3 New Cards Shown at GAMA + First Look At Main Set Holo Foils!

Three New Lorcana Cards and Holo Foils

Thanks to a few content creators at the GAMA Expo right now, we’ve got some photos and videos of brand-new cards. These also show off the holo foiling on different rarities of cards for the first time in the main set.

First up we have three new cards courtesy of Citizens of Lorcana, all in foil treatment.

W get another Mickey Mouse, and this time a big wall card with great defensive capabilities if you can stay alive until turn 6. The Beast Is Mine! has a new keyword ability in Reckless that stops characters from questing at the disadvantage that they must challenge if able.

That gives players a last-ditch attempt to stop a quest from a big character winning the game in the next turn by gambling (or plotting) to stop that attack from dooming their own plan. Be Our Guest is a cheap song that should be playable early on for free to help pull much-needed character cards.

Lorcana Holo Foils

From what we can see, it looks like the card quality with the foiling is really high. Instead of just an all-over foil treatment, there are different levels or patterns that match the actual designs on the cards.

Showing off Lorcana foiling on some new cards – video by the Illumiteers who you should be subscribed to

This looks great on things like Elsa and Aurora’s magic flourishes. You can see it more clearly in the videos. This bodes well for collectors and casual players opening a pack for the first time. We also have Scar Fiery Usurper, a lowly common that still looks great with the patterned foil.

Scar Aurora Foils
Scar Fiery Usurper and Aurora Dreaming Guardian foils – Both a common and a Super Rare card get amazing foil treatment

We know that every single card in the set will have a foil version, with just one foil per pack. It means that even if the foil is a common or uncommon card, you still get that “ooh” factor when opening. Learn more about Lorcana’s rarities.

Elsa Foil
Cool shiny Elsa showing off the patterns in the foil

What do you think of the foils and what card art are you most looking forward to seeing with a holo treatment?

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