Three New Tangled Characters + New Legendary Card!

Three New Tangled Character Cards

Since the German Pre-Launch Event, the cards have been coming in thick and fast. We’re now up to 144 cards we’ve seen or know the name of (plus a few we’ve seen art for…)

Today Dicebreaker has released an article that shows off three new cards from the popular Tangled series. We have two Amber cards that really stick to the healing and helping theme – with Rapunzel’s second appearance now being a Legendary rarity!

Rapunzel Gifted with Healing can be very helpful if you have a big character that’s managed to absorb damage but still stay on the board. If you get to draw all three of the cards for that damage, this will put you well ahead.

She pairs excellently with Maximus Palace Horse. He can come out instantly to become a Bodyguard for another character. If your opponent can’t deal with him fully, Rapunzel him next turn to get the draw, then quest, get his Support keyword on a character, and keep Bodyguarding!

Even if you know he is going to be removed this turn, you can buff a low-strength character with him to reduce the chance of them being challenged.

Flynn Rider Charming Rogue is going to be a frustrating character to deal with. Having to discard a card early on in the game is a big problem. You might not have any draw available and just a couple of cards in hand.

If you don’t remove him fast with damage, he gets to quest for two whole lore on turn three. If you challenge him you lose a card. In this game at the early meta we don’t have much card draw, losing cards means losing opportunities or tempo.

We think this will be an easy four-of pick for Emerald players.

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