Enchanted Locations, Songs, and Items Revealed for Into The Inklands!

Enchanted Locations, Songs, and Items Revealed for Into The Inklands

In an article posted today by GamesRadar, we now have the last six Enchanted cards for Into the Inklands. As many guessed – they’re not characters!

When all of the cards in the main set Into the Inklands were revealed yesterday, we also got 12 Enchanted cards – but with an interesting twist. Instead of two Enchanted per ink (like the first two sets), there was a space in the numbering after the first two per ink.

That of course led everyone to speculating that there would be three Enchanted per ink, and that we’d see Locations, Items, or Songs. Now it’s confirmed and we’ve got a mix of all three! That brings us to 18 Enchanted in Into the Inklands.

There isn’t any word on if they’ll be easier to pull as there are more, or if pull rates will stay the same. There has never been any official figure for percentages on pull rates. The community reckons that roughly 1-in-50 to 1-in-100 packs have an Enchanted.

Of these six, five were originally Rare, and one was Uncommon (the Palace). Of the 12 characters, 3 were Rare, 2 were Super Rare, and 7 were Legendary.

This version of Pride Lands – Pride Rock features one of the same artists: Jonathan Livsylst. This heavily defensive card could work well with many of the Simba cards. The iconic Pride Lands of The Lion King is a natural choice of Amber’s first Enchanted Location for the Inklands.

The classic Sorcerer’s Hat from Fantasia gets an Enchanted treatment from Luis Huerta. The item seems important to the story of Lorcana, and the caves in the background are accentuated in this moody treatment.

This is the only Enchanted item in Lorcana so far, in a set full of very important items. Its ability to try and tell the future fits nicely with Amethyst’s sorcery slant.

This Location is a perfect fit for Emerald decks, carrying on the “no touchy” control archetype. Kuzco’s Palace – Home of the Emperor gets an even more mystical touch from Roberto Gatto here. This is his first card in the game.

RLS Legacy – Solar Galleon was a heavy hitter already, especially with the synergy of Jim Hawkins – Space Traveler. For 5 lore, you get a decent character with Evasive, a 2 lore 8 willpower location on the board, and a way to move characters to it for 1 ink!

Now the card gets a special refresh by Matt Gaser, which is the first card in Lorcana from this artist.

This workshop has been seen in quite a few cards, and it feels like an Enchanted shows us how important it is. Much of Lorcana’s tech has been seen here, being tinkered with or repaired.

Now Pablo J. Rivera gets to show off his art in Lorcana for the first time. The Aurelian Gyrosensor sits on Maurice’s desk, where he was last working on it.

The first Action • Song card with an Enchanted, And Then Along Came Zeus was the next step after Fire The Cannons!, Ba-Boom!, and Smash. Leonardo Giammichele returns for his 30th card in Disney Lorcana, and doesn’t disappoint.

Here we see the new Titans being banished by Zeus’s lighting bolt – a fun card to throw out and ruin an opponent’s plans. As an Enchanted song in Lorcana, it’s an interesting choice. We expect more classic Disney tunes to get the rainbow-ink treatment in the future.

So what do you think of the new Enchanted cards? And what items, locations, or actions/songs would you like to see in the next set? Leave a comment below or follow our Twitter or Facebook feed for more regular updates.

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