Gen Con 2023 Promo Card Confirmed!

Gen Con 2023 Lorcana Promo Card

Rumors of a Gen Con 2023 exclusive promo card have been rife. With this being the first chance to buy Lorcana, and there already being another event promo announced – it was always going to happen.

As the Lorcana booth was setting up the day before Gen Con 2023 even opened, eagle-eyed Lorcana fans were ready. Crates of boxes were being delivered from a massive truck, and lines started outside the building before the venue the night before!

The venue itself opened on Thursday at 6 am but doors to the main hall didn’t open until 10 am. Unfortunately for the early birds, the queue quickly turned into a disorganised crush. Thanks to Ravensburger intervening, things have got much better.

The day before, some people with access to the main hall where the Lorcana booth was managed to snap photos of a familiar card. Later, an official image was released confirming the card as the Gen Con 2023 Promo.

It will only be given to people attending a pre-booked learn-to-play or Challenge event, or buying products. It does also seem to be given out at places other than the Ravensburger booth with any purchase over $25. The card is free and comes as-is, with no sleeve or box. Some fans in line super-early on later days were also given pins, but those aren’t expected.

Initially, there was a bit of a frenzy to get products and the promo card. Luckily that seems to have died down. Many people are finding they are getting handed the promo a few times from attending demos or challenge events, buying Lorcana products, or simply waiting in line.

That’s lucky for the majority of Lorcana fans who’d just like a card and don’t need it to be limited in numbers. One unlucky fan paid $1,200 for the first one that popped up on eBay. However, now eBay prices have massively dropped and it’s pretty easy to pick one of these up for $50 or less in fan groups.

Gen Con 2023 Disney Lorcana Promo Card Mickey Mouse Musketeer

They’re being handed out for the full four days and it doesn’t look like the stock of these is anywhere near running out. Here’s hoping we can get our hands on one from a wonderful fan of the site…

Early Confirmation

This photo of part of the booth was first tweeted by Glimmer Gang – a Lorcana podcast you should follow. This is Mickey Mouse Musketeer – one of three musketeers in The First Chapter. It was found before any official confirmation as part of the Lorcana booth boards.

Mickey Mouse Musketeer Gen Con 2023 Promo Card
Mickey Mouse Musketeer Gen Con 2023 Promo Card

He had the Gen Con 2023 logo at the bottom of the card, and when it was tweeted we got this reply from the official account.

Promo confirmed

So at that point, it was basically confirmed as this year’s Gen Con promo!

The Missing Promo

The first promos for Lorcana were the Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor card, and the six cards in the D23 Expo Collector’s Set. Then we learned of the three stamped cards that will be given out as Lorcana League promos.

These cards have numbers from 1 to 10 followed by P1 for Promo Set 1. The next promo card announced was Goofy Musketeer with the number 12/P1, due to be released later in August at gamescom 2023.

That meant we were missing a promo card for 11/P1 – which was long expected to be one handed out at Gen Con. Now it’s confirmed!

So now we have two musketeer promos – wouldn’t there be a third of Donald Duck Musketeer? We’ve heard rumors that there are actually two Gen Con promos lined up. So many another could come later, possibly in the Challenge finale?

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