Three New Cards Revealed + French Card Images Shown

Three New Lorcana Cards Revealed Plus French Versions

Today, a French gaming site revealed a bunch of previously shown English cards in the French language. With that, they’ve also revealed three brand new cards!

While technically they’re in French, we’ve been able to translate them pretty accurately. UPDATE: The English and German versions have now also been released. See below.

Many of the abilities and rules texts use different words in French than in English, but we’ve seen other versions of those rules/names in both languages – so we’re pretty sure they’re right when compared.

One of those is the Rush Charge in French – ability. We’ve only had one card with it before, now we have two more! Thanks to the Lorcana Discord HQ for translation help.

New to the site? Click the image to view them full size, or click the card name to view the full card information from our card database.

Beast Wolfsbane was previously shown in the blurred image of the guide in the Illumineer’s Trove image that we recently found. Now we know more about him, and he is in fact the next legendary card!

For 5 ink he is uninkable but comes as a 4/4 with 2 Lore. His abilities and card text are roughly translated below.

Rush (This character can challenge on the turn they’re played.)
ROAR When you play this character, exert all opposing damaged characters.
“I’ll take on all of you if I have to.”

The ROAR ability combined with Rush is really tricky, allowing you to immediately run into opponent’s characters they may have thought were safe. In combination with cards that deal damage, not many characters will be safe!

However, the drawback of the cost and setup, combined with being a non-inkable card means it needs proper setup before being played. A powerful card in the right hands.

Rafiki Mysterious Sorcerer is a really cool version of Rafiki whose wisdom now seems transformed into the ability to use magic. He is another card with Rush, meaning he can immediately attack.

Rush (This character can challenge on the turn they’re played.)
“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

With 3/3 for the cost of 3, he’s more likely to be used to get rid of high-Lore opponent’s cards who’ve chanced a quest, thinking you wouldn’t be able to answer it. He’s another non-inkable card, meaning you’ll really have to think hard about keeping him in an opening hand.

Archimedes Highly Educated Owl is a beautifully illustrated card from Kendall Hale. A 1 cost, 1 lore, 2/2 character is something we’ll probably see for all of the colors – here’s our Amethyst version.

He has no rules text, but the flavor text is a brilliant quote from The Sword in the Stone: “Flying is not merely some crude, mechanical process. It is a delicate art. Purely aesthetic. Poetry of motion. And the best way to learn it is to do it!”

At this point, cheap characters like Archimedes will probably be staples in most decks until we see later sets.

The original site has a link where you can download the 72 French cards in a zip – under resources. However, they’re fairly low quality and it seems like the high-quality versions are due to be uploaded later.

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