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Lorcana Card Types Explained – Glimmers, Characters, Items, Actions + Songs

Lorcana Card Types - Characters Items Actions Songs Locations

Disney Lorcana’s unique card types showcase classic characters and story moments. Get an easy-to-understand overview of the different card types and how they work.

What Card Types Are In Lorcana?

There are five unique types of cards in Lorcana: Characters, Items, Actions, Songs, and Locations.

They feature characters, scenes, items, or songs taken straight from the scenes of the Disney classics we know and love. However, some cards take those and add an entirely new twist using with the magic of the Great Illuminary…

Characters and Locations have a name and a “version” of the character describing them. In the text under the name, characters will either be Storyborn, Dreamborn, Floodborn – as well as some other “classifications” which tell us more about the character or card.

If a card is an Item, Location, or an Action or Song (or both) they will have that word under their name. Locations have most of their information displayed horizontally. Lorcana card types are fairly easy to spot once you know how.

Lorcana Card Types
Lorcana Card Types

Beast is a character, this version is Relentless with the Storyborn classification. There are lots of different Beast characters with different versions. This Location has the name The Queen’s Castle and the version Mirror Chamber.

Frying Pan is an Item and I’m Stuck! is an Action. You can tell because of the classification under the card name. The Most Diabolical Scheme is both an Action and a Song!

What Is A Glimmer?

A glimmer is the name for a Character or Item that is summoned to the board. The name is a story-based way of saying cards that stay on the board when played. Actions and Songs don’t seem to be glimmers. From Lorcana’s story so far:

With the power of your inkcaster, the image rises off the page. This is a glimmer, a new version of the character that only exists in this world. As an Illumineer, you can create glimmers of characters and items to add to the lore of Lorcana“.


Disney Lorcana Card Parts Labelled
Disney Lorcana Card Parts Labelled

Characters are the most common card, and they come in lots of variants. Because this game is based in the Great Illuminary, you will see many different versions of the same character. For instance, there are already six different Mickeys in The First Chapter – one for each ink color.

Characters are played by the ink cost in the top right of the card. They are played to your board but can’t quest or challenge on their first turn. They are the bread and butter cards of your deck as they are the ones that will take down your opponent’s characters and gain the lore you’ll need to win.

Look at every Lorcana character card here

What Do Storyborn, Dreamborn + Floodborn Mean In Lorcana?

Each character card has one of these three classifications, which tells us the origin of the character.


Storyborn cards are classic Disney characters that come straight from a Disney original animation or franchise. They can be from specific scenes or animated shorts, and the art is very true to the original.


Dreamborn cards are alternate versions of Disney characters who are created by the imaginations of the Illumineers (you!). There are some “what if” Dreamborn characters who are more powerful or who have gone down a different path presented than their original story.


Floodborn is the most interesting of the types. Floodborn characters are much more powerful versions of characters, affected by the flood of ink that happened in Rise of the Floodborn in some way.

They have a black “inked” strip across the middle of their cards. The Shift ability on their card lets them be played for an alternate cost, on top of one of your other characters. This allows them come into play much earlier.


Items in Lorcana are taken straight from a Disney original film. They are played to your board using their ink cost. They then stay there and can use the abilities written on the card, as long as you can pay their cost.

Some items have passive abilities that always work – like Coconut Basket. Some need to be exerted, or have an ink ink cost to activate. Once exerted, that ability can’t be used again that turn.

Some also need to be banished by being put in your discard pile for them to work. Playing an item early on means you might get to use it a few times, making it very valuable.


Actions in Lorcana are one-time-use cards with powerful abilities. They can be played on your turn for their ink cost, and often represent scenes from Disney classics. Once used, they go into the discard pile.

Items can be very powerful when used at the right time. But holding on to an action too long can mean a wasted opportunity! Some cost quite a bit of ink to cast but have a sneaky way of being used cheaper…


Lorcana features famous Song cards featuring some of the world’s most well-known Disney songs. The songs we’ve seen so far are also Action cards. They are also used once, and then put in the discard pile.

That means these cards with two types can either be used by paying the full ink cost in the top left – or having a character sing it. Any cards with Action • Song in their classifications under the name can be played as an action or as a song.

Each song card states that a character with the right ink cost (or the special Singer ability) can sing the card by exerting that character. So a character card with an ink ink cost of 5 or more can sing Let It Go for free by exerting, without having to pay the Action cost of 5 ink.

Important: Note that a character can’t sing on the first turn the character is played.


Disney Lorcana Locations Labelled
Disney Lorcana Locations Labelled

Locations are the newest card type in Lorcana, and work quite differently from the others. They have both a name and a version – like characters. They work differently to other cards and act more passively to gain lore or give abilities.


You can use our card list to see every Disney Lorcana card to build your deck or collection. Use the filter to break down the list into different card types, abilities, or classifications.

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