Official Lorcana Prices Announced – How Much Will Lorcana Cost?

How Much Will Lorcana Cost

After recent leaks and postings from stores last week, Lorcana has officially announced pricing for the US, Canada, and the UK. In an article from GamesRadar, pricing was laid out, a new card was shown, as well as dates for the second Lorcana set release!

Lorcana Pricing

The first Lorcana set is called The First Chapter and will be released exclusively at local games stores on August 18th, 2023. Then two weeks later on September 1st, it will be available at larger retail stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and other locations.

These are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). That means the store should sell at these prices and still make a profit. Some might go a little lower, and of course, some might go higher as this game is gathering a lot of interest.

  • Starter Decks – US $16.99 / Canada $21.99 / UK £17.99
  • Booster Packs – US $5.99 / Canada $7.99 / UK £4.99
  • Gift Set – US $29.99 / Canada $39.99 / UK £27.99
  • Illumineer’s Trove – $49.99 / Canada $64.99 / UK £49.99

This is basically the same as the previous article on UK pricing, though the UK booster pack is one pound cheaper than we’d previously reported. US prices are roughly the same as expected.

This was all officially confirmed in the article and since backed up by the official Lorcana Twitter. Since then we’ve seen Peachstate Hobby Distribution – one of the two North American distributors officially used by Lorcana – confirm the MSRP for everything.

  • Sleeved Booster Case – $718.80 – This is for 120 Sleeved packs at the $5.99 MSRP. Normally only single-sleeved boosters will be available to customers.
  • Card Sleeves – $9.99 USD/ $12.99 CAD / £8.99 / €9.99
  • Deck Boxes – $5.99 USD/ $7.99 CAD / £5.49 / €5.99
  • Playmats – $19.99 USD/ $24.99 CAD / £17.99 / €19.99
  • Portfolios – $19.99 USD/ $24.99 CAD / £17.99 / €19.99

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One other bit of information for sealed collectors is that cases will contain four booster boxes as confirmed in a supplier listing. A case is just the box that holds the product. In the Pokémon TCG there are six boxes to a case, for Bandai TCGs there are normally 12 boxes per case.

We’ve also written about pre-orders – Can You Pre-Order Lorcana?

Lorcana Booster Pack Prices

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Sleeved Boosters
Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Sleeved Booster packs

One thing of note is that individual booster packs are fairly costly compared to other card games. A single Lorcana booster pack will cost $5.99 in the USA ($7.99 in Canada / £4.99 in the UK) and include 12 cards, made up of: –

  • 6 Commons
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 2 Rare, Super Rare, or Legendary (these may or may not be foil)
  • 1 Foil at a random rarity level

The closest comparison we have is the Pokémon trading card game. In March there are some changes to the cost and cards in a Pokémon TCG pack, but they are due to cost $4.49 (up from $3.99 MSRP) and include 10 cards made up of: –

  • 4 Commons
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 2 Reverse Holo Rares
  • 1 Holo of Rare or higher rarity (Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, Alt Art e.t.c)
  • 1 Basic Energy
  • 1 Code Card

That means although you get more cards with Lorcana a pack will cost a full $1.49 more than a Pokémon booster. For many collectors and people who just want to get into the game, that won’t matter much. For casual collectors, this cost might be a decision-maker.

The images in the original article and on the website show unsleeved packs, but there are images of sleeved packs too. Sleeved packs (cardboard over the normal booster) will be available in larger stores at the MSRP.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Boosters
Disney Lorcana The First Chapter unsleeved Booster packs from a box

When there is a steady supply of packs, local stores often sell booster packs cheaper than MSRP directly from booster boxes.

Lorcana Second Set Release Date Confirmed

GamesRadar also confirmed that the second set of Lorcana will release on November 17th in local games stores, and then on December 1st at mass retail stores. This lines up with a leak from a distributor in the Netherlands previously.

That means three months between sets, or four sets a year. This is a number previously outlined but not confirmed by people from the Lorcana team. The set name hasn’t been given.

Playmats + Lore Tracking Confirmed?

The article also divulges that the Gift Set will come with two Lore tracker tokens. These two tokens are almost guaranteed to be the tokens on the front of the Gift Set box, which are little discs with Lore-shaped holes (to see a number through?) with Mulan and Hades graphics.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Gift Set
Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Gift Set that includes Hades and Mulan lore tracker tokens

Both of the Starter Decks also say they come with 60 cards, a booster pack, 11 damage counters, and a paper playmat and tracker token. These last two are new information as previously the decks were advertised as coming with a rulebook.

It’s been confirmed by a Ravensburger employee that the tracker tokens mentioned are in fact Lore tracker tokenssimilar (but not the same ones) as the ones from the Gift Set.

Our best guess is that the decks will come with a double-sided foldout with a set of rules on one side and a playmat with zones on the other. There’s also more information on what the tracker is tracking exactly…

So, with a bit of guesswork: Playmats will have a line of numbers, and you and your opponent will move the lore tracker over the numbers to track the Lore you each have. The first to reach a certain number will win!

This is similar to the Digimon card game, which Ryan Miller was involved in designing. In Digimon, this tracker is instead used for tracking how many resources you use to play cards. Once it dips below zero the turn passes back to your opponent.

Digimon Card Game Point Tracking
Digimon Card Game uses a “memory” system both to

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