New Lorcana Cards Images + 5 SECRET Cards Revealed – Moana, Aladdin, Simba + More!

New Lorcana Cards New Product Images - Moana, Aladdin, Simba

Following the recent leak and then publication of the Lorcana rules, a press release direct from Lorcana has given us a bunch of new information. From that, we’ve found new card images as well as five hidden card names and artists!

The Ravensburger Press site there has a news release about the game with a lot of new images of the accessories. It also has some press images of the three Starter Decks and their contents – plus long-awaited cards!

Update: We originally posted German-language images but the English-language ones just dropped.

Scroll down to find five new hidden cards we’ve found from product details, as well as some confirmation on the illustrators of previously shown cards.

Moana, Aladdin + Simba Holofoils

Lorcana Starter Deck Amber Amethyst
The Amber and Amethyst Starter Deck in German with the first image of Moana

This deck contains the same Mickey Mouse Sorcerer card that was revealed in the rules sheet, but also a new Moana Of Motunui. We’d seen the art about for a while but now we have closer shots of the card – though in German.

Moana Of Motonui
Moana Of Motunui

The card is a Rare and it looks like there is foiling – as the Starter Deck packaging suggests. She’s a 5 cost (with inkwell) Amber card with Storyborn, Hero, and Princess classifications. She has three lore, one strength, and a whopping six willpower.

Her ability is: “WE CAN FIX IT Whenever this character quests, you may ready your other Princess characters. They can’t quest for the rest of this turn.”

That’s a seriously powerful ability that can be used to get other Princess characters to attack twice, or quest and attack once each per turn – or just protect characters.

The flavor text is the film quote: “I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the heart of Te Fiti.

Lorcana Starter Deck Emerald Ruby
The Emerald and Ruby Starter Deck with Aladdin Heroic Outlaw and Cruella De Vil Miserable As Usual

Aladdin’s starter deck card is here, as well as the previously shown Cruella.

Aladdin Heroic Outlaw

This is Aladdin Heroic Outlaw. He’s a Ruby Floodborn Hero in Super Rare and more foil decoration. Yet another great piece of art from Nicholas Kole. The card is a huge 7 cost with inkwell and five strength. The image could be cut off but it looks like it might not have willpower?

The ability reads as “Shift 5 (You may pay 5 ink to play this on top of one of your characters named Aladdin.)
During your turn, whenever this character banishes another character in a challenge, you gain 2 Lore and each opponent loses 2 lore.”

Lorcana Starter Deck Steel Sapphire
The Sapphire and Steel Starter Deck With Simba and Aurora

Yet another card that’s been teased for ages – Simba Returned King. Sure to be popular with the 90s kids. Simba is a Rare Steel card in a holofoil decoration. He is a Storyborn Hero King and yet again Nicholas Kole is killing it with the art.

Simba Returned King

He is a seven cost, four toughness card though we can’t see the willpower or lore. His ability is “Challenger +4 (While challenging, this character gets +4 strength.)
POUNCE: During your turn, this character gains Evasive. (They can challenge characters with Evasive.)

He’s the second Challenger keyword card we’ve seen after fellow Steel character Captain Hook Forceful Duelist. He’s one of five cards now that have or can get access to Evasive.

Secret Cards!

New Lorcana Accessories - Deckboxes and Sleeves
The deckboxes and sleeves feature Captain Hook Forceful Duelist and two new characters: Elsa Spirit Of Winter and Mickey Mouse True Friend

With the press release came a bunch of shots of the new deck boxes, play mats and sleeves. On the back of these boxes, the card names and artist is revealed! Take a look at the cards we’ve found: –

  • Mickey Mouse True Friend – Dave Beauchene – Card sleeves
  • Elsa Spirit Of Winter – Matthew Robert Davies – Card sleeves
  • The Queen Wicked and Vain – Matthew Robert Davies – Card portfolio
  • Stitch Carefree Surfer – Marcel Berg – Card portfolio
  • Maleficent Biding Her Time – Grace Tan – Playmat
Lorcana The Queen and Stitch Card Portfolios
The Queen Wicked and Vain and Stitch Carefree Surfer feature on the new card portfolios

Artists Confirmed

We’ve also clarified from other art that the artist for Mickey Mouse Steamboat Pilot is Juan Diego Leon, and the previously released Just In Time card’s artist is Leonardo Giammichele.

The playmats feature unreleased cards Maleficent Biding Her Time, Mickey Mouse Steamboat Pilot, and the previously shown Just In Time

There’s also a German rules sheet – a translation of the one we saw yesterday – in a very high resolution… From that, we can now make out that the Donald Duck Boisterous Fowl artist is Kenneth Anderson, and the Captain Hook Captain of the Jolly Roger is (Christian) Adrianne Gumaya.

You can take a look at all of the images on the Press Release site here.

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