All Rise of the Floodborn Cards Fully Released!

All Rise of the Floodborn Cards Fully Released

Every new card from The Rise of the Floodborn has been fully released! They are now available to view on the official app. Read how to view the cards and our top picks below.

We’ve patiently waited three months for Rise of the Floodborn since The First Chapter’s massive success. The second chapter of the Lorcana story features new characters, franchises, keywords, some powerful new cards, and of course – some fun surprises.

As with The First Chapter, the Enchanted cards aren’t available on the app. That leaves them as a surprise to be opened for people that haven’t seen them.

This time, the Enchanted cards are available on the app.

Disney Lorcana App Download

You can download the Disney Lorcana TCG Companion app for your device below, or scroll further down for our highlights. We’ll update the article as we find more cool tidbits, combos, and secrets!

Best New Disney Lorcana Cards

Some of the cards that have been released are totally unexpected! We’ve got some amazing art from new artists and old. Here are a few of our favorites for both arts, abilities, and sheer weirdness.


Fairy Godmother has probably the most confusing text for new TCG players. It gives your other characters the Challenger +3 keyword, plus an ability in the form of actual text. This only happens on this turn.

If read, it makes sense. It’s just a card that will almost always need to be picked up and read for casual players. No quick glances for bold keywords on this. It’s also an excellent card in it’s own right.


Some nice items. Binding Contract has exert this card and a cheap character to exert another chosen character. A high initial cost, but for late-game decks this is always going to be a threat for opponents with big characters that just need one more turn to win.

Peter Pan’s Dagger lets you turn your cheap Evasive characters into challengers when needed. Croquet Mallet gives you Rush when needed. This will be good for Bounce decks and big characters alike.


Winnie is joined by Piglet and Rabbit. They’re just vanillas, but Winnie lets ramp decks quest and ramp for a pretty low cost.

Rise of the Floodborn Leaks

Recently, some cards were leaked as boxes and starter decks became available at distributors early. This happens with all TCGs, and there isn’t much that can be done except avoid all news in the weeks before any release.

Normally these leaks happen from big box stores rather than LGS. Local stores know breaking street date (release day) can have repercussions for them. Whereas big stores can have a tendency to put whatever arrives in the warehouse out immediately.

That two-week window might be Ravensburger’s secret trick to lessen these type of leaks. When those happen in other TCGs like Pokémon, players flock to the big stores and it’s less likely they’ll buy packs from their locals.

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  1. Hello Tim, this set comes out Friday at independent game stores, and online and larger retailers later in december.

    The first set is getting a large reprint of booster packs and starter decks though you can still find starter decks in some shops and supermarkets etc. the best way to dip your toe in is to get 2 starter decks so that you can play a game.

  2. Sure. Get starter decks you say! I’m checking almost daily and know when the guys deliver in the 40 stores in my area. They have never hit the shelves. Never! You want me to pay 5 times MSRP on EBay or 3 times at the local card shop that listens to the second word of MSRP. The $16 pack is over $60. I’ve even been to the out of the way retailers and ZERO. This Lorcana Roll out has left me disheartened and disappointed.


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