Purple Maleficent Pin

Disney Lorcana Purple Maleficent Pin 1

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Release Date

September 9, 2022

Product Type


From Set

Promo Set 1




Lorcana was first announced shortly before the D23 Expo – a Disney convention at the Anaheim Convention Center, California in 2022. At the Expo, the first cards and pins were made available.

This pin is a simple purple logo that initially was only given out to the press, or to people asking to trade pins (a thing common among Disney pin collectors). At the D23 Expo it did not come with the card back – just the pin itself.

The pin was also available at some events before release, including the Gala TCG in Paris, and UKGE Birmingham. At those events, the pin came with a Maleficent card backing and a plastic bag. The backing has similar art and some of the same symbols.

This is the “press pin” that is sometimes referred to. The original photos of the pin looked more red, but this is the same pin that was given out at D23 Expo. There are just two promo pins given out before release, this one and the Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor Pin.


Disney Lorcana Purple Maleficent Pin 1
Disney Lorcana Purple Maleficent Pin 1
Disney Lorcana Purple Maleficent Pin Back

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