Four New Cards In-Depth + Rules FAQ Answers

Four New Cards In Depth + Rules FAQ Answers

Last night Steve Warner did another Lorcana rules question and answer session on the official Twitter. And of course, a few new cards were dropped into the mix.

We’ve covered the new cards in-depth with some insight into their use and some fun combos. Keep scrolling down for the question and answer session. We’ve added card pictures and examples with some clarifications on tricky situations that might come up.

Four New Cards

Cogsworth makes his first character appearance in Lorcana – though he has been featured in If It’s Not Baroque and Be Our Guest. First is a 2-cost version that gives characters with the Reckless keyword the ability “exert to gain 1 lore”.

Maybe not an obviously useful card – though of course we still have a lot of cards to come – but let’s look closer. He does have great stats for the cost, and basically matches or exceeds Simba – Protective Cub who sees a lot of use.

What this can do is allow a deck with a few Reckless characters to become way more flexible. We also found a fun combo: –

  1. You already have Gaston – Arrogant Hunter on the board on turn four. Your opponent expects him to have to challenge or be useless as he doesn’t have a valid target and has no lore
  2. You play Cogsworth – Talking Clock and then exert Gaston for 1 lore
  3. That also allows you to avoid having to lose Gaston to a Simba – Protective Cub – A common earlier trade in the current meta
  4. Then play Lefou – Instigator to ready Gaston, who keeps the ability from Cogsworth, because the ability is treated like it’s always a thing Gaston can do, as if it was written on his card
  5. Then Gaston can quest again for another lore, completely unexpected that early in the game
  6. You could also keep him ready and force removal cards to be used

Cogsworth – Grandfather Clock is a very good card. Though he suffers from low Strength, being able to give all of your characters Resist +1 and being untouchable by removal or a lot of damage cards is big.

The Prince – Never Gives Up is a very good defensive card that will probably see a decent amount of play. However, we feel like the inclusion of the Resist keyword on many cards will lead to larger vanilla cards with good strength come into the meta.

Bounce does what it says on the tin (bounce in TCG terms literally means return a card to hand) and seems good. For us, it doesn’t quite have enough utility without being inkable. You could always use Lady Tremaine – Wicked Stepmother or Do It Again and do this a few times.

The effect also works well with the recently revealed Merlin – Shapeshifter. In hand with Dr. Facilier’s Cards, you could turn the game into non-stop bouncing – but you’d need something to keep the tempo. Maybe some cheap Evasive characters?

Question & Answer Session Four

Mostly taken from the Twitter thread, some answers are taken from the Lorcana HQ Discord where Team Lorcana answered follow-up questions on the new cards. We’ve gone pretty in-depth, looked at follow-ups, and added card examples and notes too.

From Steve’s Twitter account: When Hades – lord of the underworld / part of your world / magic broom triggers, do you need to show which card you select from the discard?

If the card is coming from a public knowledge zone (such as discard) yes you have to announce which card you are returning.

1. How much lore can Darkwing Duck quest for in a future set of Disney Lorcana?
2. Is Darkwing an enchanted?

I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the batteries that are not included, I am the card that’s not in this set!

Whether you sing a song or pay the ink cost to play it while you have Ursula’s Necklace out, can you still pay the additional cost on the card to draw one card?
(Singing was noted to be the same as playing the cards according to the rules we have).

Yes, it doesn’t matter if a character Sings it or if you pay ink to play it, playing a Song triggers any number of Ursula Shell Necklace items you have in play.

On Mickey Mouse – Detective, do you have to reveal the card before putting it into your inkwell?

No! With Mickey Mouse – Detective, you do NOT reveal the card before putting it into the Inkwell.

Am I able to resolve “You Have Forgotten Me” while my opponent has only 1 card in hand?

Yes. They don’t need two or even any cards in hand.

When you shift a character to a new version it replaces the old version’s ability right?
I’m a little confused by the app’s use of the word combination in the rules blurb about shifting.

When you shift, you no longer have any of the previous abilities of the cards underneath. You still retain any effects that were on the card that you shifted on to if applicable. (Strength boost from an action, or Reckless if you were chosen for The Beast is Mine action).

Can you shift a character onto an already shifted character in play?
For instance, can you shift an Elsa Spirit of Winter onto another Elsa Spirit of Winter?
Mostly thinking of ways to trigger “on play” effects like Deep Freeze for a cheaper ink cost.

Absolutely! As long as they have the name listed on the Shift ability!

With Ursula’s Necklace in play, if you play A Whole New World, does the trigger happen after it before AWNW resolves

When you play A Whole New World, Ursula’s Shell Necklace triggers after, so you can draw additional cards after resolving A Whole New World.

If I exert a character and then use alter (Editor’s note: Alter is the French version of Shift), is this character ready for questing, songs, or challenges?

If you shift a character on an exerted character, the shift character is still exerted.

Is there a max limit to how many characters that can be in play at once?

There is no limit!

If an evasive card challenges a non-evasive, do they still *trade* damage?


For Be Prepared, do we choose the order that our Characters are Banished and do so one at a time, or do they all get Banished at once?
Basically are “effects that are simultaneous” treated differently than “simultaneous effects”?

They are all banished at the same time and go to the discard pile. All effects are added to a pool of triggered effects. These effects can be resolved in any order.

To use a metaphor, triggered effects aren’t set in a list, think of it as each effect is a marble and you’re adding them to a bag. For resolution, you can choose any effect from your bag of marbles in any order. If a new marble enters your bag, it can be picked or another can.

Follow-up: Do you have to resolve the first bag of marbles before more marbles can be added? Or is there a second bag that gets started?

It’s one bag of marbles, it doesn’t need to be empty to add more and it doesn’t matter how recently you added a marble to take one out.

If all 3 Musketeers are on the board together with a single copy of Musketeer Tabard, how many cards are drawn? (when Be Prepared is used)

You may draw up to 3 cards. After each draw, you can resolve anything else in between, but you can still draw up to 3

For Bounce: Do I have to have valid targets for both choices?
If there is only one character in play can I just return that one character, or do both my opponent and I have to have a character in play for this to go off?

Answered on Discord: You only need your own character in play, you actually don’t need a 2nd character (for Bounce). However, if there is a 2nd character in play you must choose it.

So the “your” is required, the “another” is not unless there is another character.

With Cogsworth can you exert a reckless character to ignore the “must challenge” and gain lore?

Yes! That’s the idea of the ability, since they’re exerted they’re no longer able to challenge.

Follow-up: But if they challenge the card is also exerted so do they gain lore when challenging as well?

No, they gain an ability that allows you to exert them to Gain 1 lore. You would be doing this instead of challenging if you choose.

Follow-up: Just to get a confirmation, if I get to use Cogsworth ability a 2nd time while Gaston was on the board both times, would Gaston gain 1 lore or 2 lore when questing?

Having multiple instances of this ability doesn’t change the ability. It is always “Exert -> Gain 1 lore.” regardless of how many Cogsworth cards are on the board.

How does the Support keyword work? I see on the app it says character’s?
When I quest with a Support character can I add the Support to multiple different characters when they challenge? Or can I only add it to one character?

When you quest with a character that has the Support keyword, you can add that Support character’s strength to any character you choose other than the Support character.

Editor’s note: This looks like a question about the s on the Support ability: Support (Whenever this character quests, you may add their strength to another chosen character’s strength this turn.)

It’s a spelling/grammar thing. An apostrophe in this case indicates ownership, like “the Lorcana player’s” would be something that belongs to the Lorcana player. “The Lorcana players” would refer to a group of Lorcana players.

The “chosen character’s strength with the apostrophe (‘) means add to the strength of that chosen character. If the card keyword read “chosen characters strength” without the apostrophe, it could mean add to multiple characters strength.

It doesn’t though. You just add the strength to one chosen character that isn’t the character doing the action.

When I use the Support ability, can multiple characters gain the support in a single turn, or is only 1 character allowed to gain the ability per turn?

Multiple characters can be supported and one character can be supported by multiple characters.

Editor’s Note: So that means you could have (for example) three characters give the effect of support on different targets, or three characters support one character, or the same character give support multiple times (if it gets readied and can quest again) to different targets or even the same target.

However, one character can’t have multiple Support keywords on them, as keywords don’t stack. The effect of getting extra strength from the Support keyword of another character does.

The below question is also relevant.

Do we know if Resist (or other Keywords) stacks?

From Discord: Any keyword or effect with a + or – number affects the keyword accordingly when stacking. Keywords with + or – (Number) add the numbers together but still act as 1 keyword. Keywords without a number cannot be granted to a character an additional time.

You cannot add two instances of the same keyword. However, note that Challenger has a + before the number. Numbers with + add value onto the keyword rather than another instance of the keyword. (Hypothetical: Challenger +1 and Challenger +1 become Challenger +2).

Editor’s Note: So it looks like Keywords without + or – numbers can be stacked. Keywords without can’t be stacked. But if an ability removed a Keyword ability, as it counts as just one ability, it would be removed.

I’ve seen this pop up in league matches: Can a character whose ink is still wet and/or is unexerted be the target of an action or ability of another card?

Of course!

If I challenge a Magic Broom with a Giant Tink when my opponent has either a Dr. F – Agent Provocator or a Sorcerer Mickey that only has 2 willpower left does Puny Pirate banish them before being able to return Broom to hand? I assume not.

She can banish them before returning Magic Broom to hand, but it doesn’t stop the effect of Magic Broom returning to hand from resolving.

Looking for a statement to refer people to:
1. A Character/Item is considered “Played” when all costs are paid and it enters the field?
2. An Action is considered “Played” when all costs are paid and its effect has resolved?

That is correct.

Will we have a sideboard in the game since is bo3?

Anything regarding Organized Play rules will be announced at a later date.

1. Can Iago: Loud-Mouthed Parrot target Gaston: Arrogant Hunter with YOU GOT A PROBLEM?
2. If the answer to question one is: yes… if the SAME Gaston: Arrogant Hunter is shifted to Gaston: Intellectual Powerhouse does it still have Reckless from Iago’s effect?

Iago attempts to put a temporary keyword on Gaston, since Gaston already has it, that part fails. When Gaston shifts, he will not have Reckless because that temporary keyword was not added, so no ongoing effect is happening.

For more rules read the last official rules question and answer session or the full Lorcana rules article we have.

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