Lorcana Tournaments, Organized Play + Promo Cards Confirmed

Lorcana Tournaments Organized Play

Lorcana will have 12-week Leagues as well as tournaments in an official organized play program. Players will earn points by attending, playing, teaching others, bringing friends, and possibly winning. Those points can then be traded for promo cards, pins, and more!

Previously we’d heard from co-designer Ryan Miller that “organized play is very near and dear to my heart and I want to make sure that we are going to have an amazing programme that is welcoming and super inclusive“.

Having been a Magic: The Gathering player, judge, and designer, we were pretty convinced that the key gameplay aspects would lead to organized play. The phrase “robust organized play” was also thrown about. Now we’ve had confirmation from a couple of sources.

Will Lorcana Have Organized Play?

In a press release from Ravensburger (in German), they wrote: –

The Organized Play program supports on-site events such as game nights in local toy shops. Qualified toy retailers receive an Organized Play Kit with promo cards, pins and other prizes for players.

Supporting local toy retailers is critical to building a community around a TCG,” said Miller. “Our goal is not only to support the longevity of our game, but also to create a home away from home where Disney Lorcana players and collectors can meet to play and trade.

“Specialized toy retailers can use the Organized Play Kit to host tournaments or support Disney Lorcana league games. Players earn points primarily by playing (win or lose), bringing a friend to play, or teaching someone the rules. They can then exchange these points for a prize. The Organized Play Kit contents support a 12-week league play program.”

It seems like stores can choose either to run these 12-week Leagues or run their own in-store tournaments using those same packs. It might be that some stores prefer larger but less regular events.

Will There Be Winner Prizes?

In the latest Game Trade Magazine where the rules were first published they also added that the 12 weeks of events would be… “broken up into three rounds. You can earn League points, win or lose, by participating in casual Disney Lorcana matches (best two of three games) and through Lorcana-related activities, such as teaching someone how to play“.

Prizes are awarded to most of the participants, and those with the most points in each round are given a modest additional prize.” This was mentioned in a section called Lorcana League & Game Night though these are confirmed not to be the names of weekly in-store events by Ravensburger themselves.

So while it’s not confirmed that there will be winner cards as such, it does seem winning will give you more points. And we all know points mean prizes. It’s confirmed there will be cards and pins that can be given out by stores based on points.

How To Find Lorcana Organized Play Stores

The Lorcana Official Companion App will probably be the way that points and attendance are tracked, similar to how Pokémon and Bandai have accounts these things are tracked with. You’ll likely be able to see events and local stores where you can get involved.

Ravensburger will also have information on participating stores on the official Disney Lorcana site. We will be keeping our site up to date about organized play. Check back here regularly or follow us on twitter.

Hopefully, Ravensburger will keep a close eye on stores that sign up for organized play to ensure these go to players, and not immediately to the secondary market.

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