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Official Lorcana Demo Days Announced In UK – Play Before Release!

Disney Lorcana Demo Days

While we are just under four weeks from release, fans are eager to play Lorcana with real cards ASAP! It has just been announced that some stores will be holding official demo days in the UK before the launch on August 18th.

UK Lorcana Demo Days

In the UK and the rest of Europe, there are no big events like GenCon to get starter decks or any Lorcana product early. However, a few local stores have announced demo days for Lorcana. At these events, players will be able to use official decks to learn the game with someone to guide them through.

According to one source, there are meant to be less than 20 locations holding demos before the release day. This also means there may be demos in the rest of Europe or possibly the USA/Canada. Bear in mind this is speculation, and at this late stage, that’s unlikely.

One event was already held in Dark Sphere in Sheperd’s Bush, a large gaming megastore in a busy area of London. Lorcana HQ Discord user thequiffisdead shared this photo of the cards with us. The decks look like the same 40-card decks used in previous demos, so this is likely what other demo days will have.

Official Lorcana Demo Days UK thequiffisdead Shepherds Bush
An Amber/Amethyst deck vs Steel/Sapphire

UK Demo Day Event Listings

We’ll keep an up-to-date listing here for all confirmed official Lorcana demo days.


Saturday August 5th – Geek Retreat Dudley – Facebook Event
Saturday August 5th – Geek Retreat Chelmsford – Facebook Event
Sunday August 6th – Geek Retreat Aberdeen – Facebook Event
Sunday August 6th – Board In The City, Southampton – Facebook Event
Saturday August 12th – Beanie Games, Stockton-on-Tees – Facebook Announcement
Saturday August 12th – Geek Retreat Glasgow – Facebook Page
Saturday August 12th – Geek Retreat Truro- Facebook Page
Saturday August 12th – The Dice Cup, Nottingham – Facebook Event
Sunday August 13th – Geek Retreat Leeds – Facebook Event

Past Events
Saturday July 22nd – Dark Sphere Shepherd’s Bush – Facebook
Saturday 29th July – Firestorm Games, Cardiff – Facebook Announcement
Saturday 29th July – Geek Retreat Bedford – Facebook Announcement
Saturday 29th July – Patriot Games, Sheffield – Facebook
Sunday 30th July – Travelling Man, Leeds – Insta Post

If your local store is hosting an event please comment below or tag us on Twitter @LorcanaPlayer

What Happens At A Lorcana Demo Day?

Check your local event for specific details. However, you’ll be able to play Lorcana with real cards and be guided through by someone who knows the rules. We don’t think you’ll be able to buy anything or take the demo deck home with you.

The events are hosted by the store, but the person giving the demo is working on behalf of Ravensburger.

Are There Demo Decks Or Promo Cards To Take Home?

We don’t know yet, nothing has been officially confirmed. It’s very unlikely that you will be able to take home a deck or buy anything. There are also no promo cards confirmed.

Can You Buy Lorcana Cards At The Demo?

As far as we know, you won’t be able to buy or take home the starter decks. However, now is a great chance to pre-order whatever Lorcana product you need from your local store and find out about their organised play and Lorcana League.

Can I Bring Kids?

Check with the stores but all Lorcana Organised Play stores should be family-friendly. The game itself is designed for 8+ though a clever kid can definitely learn to play under 8, or at least enjoy the cool cards.

The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play, non-confrontational, and the cards should be simple to read and understand. It can definitely get complex, but it’s also suitable for more casual gamers at its core.

Where Can I Play Lorcana In The UK?

There is a fan-run Lorcana UK Discord and a linked Lorcana UK Facebook page. They are both mean to be family-friendly and welcoming places to learn about playing Lorcana locally.

Local stores are allowed to post their events and pre-order information at these groups and there are regional rooms in the Discord for locals to get together. You can also learn to play online with the linked resources.

GenCon – The First Place Lorcana Products Can Be Bought

Over in the US, GenCon is taking place from Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th of August. Here, attendees who were lucky enough to get spaces in the demo or starter deck challenge can buy one of the full starter decks – which also contain a booster pack.

The GenCon demo is a learn-to-play casual event, but the GenCon challenge is a 3-round tournament with a prize for the top 8 as well as an invite to the Lorcana GenCon finale. Participants and winners will all get prizes.

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