New Flynn Rider Card, Hidden Card + Info From Ink Pattern Revealed

A new Flynn Rider card was revealed earlier by Team Lorcana and there’s something quite interesting in his art that we think reveals another card to come!

Today we’ve also got an update on the card from the back of the sleeved pack, with a possible name to put to the mystery Amethyst character. Then there are a few extra card tidbits that have led us to work out more card ink colors from accessories.

Since the big reveal of the second Disney Lorcana set – Rise of the Floodborn – due in November, everyone is back in spoiler season mode. Read on for the full details and how to get involved in the next rules FAQ.

New Rise of the Floodborn Card + Hidden Card?

Though there isn’t anything particularly special about the card for players, he does fit the 1 Ink, 1 Strength, 3 Willpower, and 1 Lore slot. Only Ruby and Amethyst have these with Minnie Mouse – Always Classy and Olaf – Friendly Snowman.

One other thing that’s very interesting is the background art on the tree. Flynn is fairly enthused with his “fan club” of wanted posters, with three of them simple “Wanted” style portraits.

New Flynn Card Background
Is that another Flynn Rider card?

But there are two posters of him in interesting positions. The lower one is clearly a reference to the art on the Flynn Rider Charming Rogue card from The First Chapter. But the upper one seems like he’s rappelling, similar to the scene where he steals the crown in Tangled.

New Card Who Dis

With an educated guess, we’d say this is a reference to another Flynn card that will be in Rise of the Floodborn. We think the other posters won’t be cards, they’re just part of the art of this card. Though it’s not clear at all, the things in the bottom right and top left look like the ink columns from the Illuminary too…

Beast Playmat Card is Steel Dreamborn

While Team Lorcana were talking, they confirmed a couple of things. The stone-gargoyle-looking Beast from the playmat is a Steel Ink card, as well as being Dreamborn.

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Accessories - Playmats - Sleeves - Deck Boxes
Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Accessories – Playmats – Sleeves – Deck Boxes

Now, that’s good to know. But more interesting is the context. This came up as people were talking about guessing the ink of a card from the general coloring of the art. However, it’s long been thought that the color of the cloud used on the accessory art shows the ink of that card.

Sisu + Mulan Colors Confirmed?

If you take a look, Beast has a silver cloud behind the logo and he’s confirmed as Steel. Winnie the Pooh – Hunny Wizard has a purple cloud and he’s Amethyst. Looking further back, this all lines up.

The First Chapter’s boosters had a Sapphire Maleficent with a blue cloud, Elsa was Amethyst, Mickey was Ruby. All the accessories have a similar ink color and cloud pattern that matches. So that means…

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Sleeved Boosters
The First Chapter Playmats
New Lorcana Accessories - Deckboxes and Sleeves

As the Mulan deck box and sleeves have the red cloud – she’s Ruby. And for Sisu, she’d be Sapphire.

Rise of the Floodborn Mulan Card Box 1
Rise of the Floodborn Sisu Deck

The booster packs for Rise of the Floodborn don’t seem to conform to this pattern, instead having a mixed-color cloud under the title. So, we can’t really make good guesses about their ink from these.

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Booster Packs
Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Booster Packs

If we try to dig deeper, the Rise of the Floodborn Illumineer’s Trove is a little confusing. We know this Raya card is Ruby but the background color on the Trove doesn’t match up as it’s more purple/pink than red. However, the background of her part of the Trove box also doesn’t match her card’s background art.

Here there seem to be mountains of a few types: A jagged pointed one to her left (like we’ve seen in other Ruby card motifs), another less distinct one to her top right, and then a basalt-like column on the bottom right. So that just adds more questions.

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Illumineers Trove
Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Illumineer’s Trove

But for the two other characters on this box without confirmed cards – Queen of Hearts and a different Beast – we can probably take a guess. We’d say the Queen of Hearts is Emerald with a clearly green background and a “swirly” pattern in the rose buds.

Beast has a totally plain silver/gray background, and that would put him in the Steel Ink camp. We’ve also only seen Alice in Wonderland characters in Emerald (pocket watch was Amethyst), and Beast as a character has been in Steel and Emerald.

These two are much looser guesses and probably can’t be confirmed now.

Another Disney Lorcana Rules FAQ

Team Lorcana have also confirmed that Steve Warner will be on the official Disney Lorcana Twitter at around 3 pm PT. He’ll be there to answer some more rules questions again as he’s done previously. Use the hashtag #LorcanaRules and tag @DisneyLorcana to add your Q’s.

Amethyst Card From Sleeved Pack Revealed – Spoiler

From the back of the new sleeved packs, we’d only previously seen a blurry bit of an obscured card from a quick video. The community had figured out it was an Amethyst, 2 Strength, 3 Willpower Rare but hadn’t been able to glimpse more.

Now, Arkham Chronicle on YouTube has managed to get a better look at the back of the boxes and products – with a few more details included. Up close it shows the artist as Michaela Martin – who’s also done art for the card Vicious Betrayal from the first chapter. The card number is 52/204.

As to the Amethyst character? Our best guess is Merlin from The Sword in the Stone as one of the animals he turns into. When he fights with Madam Mim (who we know is in the set from the back of a starter deck) they both change into many different animals.

During this fight and at other points in the movie Merlin becomes a rabbit, caterpillar, walrus, mouse, turtle, crab, goat, squirrel, and a fish. He also becomes a germ

There is a Villainous expansion called Bigger and Badder with Madam Mim as one of the villains. In her deck, she battles against Merlin’s different forms ( the seven bolded above). If you didn’t know, Villainous is a very popular board/card game produced by… Ravensburger!

Disney Lorcana Wild Card Speculation Fun Animal Merlin
Two of the cards from the Villainous expansion that match the closest

Many of the characters and cards from that game have made their way over to Disney Lorcana. It seems like Ravensburger has the license agreed for these characters and movies for both games, as well as a rough idea of how the character might play in a game.

So, it looks like the card has him with a round face. We also think the background looks like a hole at the base of a tree with foliage. The blueish thing sticking out could well be an arm/paw.

From the arm and eyes position it looks similar to the Rabbit Merlin card above, so that’s our best guess for now. Another likely guess is Merlin as a squirrel in the scene where he’s teaching Arthur about gravity. Maybe we’ll also see a Lady Squirrel card, or an acorn item?

Anyway, that’s enough wild speculation for the day for us. Now it’s your turn, who do you think is in the mystery Amethyst card and do you think we’ll see another Flynn rider card?

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