana will launch in ten new countries. In addition, the third set will be available in the Italian language from Set 3 – expected Feb-March 2024.

Ravensburger will be bringing the hit game to Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Czechia (the Czech Republic), Slovakia, Poland and Mexico for the third set. It isn’t confirmed but it is very likely that only the English language versions will be available in those countries.

The appeal and excitement for the Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game goes beyond borders, with fans around the world anticipating its arrival,” said Filip Franke, Global Head of Games for Ravensburger.

Not only are we bringing the Disney Lorcana TCG to players in new countries and in new languages, but we also plan to reprint the first two sets of the game so both current and new markets have access to them.

From the press release, these countries will at first get access to the third set at release. Filip Francke does say there are plans to reprint the first two sets for these territories so they have access. It is quite likely that those reprints will come at around the same time as the third set releases.

Disney Lorcana Italian Language Cards

Alongside its expansion into new countries, Disney Lorcana will be available in Italian starting with the third set. Though unconfirmed, it could be that the first two sets will get an Italian-language reprint at some point.

Italy has had some access to the first two sets in English – but players would obviously prefer their own language. Additionally, there are no official rules to confirm if players can use cards in other languages or not in competitive play.

Technically this is the first official announcement. A few distributors had already been told this was going to be the case back in August, so it has been expected.

Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Language Cards?

The obvious next language would be Spanish, given that the game will be available in Spain and Mexico. We’d wager it will come at some point but with the expansion into other Central and South American countries like Colombia and Argentina.

The next languages we’d expect would be Chinese and Japanese. Japan has a huge demand for card gaming, as well as having its own Disneyland – though it is licensed and not owned by Disney.

They’d be operating in a very competitive market with Pokémon, Yu-gi-oh, Cardfight! Vanguard, Magic: the Gathering, and the One Piece Card Game all being popular for both collectors and players.

Pokémon sets sell out regularly on release and shops limit purchases. Even with the company being based in Japan, owning their own printing facilities, and having official stores all around the country.

Pokemon Simplified Chinese Launch

China would likely get a simplified Chinese language version. Previously, companies had been wary of printing in China because of the history of fakes. Pokémon recently released a simplified Chinese version of the game in mainland China, and it’s grown very fast.

There are also Disney resorts in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Disney is a part owner of both, with the local government being the majority owner.

What About English Reprints?

Originally Disney Lorcana was available in English, French, and German in twelve countries – focused on Europe and North America. We already know there is a “restock” coming to North America in October, with a “reprint” coming with Rise of the Floodborn in mid-November.

You can read more about the news of the Lorcana restock and reprints here. Essentially, more is coming and it’ll mainly be booster boxes and packs. Other products and accessories may come around the holidays.

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