Lorcana UK Pricing Revealed

Lorcana UK Pricing Revealed

Some card shops and suppliers in the UK have started to list products and pre-orders from the first release of the new Disney Lorcana Card Game. UK pricing seems to be roughly in line with European pricing that came from German sites.

Update March 23rd 2023: Ravensburger has now officially confirmed how much Lorcana will cost. We’ve updated UK pricing below but the full pricing is in this new article.

This is the first time that pricing for the playmats, deck boxes, card sleeves, and portfolios has been made available. We can also confirm a few extra details for the accessories releasing on the same date.

Disney Lorcana UK Pricing

Prices all include sales tax (value-added tax) as legally that must always be included in the UK.

  • The First Chapter Booster Boxes – £119.99 – Officially Confirmed
  • Single Booster Pack – £5.99 £4.99 – Officially Confirmed
  • The First Chapter Gift Set – £27.99 – Officially Confirmed
  • The First Chapter Illumineer’s Trove – £49.99 – Officially Confirmed
  • Deck Boxes – £5.49 – Captain Hook, Mickey Mouse, or Elsa – Officially Confirmed
  • Card Sleeves – £8.99 – Captain Hook, Mickey Mouse, or Elsa – Officially Confirmed
  • Play Mats – £17.99 – Maleficent, Mickey, or Maui – Officially Confirmed
  • Card Portfolio – £17.99 – Evil Queen or Stitch – Officially Confirmed

This is now officially confirmed and has been taken from card shops and their suppliers. It’s definitely worth noting that many card games actually don’t publish MSRP for their booster boxes.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) or recommended retail price (RRP) doesn’t have to be the price the product is sold for. You will find some stores selling at lower prices, as well as some going over RRP.

Release Date Confirmed

Lorcana’s official release date in local game stores is set as August 18th. Larger retail stores release date is two weeks later on September 1st.

That means local game stores that primarily sell card games and other tabletop games and have in-store space for play will get their product early. Retailers like Asda, Tesco, newsagents, and other game stores like Game that don’t have game space will get theirs two weeks later.

There are likely to be supply issues with the first set as demand is high. We learned recently that there will be waves of the first release, so expect restocks in the months after the first release – which will probably sell out.

Accessories Info

A little extra info about the accessories can be gleaned. The deck boxes are meant to hold 80 cards. That might seem odd if a deck is confirmed to be 60 cards, but this size is normally the best fit for double-sleeved cards.

The sleeves also come in a pack of 65 – those 5 extra being for replacing them if they split. It’s also pretty common that the number of sleeves for many packs is a little higher than the number on the box.

The three playmats will be made of Neoprene, which is a spill-proof, heat-resistant material used in Suba suits. It’s well-suited to the wear and tear of card gaming and is almost toddler-proof.

Disney Lorcana US Pricing

Lorcana pricing in the US had now been confirmed and it’s very similar to the UK’s.

Previous German Pricing

The below prices come from the official Ravensburger website in German and were then confirmed by the Lorcana Twitter account.

  • Single Booster Pack – €5.99
  • The First Chapter Gift Set – €29.99
  • The First Chapter Illumineer’s Trove – €54.99
  • Starter Deck – €19.99
Germany Pricing Tweet

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