Merlin + Madam Mim Animal Cards + New League Previews

Merlin + Madam Mim Animal Cards + New League Previews

In the past few days, more Rise of the Floodborn cards have been shown – with lots of animal cards we’d predicted. Plus we have the new Lorcana League kit details with a few new card names.

We speculated a few weeks back that there would be lots of new Merlin and Madam Mim cards. That was based on the card art for Merlin – Shapeshifter, and the back of a Starter Deck box.

New Animal Sorcerer Cards

We knew Madam Mim – Fox would have a card, now we have art for her, and a new Madam Mim – Snake. We thought we’d spied this on the back of the deck, and now it’s confirmed. These are the only two Madam Mims from the deck but there may be more from the main set.

On top of that, the partially shown Amethyst card we thought would be an animal version of Merlin is Merlin – Rabbit. Then two more animal-form Merlins have been shown with Merlin – Crab and Merlin – Squirrel.

We think there is at least one more – a Goat! Edit: He turned up the very next day.

All of these characters revolve around being played and bounced immediately or soon after for effect. For instance, you could play Rabbit, then use Fox or Snake to get two draws in a turn.

You could also use Crab to give another cheap character Challenger + 3, then play Fox to return him and give her Challenger + 3 – she already has Rush. That gives two pretty good challenges in a turn.

You could also use Crab to give himself Challenger + 3 as the effect doesn’t state “another chosen character“. Cards like Cut To The Chase and White Rabbit’s – Pocket Watch can now be used to give Crab an instant 6 strength challenge, and leave another character with Challenger + 3 as he leaves.

Pairing all of these characters with Merlin – Shapeshifter could lead to a decent amount of lore in one turn. Paired with Bounce, you could keep the board more even. Using Fan The Flames or Befuddle you could also start to get around Bodyguard and Resist characters.

New Lorcana League Kit Shown

The latest kit for the next season of Lorcana League was shown recently, with the promo cards and pins revealed. However, we only saw a couple of the pages. Now the full four pages have been uploaded to the official site.

There isn’t much change to the format outside of the extra Cinderella – Knight in Training – League Promo cards. Stores will get 64 of them to hand out to all attendees, without having to earn points or win games.

But there are a bunch of new challenges for the League which reveal some new cards! All of these are optional extras that leagues can use to allow players to get more points. They’re aimed more at having fun and seeing more decks and cards played than the usual meta.

Disney Lorcana League 2 Challenges

From this, we can glean a few new characters and cards. First off, are there even three cards already that have food in the image? Do the various crab and fish characters count? I’m Stuck has a picture of a carrot, Winnie The Pooh – Hunny Wizard has honey!

Timon – Grub Rustler has a wonderful array of grubs, though Coconut Basket is a little more palatable.

Another challenge has Winnie and 2 of his friends in play. We have Tigger – Wonderful Thing, and now we’ll probably see someone like Piglet, Roo, Eeyore, or Rabbit in Rise of the Floodborn.

Panic – Underworld Imp mentioned Pain already, now we know there is going to be a Pain card in this set – likely in Emerald. On top of that, three new The Great Mouse Detective characters are confirmed: Basil, Hiram Flaversham, and Mrs. Judson.

The Seven Dwarfs referred to on the back of a Starter Deck are in fact seven different Dwarf characters. That’d be Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

Judy Hopps – Optimistic Officer is in one Starter Deck, now we know Nick Wilde will also be in this set. That’s 13 more new cards just from the kit booklet: –

In total, we now know of 216 cards from Rise of the Floodborn, out of a total of 204 (plus Enchanted and secret cards). With only just over 4 weeks left until release, we expect to see a lot more coming fast!

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