12 New Lorcana Cards Revealed At Two Expos + 2 More Lore Revealed!

12 New Lorcana Cards From GAMA and Gala

In the past few days, we’ve seen the first games of Lorcana ever played with official cards. In that short space of time we’ve now seen 12 new cards revealed, with our first item removal.

First, there was a short demo at Gala TCG in France at the weekend by Storm’s Curious Adventure. Players couldn’t get matches in with the cards, but were shown how to play the cards and ink. We got quite a few new card reveals in French – though the translations are pretty straightforward.

Then last night at the play hall at GAMA Expo in Nevada, some of the most dedicated Lorcana fans got to play the game for the first time! Demo decks were given out to play with, each with the word DEMO printed on the back of the cards. The decks had to be returned and couldn’t be kept.

That has showed us five new cards in English. It also confirmed the text for Maleficent Sorceress who we’d only seen the tiniest glimpse of in the Learn To Play videos. We’ve also got a bit more info like Lore, artist, and set number for other cards that had been teased before.

Credit for the images and information goes to The Illumiteers, Citizens of Lorcana, Dan Regal, Trey, and Mushu Report.

We now have a dedicated page up for all Lorcana events with a full release schedule. Take a look for exhibitions and events near you. We’ll be at the UK Games Expo in June, get in touch if you’ll be there!

New to Lorcana Player? Click the card image to see it larger or click the card name to view full details on the card page. You can view all Lorcana cards released here.

Ariel On Human Legs is card number 1 in The First Chapter, and has very good stats – but a hindrance in that she can’t sing songs. This is a really interesting way of bringing balance to the card given songs can be very powerful.

We’ll likely see another Ariel card as different artwork was shown for her on one of the pins that can be earned in the Lorcana League that was recently announced. The first two cards from The Princess and the Frog movie and franchise have been shown with Dr. Facilier Charlatan and a song: Friends On The Other Side.

Jafar Wicked Sorcerer gives us his first appearance with a strong Challenger keyword ability. Maximus Relentless Pursuer is another new Amber card with good defensive potential.

We’ve seen a sliver of Maleficent Sorceress before, but now we have the full card info. For these stats and a card draw – we imagine this will be a very common card in Amethyst decks.

Having “hand advantage” with more cards in your hand than your opponent means more opportunities for different plays and responses. If you don’t have the cards you need at the right time, you rely entirely on luck – this helps immensely with having options.

Goons Maleficent’s Underlings is a cheap vanilla. Jasmine Disguised was revealed in France, and the text has been confirmed in English. Aurora Briar Rose was from the French event but we haven’t seen full English confirmation.

Beast Hardheaded is new with an “on play, banish item” ability, the first anti-item tech we’ve seen. Prince Eric is another Challenger keyword card that adds +2 strength when attacking.

Smash does 3 damage to chosen character for a cost of 3 ink and is also inkable. Expensive, but could be a game changer – quite literally.

We’ve seen The Wardrobe before but now have confirmed the artist as Giulia Riva, the card is common and number 57 in The First Chapter with one Lore. Scar Mastermind has also been confirmed as having two Lore.

It looks like the cards given out at the demo were from the Amber and Amethyst deck (Mickey Sorceress and Moana Of Motonui). But not all of them seemed to be playable. When we get more infomation we’ll post another article or update this one.

Comment below with the cards you’re going to put into your deck and we’ll compare notes. Make sure to follow us on twitter @LorcanaPlayer too!

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