Lorcana Set 5 “Shimmering Skies” Revealed – Release Date, New Cards + Products

Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies Announced Release Date

The fifth Disney Lorcana set will be called “Shimmering Skies” and will be released on August 9th at your local game store. Check out the new set cardlist and more.

The next set is all about celebration! We got to see twenty new cards, an exclusive alternate art promo, all of the product design, plus some new changes and welcome surprises.

Local game stores and select Disney parks and stores get the set on Friday, August 9th. Larger stores and online shops can sell the new set from Friday, August 23rd.

Shimmering Skies Logo
Shimmering Skies Logo

In Shimmering Skies, the realm of Lorcana holds a great festival to celebrate its recent victory over Ursula, which concluded the previous set, Ursula’s Return. While most of Lorcana participates in the vibrant, fun-filled activities, a new mystery begins as our Illumineers search for a way to repair the worsening damage Ursula caused to the Great Illuminary.

The trailer video shows the Realm of Lorcana after the events of Ursula’s Return. We go more into the lore of the video in this article.

Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies trailer

Set 5 – Shimmering Skies – New Cards

Twenty new cards were revealed on the Lorecast and through press material. We finally got more cards from Wreck-It Ralph. There are also two Legendary cards and another “search your deck” ability, with some interesting lore woven into some card art.

The Racer classification is the only new one we’ve seen in this set, and many Wreck-It Ralph characters feature it. We’re sure there will be some sort of buff from a Location or other cards to come.

Unique Villainous Promo Card

A foil, alternate art version of the Shimmering Skies Prince John will only be available in upcoming, stickered copies of Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil. It’s the first Disney Lorcana card with the P2 set number and the first “tie-in” promotional card – which hints at the possibility of others in the future…

The art is inspired by the art from the board game. This Villainous set is a slightly simplified version of the game, aimed at newer and younger players. It was released for the 100th anniversary of Disney. Only the newer print with a sticker on the front will come with this unique card. It’s expected to be released this July.

Disney Villainous Introduction to Evil
Disney Villainous Introduction to Evil

Ravensburger also produces Villainous. Its success is a key part of the relationship and licensing that led to Disney Lorcana.

As the set updates, keep track of new card releases with the Shimmering Skies card list, which will be kept up to date as cards are shown.

Missing Cards

Some other cards have been mentioned or art shown. In the official news announcement this snippet “Head into the Enchanted Forest with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff and other Frozen 2 glimmers” hints at a Location and a new Anna.

Then on the new product page, there are two images. One of the start of a race in Wreck-It Ralph, the other of Cycloptopus and Wreck-It Ralph cleaning up after the celebration. These two are likely Actions, Songs, or Locations.

On top of that, the trailer shows a load of new characters. We’ve written a full article with 15 new characters found in the Shimmering Skies trailer.

Card Number Changes

You may have noticed that the names of the characters and their version don’t line up with the numbering. Previously card numbers in each set were ordered and divided as follows:

  • Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Steel
  • Within each ink Characters came first, then Actions and Action/Songs together, then Items, then Locations
  • Within those, the cards were ordered by their English name in alphabetical order. If there was more than one of the same character, they were ordered by their version name
  • After the main set, Enchanted cards were ordered in the same way

Now, the cards match the same order – apart from the alphabetical ordering. Richelle (Global Community and Engagement Manager) has confirmed that this change was made.


Previously, it caused some issues when it came to naming and numbering for multiple languages, as cards and characters can be spelled very differently. It also means less guessing the missing characters based on missing numbers.

Lining up extended art cards to look better in a binder also becomes much easier. The new ordering has a logic to it, but it hasn’t been confirmed what it is yet. Have you got any guesses based on what we already know? Comment below!

Lorcana Gateway

Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies - Gateway
Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies – Gateway

eBay USACheck Price

This is the first we’ve seen the contents of the new Disney Lorcana Gateway product, which will be released with Shimmering Skies. The two decks are Ruby/Sapphire and Amber/Emerald. It looks like the gameplay will be very controlled to make learning the game straightforward.

Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies GateWay Contents

It comes with a game board, damage counters, character standee movers, plus a simple set of rules and deck tips pamphlets. It uses cards from previous sets and doesn’t have any unique cards. As a budget way to learn, it’s an excellent choice.

Illumineer’s Trove

Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies - Illumineer's Trove
Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies – Illumineer’s Trove
Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies - Illumineer's Trove Contents
Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies – Illumineer’s Trove Contents

The set 5 Trove comes with a new set of transparent dice and shimmering lore tracker. The dividers are back to the ink colors, and the guide doesn’t seem to be coming back.

Similarly to before it contains: –

  • 1 Card storage box
  • 6 Card Dividers
  • 8 Booster packs of 12 additional game cards each
  • 6 Transparent damage-counter dice
  • 1 Lore counter

Starter Decks

Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies - Amethyst Ruby Starter Deck
Amethyst Ruby Starter Deck

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Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies - Emerald Steel Starter Deck
Emerald Steel Starter Deck

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The two starter decks in Shimmering Skies are Amethyst/Ruby with Elsa – The Fifth Spirit and Wreck-It Ralph – Demolition Dude. Then, Emerald/Steel features Scar – Vengeful Lion and Kronk – Head of Security.

The contents are the same as previous decks: –

  • 1 Preconstructed deck of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards of the characters on the package front
  • 11 Game tokens
  • 1 Quick Start Rulebook
  • 1 Booster pack containing 12 randomized cards

Booster Box + Booster Packs

Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies - Booster Box Open
Shimmering Skies Booster Box

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Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies Booster Packs
Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies Booster Packs

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The booster box will have 24 booster packs as before, and the three designs on the packs feature Vanellope Von Schweetz – Sugar Rush Champ, Maui from You’re Welcome, and Donald Duck – Pie Slinger. Scar – Vengeful Lion and Elsa – The Fifth Spirit are also shown on the booster box.


Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies Accessories

The card portfolios are back, but this time in a larger 9-pocket size. One has a lorebook style, and the other has six The First Chapter characters illustrated by Nicholas Kole wrapped around it.

The deck boxes and sleeves have Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw and Tiana – Celebrating Princess. You can also get sleeves with the actual card backs, which should prove popular. The two playmats are Belle – Accomplished Mystic and the art from Look At This Family.

You can take a look at every Disney Lorcana product here for everything released for the game.

Disney Lorcana Set 5 Shimmering Skies Accessories Packaging

What do you think of Shimmering Skies so far?

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