Four New The First Chapter Lorcana Cards Shown On Social Media

Four New Lorcana Cards The First Chapter Social Media

It’s been weeks since we’ve last heard any official Lorcana news since the hype of GAMA Expo. Finally today we got a quick reveal of four new cards – with a couple of our personal favorite supporting characters!

In a few images shared on the official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social media pages, six cards were shown. Four of those are brand new to us. Though we can’t see everything, we’ve got another Reckless keyword ability card in Iago.

The images weren’t full reveals so we’re missing parts and had to chop some together to get all of the details into the same image.

Iago’s ability YOU GOT A PROBLEM? seems to be very similar to The Beast Is Mine! in that it gives a chosen character Reckless. That’s probably just one chosen character for the turn, which is a great way to stop a high-lore character from questing.

Timon Grub Rustler confirms the name and card details for an image that was on the Lorcana official website. His ability to remove one damage from another character plays well with the Amber style of character support.

We’ll almost certainly see a Pumba card and the Hakuna Matata song at some point.

Cerberus Three-Headed Dog is a big vanilla card that matches Steel Ink’s philosophy of challenging to remove characters rather than using fancy abilities. Sergeant Tibbs Courageous Cat comes into Ruby as a low-cost supporting character, the first 1 cost we’ve seen for this ink.

It’s good to finally get some more official cards shown. The only other thing we’ve seen in the last month is an image of the Illumineer’s Trove with two card names. That means we’re up to 92 cards we’ve seen or know about – though don’t have full details on.

We’re nearing half the cards in The First Chapter as being revealed. With just three months to go – what cards are you most looking forward to seeing? Comment below!

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