Disney Lorcana Content Creators Reveal Ten Cards! (plus three more…)

Disney Lorcana Content Creators Reveal New Cards

Almost out of nowhere, today we’ve had four videos from different Disney Lorcana content creators – each with their own card reveals! The Lorcana team have been very busy showing cards, and luckily they’ve handed off some to the community.

We’re rounding everything revealed today up in one post for easier digestion, but please give the videos a watch and follow the creators. They all genuinely create awesome content and are big parts of our community!

First was hobbies + happiness, who cover a range of card games but have a load of in depth Lorcana coverage on their YouTube channel.

Second of the day was Jonti of the Inkwell – a YouTube channel with news, card breakdowns, and more.

Then it was BSquared24, another long-time community member with a great YouTube channel.

Unplayable were up next. They’re a group that makes content focused on playing the game, with gameplay, strategy, and card breakdowns on their YouTube channel.

Last but not least were The Illumiteers, who make charming and insightful videos that pick up details that others miss. Definitely also check out their YouTube channel.

Team Lorcana also casually dropped another three cards in the Discord. Belle is the missing link in Amber ramp decks and Mother Gothel is easily a top 10 card in our opinion.

More insight to come after sleep. More content is expected tomorrow as the German Pre-Launch event NDA runs out in the evening…

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