Two New Disney Lorcana Promo Cards Confirmed – London Comic Con + Spiel Essen

Two Disney Lorcana Promo Cards Confirmed - London Comic Con + Spiel Essen

Two new Disney Lorcana promo cards have been confirmed today. First is the “missing promo” Musketeer at Spiel Essen, Germany. Another will be handed out at MCM London Comic Con 2023 this month. We think we know the second plus there might be more available!

Spiel Essen – The Missing Musketeer

Promos 1-7 were the D23 Expo cards (which are selling for crazy prices on eBay). The first Lorcana League cards make up 8-10. Gen Con Musketeer Mickey was 11, and gamescom Musketeer Goofy was 12.

The new Lorcana League promos from the upcoming League season will be numbers 14 to 17. That meant we were missing lucky number 13. We had also seen two out of the three Mouseketeers from The First Chapter as promos for other events.

After guessing it would be this card and this event for a while – we can now confirm it. Donald Duck – Musketeer will be the promo card available at Messe Essen from Thursday 5th to the 8th of October.

As normal for Disney Lorcana promos it will have the logo of the event at the bottom instead of a rarity symbol. Its numbering is 13/P1, the lucky 13th promo.

Spiel Essen is a long-running event held near Düsseldorf. Ravensburger are a German company, and they did release the last promo at gamescom in Germany. It does make sense they’d have lots of promo events near their home base.

How To Get The Donald Spiel Essen Promo Card

The Lorcana booth is in Hall 6, at stands E300 and E400. You can get the card by either: playing the game at the Ravensburger play area, or by buying any Ravensburger products worth over €25 at their stand.

We knew this card at this event was very likely because Dav Augereau – the artist for the card – was scheduled for “book signings” at the Ravensburger booth. He is signing cards, and a printout of the Donald Duck card art.

You’ll find him at the Ravensburger booth at the following times: –

  • Thursday 5th – 12-2 pm and 4-6 pm
  • Friday 6th – 2-4 pm

According to the official site, they will have the three starter decks from The First Chapter available at €19.99. Products on the first day sold out very early, and queues to buy and play were very long.

That means of the bigger release countries, France, Canada, and the UK are missing out. Unless…

MCM London Comic Con – Gaston

Today, a listing appeared on the Comic Con website under the exhibitor list. It’s under the heading “*Featured* TournamentCenter” for booth S1602. The entry said: –

Head over to our Disney Lorcana booth S1602 at MCM Comic Con to be among the first to get a look at Disney Lorcana’s second set Rise of the Floodborn, and hunt down rare promo cards like Gaston. How can you be in with a chance of getting hold of one?

✨ Take part in a huge scavenger hunt organised by MCM Comic Con
✨ Stop by our booth and get stuck into gameplay with Disney Lorcana gamemasters
✨ Queue up for a free signing session with the card artist Matthew Robert Davies

New Disney Lorcana Promo Card Confirmed for MCM Lond Comic Con 2023

The entry has since been changed to a more standard promotional text with no mention of the promo card, signing, or scavenger hunt.

New Gaston Promo Card

This seems to mean we are getting a new Gaston promo card in the UK! However, it did say “hunt down rare promo cards“. Could there be more than one?

We might see the first event with more than one promo card. It’s very likely a new card, but there is an outside chance it’s one we’ve already seen but with a different event stamp for MCM London Comic Con 2023.

We have two Gaston cards, first the Gaston – Arrogant Hunter from The First Chapter. It’s unlikely it’s him as promo cards are… promotional. As in, likely to be promoting the new set. There is Gaston – Intellectual Powerhouse that was shown with the Rise of the Floodborn announcement.

However, we think it will be a new Gaston card that the other Gaston can be Shifted onto. Gaston – Intellectual Powerhouse is a pretty powerful card with Shift. Our guess is that it isn’t him, and this card will likely be a common/uncommon in Sapphire or Ruby to match Gaston’s current archetypes.

How To Get The Promo – Scavenger Hunt?

The announcement said there would be a scavenger hunt for the card. It could be that you need to visit a few Lorcana-themed places at the ExCel center to get the card. That would help avoid the huge queues that were seen at Gen Con for the first non-D23 promo.

It could also be that you can get the promo from doing just one of the three things – Scavenger Hunt, play games, or get a card signed. Hopefully, there will be a badge-punch system to avoid people queuing over and over and a decent queue system.

Artist Signing

We had heard that Matthew Robert Davies was going to be at Comic Con with Ravensburger, but nothing was officially confirmed previously. Now, he’s definitely going to be there. As the artist of the Elsa – Spirit of Winter – Enchanted and a tonne of other cards, he’s sure to be a hit.

We featured a lot of art he released for the new Rise of the Floodborn set here. He has at least eight cards in the new set and has been at other signing events like on release day in London.

Hints + Play Area

Previously there was nothing official and no listings for Ravensburger or Lorcana. There was a listing for Tournament Center, with a large play area reserved. In May they partnered with Ravenburger to help with demos of The First Chapter to stores and retailers.

Tournament Center run events and manage organized play for a few different games. So them being here when other games were already at other booths was a big clue for us.

Then, this image was on the website in the play area section. So clearly there was going to be some kind of Lorcana showing, but it could have been just friendly play. Dice and Destiny are a big games store but they also host a lot of competitive card game events.

MCM Comic Con London Lorcana

It looks like this will be free open play for people who already have cards. The first 24 people to play per day get to buy one pack.

This is either the stock issue being so big that even Ravensburger can’t do anything about it, or a good idea to avoid people crowding in just to get their hands on cards. It does seem more like a separate area from the Tournament Center one.

Will Rise of the Floodborn be on Sale?

Probably not. Gen Con did have early access to The First Chapter but that was a total one-off. Honestly, we believe that had Ravensburger known how big the game was, they might not have sold stock at Gen Con before release.

There might be some stock available to buy, but likely starter decks from The First Chapter. We’ll update if we hear anything else. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for notifications.

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