Into The Inklands Lorcana League Kit – 19 Cards + New Prizes + Promo Cards

Into The Inklands Lorcana League Kit

The new Lorcana League Kit for Into the Inklands features more pins, promos, and lore counters. Players can get a card for joining up, as well as a new prize – exclusive card sleeves.

Into The Inklands League Kit Contents

The kit for this season will contain the normal bits for stores to help run the League: –

The kit comes as a small box that stores can use to run events however they choose. Some use the kit as prizing for more competitive-style tournaments. Most run the league as suggested in the booklet, assigning points weekly.

Into The Inklands League Kit Promos + Pins

These cards will be given out throughout the season. The more points you earn, the more likely you are to win a card. Players can randomly win cards if they get at least 3 League points – which is easily doable.

This season, players will also be given a Jolly Roger – Hook’s Ship promo card just for signing up. Stores get 64 of these. It’s the first Location type card to get promo treatment.

As usual, the two character pins are given out at the end of each round. You can earn them with more points or get them randomly. The Lore counters are given to the top players only, and the Disney Lorcana logo pins are given out randomly to players with over 8 points in the season.

Into The Inklands League Kit Prizes

This season, there is a new type of prize. There are 8 packs of Dalmatian Puppy – Tail Wagger card sleeves (65 sleeves per pack). These are awarded randomly to players who earn at least 12 League points in the season.

You can view the whole League Kit and poster on the official site. There are also new ways to earn points, and more cards revealed from those! If you’re new to Lorcana League, we have a little explainer at the bottom of the article.

Unreleased Cards Found

Further below you can see the extra points options for this set. In those, there are a bunch of cards mentioned. Though many of these already have cards in previous sets, they are likely all new versions as was the case with Rise of the Floodborn.

  • Genie
  • Little John
  • Maid Marian
  • McDuck Manor
  • Nala
  • Pridelands
  • Maui
  • HeiHei
  • The Queen
  • Queen’s Castle
  • Nottingham – Prince John’s Castle
  • Robin’s Bow
  • Thaddeus E. Klang
  • Captain Amelia
  • RLS Legacy

When Does This Season Start?

Local game stores should have these in time for Into the Inklands release on Friday 23rd of Feb. Stores might not get the kits in time or be able to organize everything in time. Some prefer to have sealed or draft tournaments on release weekend instead.

Extra Points

Each season, a list of suggestions for ways players can earn extra League points is given. Some Leagues use these, some don’t.

  • IS IT REALLY A SMALL WORLD? Have 3 different locations in play
  • TALES UNTOLD: Have an opponent lose 5 lore in a single game
  • SPOTS BEFORE MY EYES: Have 3 different Dalmatians in play / Bonus point: 5 different Dalmatians in play
  • BATTLE OF WITS: Have Genie, Jafar, and Iago in play
  • THE FUTURE IS CRYSTAL CLEAR: Have Kida and Milo Thatch in play
  • MINE, MINE, ALL MINE: Have Scrooge McDuck at McDuck Manor with Vault Door in play
  • THE MERRY TH REE: Have Robin Hood, Little John, and Maid Marion in play
  • EVERYTHING THE LIGHT TOUCHES: Have Simba and Nala at the Pride Lands
  • WE KNOW THE WAY: Have Moana, Maui, and HeiHei in play
  • HOME AGAIN: Have Peter Pan plus either Tinker Bell or Wendy Darling at Never Land
  • READY TO DEFEND: Have Nottingham, Robin Hood, and Robin’s Bow in play
  • SEAT OF POWER: Have The Queen at The Queen’s Castle
  • KICKING MORE THAN CLOUDS: Have Kit Cloudkicker plus either Thaddeus E. Klang or Don Karnage in play
  • I’LL ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE: Have Jim Hawkins and Captain Amelia at RLS Legacy

How Does Lorcana League Work?

This season’s instructions are basically the same as the last couple. If you are new to playing in the League, it’s a a fun, friendly way of playing locally in a weekly, organized format. It runs over twelve weeks aka a season. This is broken down into a round, which is four weeks.

You earn points for turning up, playing, winning games, and other things like bringing friends or teaching people to play. It’s a great way of learning to play, getting a few games in, and seeing what cards and decks work well.

Regular events like this are often called “weeklies“. Stores run them differently, so it’s worth finding out how your local runs theirs. Generally there is an entry fee, and this often comes with a booster pack.

Some stores will have more competitive players and might give out prizing differently. Some stick to the Lorcana League format, and encourage friendly play and themes. Some aim the events more at kids, or have a separate night for them.

At the end of each four-week round, some promo cards and character pins are given out to players. At the end of the third season, more promos and prizes are given out. It’s not very hard at all to get a prize, and some stores given out an extras left over.

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