First Disney Lorcana Illumineer’s Trove Unboxing! – Player’s Guide + Secret Cards Hinted?

Disney Lorcana Illumineers Trove Unboxing

UK YouTube channel Arkham Chronicle has just released an unboxing video of the Ilumineer’s Trove! We finally get to see the full Player’s Guide, card boxes, tokens, and more.

Watch the video on their channel here and subscribe to show your support. They’ve also hinted at more unboxings coming up in the following days…

This video was taken at the Ravensburger UK office where there were other content creators. They opened the products at the office and didn’t take them home. It doesn’t look like packs were opened but apparently, a full booster box opening will be coming soon.

The full The First Chapter player’s guide is shown and we see a little more about the story of Lorcana. It gives us a little bit about the Curator and a hint about lorebooks. Then there is a short deck-building guide with good, general tips.

A top 12 card list follows, with good examples of uses for specific cards in their own deck archetypes. Some combo examples with where to use them are then up next. We finally get a reveal of all the text people were squinting so hard at months ago.

For collectors, there is a full card list with tickboxes to fill in for foil and standard, as well as a space to write in special versions of cards. However, no alternate arts or art cards were revealed. So it looks like there aren’t any.


What’s this?

Secret Cards

It’s probably nothing.

If you’re now fiending for more unboxing videos – Tales of Alex got to show us the German versions of the starter decks recently. He got a couple of them from the German Pre-Launch event last month where the first official Lorcana tournament was ever held.

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