Eight New Lorcana Card Reveals + New Foils Shown As Ravensburger Ramp Up Marketing

Eight New Lorcana Card Reveals + New Foils

After a few quiet weeks, it’s suddenly hectic in the Lorcana world! In just a handful of days, we’ve seen four eight brand new Lorcana cards from the First Chapter. On top of that, new foil versions are shown on official social media for the first time.

First, a card reveal on social media went almost entirely unnoticed by us and every other Lorcana fan desperate for news. Ryan Miller visited the LA Times offices and met with Todd Martens, who covers games and culture for the paper and has written a few Disney-related articles.

He posted a picture on his Twitter of Ryan Miller holding up Sven Official Ice Deliverer, a brand new vanilla Amethyst vanilla card. It took Lorcana Twitter a couple of days to even find it! We’ve let you guys down…

There’s not much to say about the card in terms of gameplay, but the Amethyst swirl motif features heavily in the background.

Next Ryan headed over to TheGamer and met up with Eric Switzer to play some games. Unfortunately, there was a leak and Rapunzel Letting Down Her Hair was revealed early by an over-eager social media intern!

It’s the first time we’ve seen the Tangled heroine, and the card effect is going to be big in multiplayer games. We’re also guessing that other cards in this set or possibly a little later will allow her to be replayed to the field to repeat the effect.

Then the same day the official Disney Lorcana Twitter account posted a card we’d long known about but never seen in full. Stitch Carefree Surfer is Amber’s first Legendary rarity card and a powerful one that draws two cards if you have two characters on your board.

We are sure to see Stitch in play in many Amber decks. A two-card draw in this game is worth a lot, though you’ll need to be in a good position to play such a high-cost character. Notice the Amber symbol motif on the decoration under the board too…

Another big site then got to reveal a new card (when it’s our turn?) when IGN posted Maui Demigod. This is the highest strength and highest willpower card we’ve seen and will go nicely in defensive decks.

Though lots of card reveals seems like big news, we expect even more to come soon from IGN, The Gamer, the LA Times, and more. Ryan Miller is on a whirlwind trip to drum up interest in the game, and we are just under two months away from the full release.

Update: Just as we went to publish this article, a new article from Nerdist was uploaded. It has some great information on art direction, style, and the design of the different inks logos. It also comes with a bumper four more card reveals!

First up is one of our personal favorite cards for the utility, as well as its beautiful art – Simba Future King. The artists for Lorcana so far are really doing an incredible job and this image for us is really evocative of the young Simba.

He also ties in brilliantly with Simba Returned King.

Frankly, this card should be in every Steel deck. While you might not need it in your opening hand as you’ve already got the cards you want, it will nearly always be useful to refine the cards you need at the time.

We’ve also got the Captain Hook Captain Of The Jolly Roger and Fire The Cannons! combo available to Steel. Being able to draw a Fire The Cannons! just to put it into your discard for free when needed will be helpful in clutch situations.

The next three are great cards in their own right. Peter Pan Never Landing is the perfect mid-range card to have in an evasive build that can pick up a few Lore quickly – though he is weak to damage cards like Cannons!

Ariel Whoseit Collector is the full reveal of the art we saw on the Ariel Lorcana League pin. Though her stats are relatively low and she can’t be inked, her ability will be very powerful in item decks. That might not be something that is very powerful in the first set or two, but once the card pool opens up it’ll be a very good card.

Zeus God of Lightning is probably the most tricky and interesting card of the lot. He definitely has his drawbacks, but being able to put out four damage immediately for four ink will be helpful.

There are going to be situations where you have your board cleared or disabled, and your opponent thinks they are safe to quest or challenge with a big character. Being able to turn that around fast will wreck their game plan.

Lorcana Foils Shown

After the article was released, the Lorcana official account showed four videos of the foils that were revealed. The backgrounds really pop out on these cards, and even common cards get to look beautiful. Click the replies to look at the rest of the cards

We expect a lot more to come, and we’ll very likely see the full start decklists being released, as those are probably the ones that will be featured in gameplay videos. This would make sense as new players could just pick up one of those decks and watch a video to see how best to use their new cards.

After the recent news of the gamescom 2023 exclusive promo card Goofy Musketeer we are also likely to see another promo card announced – if not more. Promos and events drum up interest, and when launching a card game, you want as much hype as possible in that first period.

In recent days many Local Games Stores are also getting told if they have made it into the organized play program, or the hobby store programs. If they make the OP they will get a full kit with promos for a 12-week Lorcana League.

Some stores are just being accepted to receive products, an official store listing, and some support promos – though not the League kit.

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